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  1. Just watched the highlights, quality save from Mutch from Agnew’s strike. Our defending of set pieces looked much better and it’s a big boost to have Wallace back too. Had Dunsmore scored that own goal, that would have been a candidate for goal of the season.
  2. Falkirk [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] I read a post a while back saying that there were no goals in our league after about 20 minutes, so therefore the league is shit! I thought Clyde fans used to be embarrassing but this lot are a whole different level.
  3. Phoenix 2 - 1 Wanderers Pretty shit first half with all the action coming in the 2nd. My first experience of VAR live as Phoenix were awarded a penalty for handball in the box after been given a corner originally. Pretty good to watch a game of football on a warm summers night with a beer in hand albeit at a pretty sparse Eden Park.
  4. Since Phoenix are playing in Auckland tonight I’m heading along. Haven’t really been following them this season but they seem to be pinning a lot of their hopes on Gary Hooper. Awesome weather over here so perfect night for a game and a few beers.
  5. It really isn’t! So, just because Falkirk fans think the standard is poor, then we should all agree? Are you trying to say that there is a massive gulf in class between the Championship and this level? Just because we lost to a non league team in the cup doesn’t make the standard awful. It’s cup football, it happens! You say we have to ‘complain’ about the standard or nothing will change. Complain to whom exactly? You sound like an entitled Celtic or The Rangers fan.
  6. Bloody hell, what a shambles of a thread. At least the Falkirk fans aren’t rattled by anyone suggesting that League 1 is good.
  7. We’ve been a bit shaky for a while now so no real surprise that an in form Airdrie won easily. We are badly missing Wallace upfront, as with the personnel available we are having to change the system.
  8. Our fixtures from this game and December look very difficult and will certainly go a long way to define our season. Nobody is really expecting us to get anything as Airdrie are favourites and on a good run so that’s fine. News of Wallace coming back is a huge boost although I wouldn’t think he would be anywhere near match fit yet. We’ve not been hitting the heights of earlier in the season but only 1 league defeat so far this season is still very impressive.
  9. Difficult choice. Gone for Fash, Wallace and Buchanan.
  10. Couple of cracking saves from Long at the end in what looked like beautiful weather. Overall, it looked like a draw was probably fair though.
  11. Big game for us and expect a reaction from Saturday. It looks like we are still without Ryan Wallace who we have missed badly and Ross Dunlop will still be out. We don’t have a huge squad to mix it up, but would Dunsmore to play and possibly Duggan. Either way, it’s important to get back to winning ways again.
  12. Shocker of a result and the goals we conceded were awful, it happens in cup football. We aren’t the first to have been knocked out by lower league opponents, nor will we be the last. We gave out a few shocks last season. As disappointing a result as it was, we can’t let it derail the season, I’m sure the players will be hurting and we have a perfect chance to get back on track vs Clyde. We now don’t have any other distractions as we only have the league to play for now.
  13. Old Bayview, without a doubt. I was just a whipper snapper when we moved ground so never got to experience Old Bayview fully as can only remember a few games including the Man United fixture. New Bayview is soulless and provides little atmosphere. The facilities are good, but give me terracing any day such as Borough Briggs, Gayfield and Shielfield over anything else.
  14. Wow, these Falkirk fans are a real weird bunch. What is with the shitty ‘League one is great’ patter? It’s not our fault you all have delusions of grandeur.
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