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  1. Players like to play for certain managers whether or not they are relegated so I wouldn’t read too much into a massive fall out. Young also knows these players so you aren’t taking a gamble on signings either. Davidson and Dunsmore had been decent players for us but not recently so not disappointed that they have gone. Denholm was ok, too but all of these players are certainly replaceable.
  2. I like occasions when all of us diddies can unite as one.
  3. Get in! Spotted flags from Dunfermline, Falkirk and Kirkcaldy. Good to see these zombies supporting their local clubs. Come on zee Germans and bury this lot.
  4. Plenty time for new signings coming in. I know people get frustrated when other clubs are making transfers but players are still under contract at other clubs. If we are still scrambling around for players in August like this season, then we can start to panic.
  5. What’s with the animosity between Livi and Cowden? Mocking Livingston’s support is a bit ironic. It’s not their fault that their town don’t back them. I’m well aware that Levenmouth has the same problem. We all support diddy teams together, and sadly every town and city in Scotland has too many knuckle draggers who don’t care for their local club.
  6. Cowdownbeath. Feel for the fans, and hopefully the pyramid opens up a bit to make it easier to get back out of the LL/HL (without the bigots of course). Enjoy the away trip back down to Berwick and I’m sure we will probably see you in the LL in the not too distant future.
  7. What an awful, awful game of football. I still wish my useless side was in this position mind you. Love the ‘heads gone’ from Mickey Stewart though.
  8. I wasn’t being cocky. I’m more than well aware that all it takes is 1 shocking season and you are in real trouble. With the general apathy around East Fife at the moment, I’m not confident of a swift return to League 1.
  9. Cya Cowden. A few good trips to be had in the LL league though. It’s a very hard league to get out of, and I wish that they would open up more promotion spaces. Only having 1 potential promotion from a 16 team league is nonsense.
  10. Has been a great servant to the club but no doubt his better days are behind him now. We can’t have any space for sentiment as we try to rebuild the squad.
  11. It’s only the start of May, I wouldn’t worry as most players are still contracted until at least the end of the month, and besides signing our cast offs isn’t exactly a reason to panic.
  12. One of our better players but the whole squad needs a freshen up and he will be the first of many over the next few weeks I’m sure.
  13. What a miserable season, all beginning before a ball was even kicked way back in July when we saw the calibre of signings we were making. Hopefully we go into the new season with a sense of optimism with some quality signings. Crawford has his work cut out, but the board have to back him otherwise we easily do a Brechin.
  14. Airdrie 1 - 1 Peterhead Alloa 2 - 1 Montrose Dumbarton 0 - 1 Clyde East Fife 0 - 5 Cove Queens Park 3 - 2 Falkirk 10 mins 1st goal
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