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  1. Disappointing to chuck away a 2 goal lead as points gained against Montrose come the end of the season (if we ever get there) will be crucial for making the play-offs. Good result for Forfar at Falkirk which just goes to show that there are certainly no easy games in this league.
  2. Maybe Dumbarton can use the salt from the tears of the Clyde fans to absorb some of the water from the pitch.
  3. Good to see the show back. Any word on the Pele podcasts coming back FF? They are excellent.
  4. Not a massive rugby fan but managed to get cheap tickets for the AB’s v Oz today. Just over 46,000 there, seems a bit surreal compared to the rest of the world. The AB’a were well worth their win and what a player Caleb Clarke is and at only 21 has a massive future ahead of him.
  5. Sounds like a pretty rotten performance. Not a good start to the season but still first team players to come back into the team so not all doom and gloom. Ah well, we go again etc etc.
  6. I think Norway or Serbia should just get a bye to the Euro’s. Both us and Israel are absolute muck.
  7. Following on from the Premiership and Championship threads, who were the players that arrived at your club with a bit of a fanfare but left without anyone really noticing? For East Fife here’s a few but going back over the squads over the last decade or so certainly throws up some interesting names. Paddy Kelly - A player who had came through at Celtic and moved to Newcastle very early in his career, I was expecting big things when Jim Moffat signed him. Fluctuated between RB and CM leaving very little impression and disappeared, last seen having a pee behind one of the floodlights during a game at Dumbarton. Paul Mathers - I might be wrong, but I don’t think he actually played a game for us. Signed with us before swiftly moving to St Mirren who we then beat shortly after in a cup game at Love Street. Goran Stanic - A decent player in his prime but by the time he moved to us, he was near the end of his career and didn’t really make much of an impression. Lee Makel - See above. Ben Gordon - A very capable centre half in the lower leagues of Scottish football, but didn’t really perform in his short stint with us and quickly vanished. He now plays over here in Auckland for Glenfield Rovers and I’ve watched him a few times, fair to say his best days are behind him.
  8. Looks like a 5-0 defeat against Hearts tonight with a makeshift team consisting of a couple of trialists.
  9. I think Falkirk have the best squad at the moment so take the 5/2 whilst you can as it seems very generous odds.
  10. Why does Chick Young constantly harp on about players of the 80’s and 90’s? Completely irrelevant much like himself these days.
  11. A like for like replacement with Dowds then. Seems to have done ok at a higher level so should be a good signing.
  12. We really need to stop changing the system to shoehorn players into it. We have 2 very good left backs, so at least play 1 of them in their natural position and bench the other. Yesterday’s game was a shambles, we treated Israel like they were Brazil of the 90’s. Gave them far too much time on the ball and allowed them to control the game and tempo. Dykes did ok with the minimal service, but to be an adequate outlet he needs midfield runners who are not 30 yards away when he gets the ball. Time to get back to our 4-2-3-1, 4-5-1 and get this 3 at the back in the bin. I still think we have decent individual players who play at the highest level but when it comes to Scotland they struggle to do the basics. International football really is a hinderance.
  13. Ah the old 6-6-6-3-4 formation. Need more strikers I feel though.
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