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  1. What’s with all the rest and rotation chat? Play our best 11 and get the 3 points in the bag and then worry about the Moldova game which is weeks away anyway. We are 2 wins away from getting into the play-offs we can’t afford to slip up by trying to overthink things.
  2. Alloa 2 - 0 Peterhead Clyde 1 - 1 Montrose Dumbarton 2 - 3 Queens Park East Fife 0 - 4 Cove Falkirk 2 - 1 Airdrie
  3. Going by those highlights we created 1 chance and our goal came from our right back about 20 yards out. I don’t know why I think that we will be relegated.
  4. The 1st half was painful to watch, we allowed Israel to dominate the ball and sat off of them but 2nd half was excellent. We hurried and harassed them and forced them into mistakes. Justice was done with the 95th minute winner to make up for all their time wasting antics. Hopefully that’s the last time we have to play them for a while. Oh and what a baller Billy Gilmour is.
  5. I’m shocked we conceded yet another 3 goals! That’s now 3 wins in 16 games for Young this season.
  6. Perhaps a reason the board haven’t got rid of Young is because some of them walk around with black & gold tinted specs on and can’t or don’t want to see the shambles in front of them.
  7. Regardless of how we played today, 4 points out of a possible 27 is ridiculous and the board are just as responsible for this shambles as Young. Great work.
  8. Falkirk will pump us despite their problems at the moment we have players who are simply not good enough for this level. We can’t score, very little creativity, we can’t defend and haven’t won away from home since beating Forfar about 2 years ago so, yup, away win…
  9. Airdrie 3 - 1 Clyde Alloa 1 - 2 Cove Falkirk 4 - 0 East Fife Peterhead 1 - 0 Dumbarton Queens Park 2 - 1 Montrose
  10. Had forgotten all about this and have very little interest. We are guff so fill your boots Rovers’
  11. Had being the key word. Our squad needed a bit of a freshen up after failing to reach the play-offs so we moved on guys like Agnew and Watson who had been pretty important for us but their influence had started to wain. I think our first signing of the pre season might have been Marc McGuigan which I’m sure most Fife fans would have been happy with as that would have meant a front pairing of him and Ryan Wallace and for League 1 that’s pretty strong. A few days later McGuigan retires from football and weeks later Wallace decides that he wants to spend time with his family leaving us a strike force of Kevin Smith and Sean Brown. Smith has been a great servant for us and was likely going to be a bit part player as he comes to the end of his career and had struggled with injuries over the last few years. Brown, came in from East Stirling and League 1 looks too much of a step up. We brought in Kyle Connell from Killie on loan who has been crocked for weeks leaving us very light. So from going from having your top 2 options unavailable we are playing our 3rd and 4th choice and even 5th choice in Osei-Bensu. Onto midfield, Agnew was great for us but like I said was less influential over the last year or so, so we had to freshen it up. Danny Swanson was meant to be our play maker but we haven’t seen much from him due to injuries and brought in Conor McManus from Stranraer, who by all accounts has been underwhelming. Ross Davidson is our more defensive minded midfielder but haven’t had him all season so we’ve missed him. We brought in Kieran Miller who is ok, but we will be stronger with Davidson. Liam Watt and Danny Denholm are decent wingers but think we needed more options, as neither are prolific scorers and might get you around 10-15 goals between them for the season. Aaron Dunsmore’s form has dropped off a cliff over the last few seasons and he might have been a player who would have benefited from moving on in the summer. Defensively, our centre backs in Ross Dunlop and Chris Higgins are approaching the end of their careers now, and are making a lot of costly mistakes, we brought in Daniel Higgins from Cove so he might make a difference and Aaron Steele might improve things given time. Scott Mercer is an ok right back, likewise Pat Slattery does a job on the left but our strongest defender Stewart Murdoch is injured. Our failure to sign a proper left back since Gary Naysmith has puzzled me. Onto goalkeeper. Last season we had Brett Long and Jordan Hart, both more than capable keepers at this level and disappointed to see them both leave in the summer as we have replaced them with a weaker keeper in Scott Gallacher. Hopefully when we have a few bodies back from injury i.e Connell, Swanson, Slattery, Davidson and Murdoch we should see improvement but ultimately the manager made the decision to bring in these players and still feel a change is needed.
  12. Oh great, you’re back. Maybe google ‘irony’.
  13. No matter who we get they are left with the same tripe of a squad until we can empty the majority of them next season anyway. I wouldn’t mind us getting a relatively new coach with decent contacts in so he can cut his teeth for the rest of the season before the League 2 campaign next season. Fotheringam’s record is a bit meh so wouldn’t want him.
  14. Was fully expecting to hear news of Young’s departure, but nothing. Looking at his record for the season in all competitions: Played: 14 Won: 3 Drawn: 1 Lost: 10. Goals For: 11 Goals Against: 30 Bearing in mind that 2 of those wins came in the SPFL Trust Trophy and 1 was against St Johnstone Under 18’s. It’s an appalling record. Surely, the board have to act this week, yes a new manager might not make a difference but we need a lift somehow as the level of apathy for this early in the season is not great. What’s the worst points total for League 1?
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