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  1. I remember during his brief spell in charge with us, we were always in games and we seemed to have a never give up attitude that is very much lacking at the moment. So, even if we have a bit of a change in attitude that will certainly improve things straight away.
  2. Decent enough appointment, and will certainly return to the club with far more experience as a coach and manager. We desperately needed some freshness in the dugout so hopefully we see a little bit of a reaction from the players. Would be interesting to see who else applied since the board were happy to appoint Crawford before speaking to other coaches.
  3. Clyde 2 - 1 Peterhead Cove Rangers 3 - 0 Dumbarton East Fife 0 - 4 Alloa Queens Park 1 - 2 Falkirk
  4. I think it’s easy to suggest that players don’t look like they care when things aren’t going well. Players don’t deliberately go out to lose, but ultimately our squad is just not good enough this season. I would certainly agree that we lack a real leader on the pitch, we haven’t had someone who would drag the team through matches since Steven Tweed. Out of the current squad I would probably only keep Jude Smith, Murdoch, Steele, Wallace and Kev Smith. I’m hoping the new manager comes in over the next day or two so he can start the massive job of moving on some of the muck. What a really shit season, and all we have to look forward to is to try and avoid 10th place and it isn’t even December.
  5. Shocked to read that we conceded from a corner, for what must be about the 300th time this season. Can only echo what people have said on here, the team are utter shite and the new manager has a huge job on their hands pretty much preparing a squad for a League 2 challenge next season. It has been a disaster of a season before we even kicked a ball and this result just shows what an absolute shambles we have become.
  6. Checked the score when I got up and just laughed. We are absolute garbage and that was pretty much a full strength team. The new manager needs to be appointed quickly. Roll on May so we can get rid of these absolute charlatans. The squad needs a massive overhaul.
  7. First it was Brora, then BSC and now Banks O’ Dee. What is it with ‘B’ teams? Is that our most embarrassing result in our history? What an absolute shit show of a season, just relegate us now and fire the majority of the squad into the sea.
  8. Calm down. Suggesting names like McInnes is just silly and no wonder people are ridiculing you.
  9. The lack of investment in the squad certainly didn’t help Young as we knew very early on that the squad was considerably weaker this season than last. However, it’s reassuring to know that the club is a pretty healthy position, so we either recruit well in January, which at this level is very rare or we have the ability to overhaul the squad in the summer whether that be in League 1 or 2. My preferred choice for the job would be either Crawford or Kettlewell, if of course they are even interested.
  10. I had the fear for the game vs BOD, but now that Young has gone, I’m hoping for a bit of a reaction. BOD are scooshing their league but I would like to think that there is a fair bit of difference in quality between a League 1 team and a team 3 tiers below.
  11. Correct decision, albeit about 3 months too late. Young has been a very good manager for us and brought us a lot of highs including the Raith victories, but things were at a natural end and he couldn’t turn things around this season.I’m sure he will be back in football again soon. This might be the shot in the arm that everyone at the club needs. It will be a pretty appealing job for a lot of coaches out there.
  12. It’s been clear for months that we need a new manager with some fresh ideas so I think a new manager coming in now would give us an initial lift. The way things are going we are going to League 2, and very disappointed that the board are quite content to allow this to happen. The summer recruitment was bang average but we have a few players who are more than capable of dragging us out of this situation with a new manager as it’s clear Young can’t do it anymore. Managers naturally just come to the end of the their cycle with clubs and things have gone stale and will soon become toxic. Next week could be embarrassing for the club, I would like a change to be made ASAP and give the new guy some time before January to assess the squad and try to keep us up.
  13. Very small time behaviour if true, but not surprising as these are the same people who have kept Young for too long and are happy to take us into League 2.
  14. We have gone 1 step forwards and another 10 back over recent weeks. Our away results are now at the stage of hilariously bad, and we have given Clyde their first win since the beat us the last time. Clyde can look forward to another 6 points later in the season to keep us at arms length. If we can’t beat the teams around us then we deserve to get relegated as the board sit idly by doing nothing. On to Banks O’Dee next week and I’ve already got the fear.
  15. Airdrie 1 - 1 Cove Alloa 2 - 1 Dumbarton Clyde 2 - 3 East Fife Falkirk 3 - 1 Montrose Peterhead 1 - 2 Queens Park
  16. It looks like a mini league is developing with ourselves, Clyde, Peterhead and Dumbarton to battle it out for the bottom 2 spots. We have seen a bit of an improvement over the last few weeks, but January could be a crucial window.
  17. Football cliches is really good, I’ve also started listening to quite a bit of the Tifo Football Podcast too. Pretty good in-depth analysis, likewise on their YouTube channel where the regularly post good content. Speaking of YouTube, I stumbled across a channel called ‘Bunch of amateurs’ it’s a really well done fly on the wall series following lower league English clubs and well worth a watch.
  18. Alloa 1 - 2 Montrose Cove Rangers 3 - 1 Peterhead Dumbarton 1 - 2 Falkirk East Fife 2 - 2 Airdrie Queens Park 2 - 0 Clyde
  19. That’s enough internet for tonight. ? lol ?
  20. You seem to have developed some strange obsession with myself. I’m flattered, but maybe stick to making an absolute fool of yourself on any Raith Rovers threads with your ‘LOL’s’.
  21. Airdrie 2 - 1 Peterhead Dumbarton 2 - 2 Clyde Falkirk 2 - 1 Alloa Montrose 1 - 2 Cove Rangers Queens Park 4 - 2 East Fife
  22. Anyone else having a problem with the IPlayer? Every time I try and watch anything I just get 3 white lines, like it is buffering. Maybe my VPN is the problem.
  23. Happy with a win against a decimated Dumbarton team and drags them back into the shit show at the bottom. Any team would struggle without their 2 main centre backs and we all know that McGeever loves playing against us so it was a good time for us to play Dumbarton. We will score goals with Connell and Wallace upfront. It looks like we will have to rely on our home form again this season as we can’t seem to pick up anything on the road and with QP away next week I’m not holding out for much. Any word on Ross Davidson coming back? He hasn’t featured at all this season.
  24. Alloa 2 - 2 Airdrie Clyde 1 - 2 Falkirk Cove Rangers 2 -1 Queens Park East Fife 2 - 1 Dumbarton Peterhead 1 - 3 Montrose
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