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  1. 1. Neil Duffy? Can’t remember him. 6. Blair Henderson 7. Kevin Smith 8. Jonny Page 10. Pat Slattery 12. ?
  2. 1. 30 2. 28. I used to go to Tannadice as a kid with my grandad so haven’t seen East Fife play there. Also I’ve been to Firhill but we played Queens Park in a play off. 3. Old Bayview 4. New Bayview 5. Good memories of winning the league at East Stirling (Firs Park RIP), not part of the 42 so I would say Borough Briggs. Was always a great train trip up and a proper stadium. 6. Central Park - we never win.
  3. That’s New Zealand entering full lockdown from Wednesday. My work shut today for a month - I work as a nurse in a private clinic so I don’t think I will be short of job opportunities over the next few weeks if needed.
  4. I read that Stenhousemuir are giving a fan a chance to play in a friendly in an auction. Something that we can maybe look at doing?
  5. That’s us (NZ) shut the border to anyone who isn’t a citizen or permanent resident. I went to the local supermarket today in Auckland and the place was mental. My Saturday football has been canned now too, things are starting to ramp up over here as much as the UK, and I do feel for my gran who lives alone back in Scotland who isn’t going to have any visitors for the foreseeable.
  6. I blame the new tartan kit. Players are clearly fearing playing in it next season and have downed tools.
  7. Fair enough, it’s maybe not everyone’s favourite kit but to say that players won’t sign for us because of it is just nonsense. I quite like it, so if the club can’t attract a right back next season I’m sure I can get out of my contract in the Auckland Division 6 league.
  8. Thought I would give Sportsound a listen today... 25 minutes I lasted and that’s 25 minutes of my life that I will never get back and my ears are still bleeding. The usual Rangers/Celtic chat from ‘experts’ such as John Hughes, Ryan Stevenson and Jon Daly. Hearing what Brian Rice was having for tea was fantastic insight into Scottish football... This podcast truly is awful. It’s the same old guff day after day from terrible pundits. Could you imagine if they actually focused on a non bigot brother story for a show? I’m done with it until the next time that Sevco/Celtic lose - it’s the only time that it gets interesting.
  9. We wont win the league, but if someone had said that we would be 5 points off the top with 9 games to go, we would have taken that. Our next 3 games are against Airdrie, Montrose and Raith so will go a long way to define our season. 3rd or 4th would be a decent season for us.
  10. Going by those highlights we have given up far too many chances that a better team would take full advantage of. We will certainly need to be a lot stronger over the next 3 games against Airdrie, Raith and Montrose if we want to make the play offs.
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