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  1. On the S4C chanel, they have a weekly football show called 'Sgorio'. It features highlights from the Welsh Premier League (also Spanish games). From what i've seen, the Welsh Premier is comparative to our 2nd or 3rd Division in terms of crowd size. I see no reason why BBC ALBA shouldn't make a weekly highlights show as the level of interest would be the same if not greater than Sgorio. It would also increase viewer numbers as people who don't usually watch that chanel would tune in.
  2. True, the club should consider providing free singing lessons before or after games to resolve this problem . There are some who do not know the different verses and there also seems to be some ambiguity regarding the chorus, some sing 'home in Kirkcaldy' and others 'here in Kirkcaldy' (which is correct).
  3. I had never heard that version before and noticed that due to the different way in which it was sung, it resulted in sections of the fans starting the chorus before others. 'Geordie Munro' is one of the only songs that is unique to the Rovers and it would have been great to hear thousands of fans singing it in unison at Hampden but I feel the potential impact was lost due to this alternative version.
  4. I have faith in McGlynn, if you cast your mind back to last pre season, our strike force consisted of Weir and Bryce. He then brought in Smith & Wales and the rest is history. I think it will be similar this season, McGlynn will use the contacts he has to acquire a decent young striker from an SPL club. McGlynn needs to make Raith a success because his future managerial career depends on it.
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