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  1. I’m surprised that you need an A License to manage in League 2 but that’s also good as you are picking from the best qualified coaches out there. I have my C License so give it a few years and I will leave Auckland to return to Methil to work part time.
  2. I certainly wouldn’t be against Naysmith coming back if he was interested and he will have learnt from his experiences at QOTS and Edinburgh. He’s certainly an upgrade on Crawford.
  3. New Zealand vs Australia at Eden Park. Pretty rotten game but bizarre to see Jason Cummings score for Aussie.
  4. The next appointment is massive, get it wrong and we could very much end up in the Lowland League. Considering that the board thought that Crawford was the outstanding candidate without interviewing anyone else doesn’t fill me with confidence though. Giving it to Greig McDonald will be the cheap option and probably what we will do. It’s a very young squad so we need experience at least to get us through the rest of the season.
  5. Fine. It was very much a ‘meh’ appointment in the first place anyway.
  6. Football Cliche’s podcast is pretty funny and take great pleasure in ripping the piss out of Keys and Gray. Have listened to a lot of Noiser podcasts and there is some excellent stuff on there including ‘Real Dictators’ and ‘Real Narcos’. If you’re looking for a quicker podcast the ‘Short history of’ also by Noiser covers a broad range of historical events.
  7. Joined 11 hours ago and posts this drivel. Some of our fans need to get over Ryan Wallace. Let’s move on.
  8. The fact that the season is already pretty much over for Cowden and it’s still August is pretty grim. The Lowland League is a shit show and needs an overhaul with more promotion places and a much more fluid pyramid system. If you had a play off system for example for teams from 2nd-5th at least it will keep more supporters interested for longer, but already being 16 points behind 1st place no wonder the crowds are low and will continue to dwindle.
  9. Roll on Sunday, so we don’t have to put up with this level of banter anymore. Bloody hell.
  10. Sounds like we certainly rode our luck and it’s a big 3 points against another team we will be competing with to avoid 10th. So long as we keep taking points off of the likes of Albion Rovers, Elgin and Stranraer then the lofty heights of 7th shouldn’t be out of the question.
  11. The days of watching East Fife for a tenner are long gone, unless we continue our downward spiral into the Lowland League. I do worry about the future of the club and how far we have gone backwards over the last couple of years. We have gone from having quality players like Jason Kerr, Scott Agnew and Anton Dowds to untested kids. We have been massively let down by the people who make the important decisions. What are the future plans for the club? What are we doing to engage with the local community and to entice new and younger supporters? Relying on the die hard supporters and squeezing every penny out of them will only go so far and then what? The squad is very weak and we are very much in a battle to avoid bottom place. Cowden, East Stirling and Berwick have all gone and already look unlikely to return this season, the same could easily happen to us.
  12. All clubs need money to function, and if people are willing to pay extortionate prices to go to Bayview through blind loyalty then fair enough. I don’t live in Scotland anymore but charging £18 is taking the piss and exploiting the fans and I would certainly not be going every week. I worry about the board’s plan for the future of the club. Increasing the tickets is just a short term solution. The support is dwindling what are we doing to attract new supporters? Methil is in one of Scotland’s most deprived areas so we should be doing all we can to encourage the local community to get behind the club as much as possible. The argument of lowering ticket prices wouldn’t attract new supporters argument doesn’t wash with me. What was that based on? Increasing the prices certainly hasn’t made the squad better either. We are in a battle not to finish bottom this season and when we go on a losing run, I fear what the crowds will be then.
  13. The club’s decision to increase the ticket sales is embarrassing and I can’t blame anyone for refusing to go. The club have shot themselves in the foot, and shows how out of touch they are in trying to attract new supporters.
  14. Don’t think I’ve ever been less enthusiastic about a season starting in my years supporting East Fife. Ridiculously expensive tickets and a bang average League 2 squad. Hold me back.
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