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  1. So, 6 games played and 9 points in the bag. Next 5 games are tough going, still to meet the Arsecheeks, Hearts, Livi and Killie. What would be our acceptable points target after 11 games ? Surely 12 points is our minimum aspiration, but what could we reasonably expect ? Pessimistically 9. Realistically 12+. Best probably ........ ?
  2. A couple of surprise results tonight IMO. The competition has been blasted wide open. I now think this cup will be won by either Celtic or maybe Rangers. Controversial.
  3. Coincidentally, Jack Ross had a player at Sunderland called Luke O'Nien. Hey Jack, look 0-9 !!
  4. Nine second half substitutes. Stoppage time, one minute. Even the ref is taking the piss !!!
  5. Ryan Giggs's totem pole has NOTHING on me tonight.
  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you. A million "thank yous" to BBC Scotland for screening this match live tonight. Thank you, thank you, thank you, .............
  7. Humping alert !!! Humping alert !!! AZ by 3-0 minimum. Hey, best wishes all the same.
  8. Excellent news that Alexander got removed in time for the Well fans to renew their misplaced belief and optimism in time to buy tickets for Sunday's game. All monies gladly received by SMFC. Really looking forward to welcoming the pre-pubescent Well young team rabble, and watching their misery as their team get royally rogered. Home banker IMO. Erm ....... hopefully.
  9. Oh, I hope not. I'm banking on Well to win in 90 minutes by a single goal. 30 minutes of ET, then lose on penalties. Tired legs, low morale, and angry fans heading to Paisley on Sunday.
  10. Urminsky seems to have been highly rated by the Stenhousemuir fans during his loan spell last season. Obviously he wouldn't have faced Premiership standard opponents there but he's unlikely to be a dud. A bit frustrating for him all the same that he hasn't had much first team opportunities with us so far.
  11. Jings, I remember being at that pre-season "friendly". Totally unprovoked, Aspinall stuck the studs into one of our players (can't remember who). Off topic, I seem to remember another pre-season fixture (similar era) against Oxford United where their thuggery was breathtaking. Does anyone else remember this game or has my dementia revisited me ?
  12. I foresee the Highland clearances #2 coming this close season. ICT need a wipeout of a pile of creaky dead wood. Starting with the manager ....
  13. The old guestbook was legendary. Don't be modest Tom, you did a cracking job.
  14. Did we ever establish why you don't see so much white dog shite nowadays or whatever happened to Aztec chocolate bars ? Oh aye, and then there's the Coconut Dug joke. Close season was more fun back in the olden days.
  15. Charlie Adam retains enormous skill and a wonderful football brain, but time has caught up with him for pace, mobility and work rate. Paul McGowan was probably one of Dundee's better players in Paisley last weekend but age is catching up on him too. Danny Mullen is such a hard working player, if only he had some footballing skills and an ounce of composure he'd be a Scotland international. If Paul McMullen wore swimming trunks he'd be a better Olympic diver than Tom Daley. Refs have his card marked. In summary, clear out the ex-St Mirren contingent and you'll be on an upward curve.
  16. So, one relatively meaningless fixture to go to kill off this season. We've had plenty of ups and downs this year but happily our Premiership survival has been achieved, and we live to fight another Premiership season. Now there'll be a few weeks holiday followed by a massively important close season for Steven Robinson, since potentially we will be faced with an even tougher league next season with Killie likely to be stronger than woeful Dundee, and surely Aberdeen and Hibs can't be as shit as they've been this season. So player recruitment will be key. But how many recruitment mistakes have been made in the past because recently incoming managers have the unfortunate habit of signing players they have worked with previously ? And how few of these recruits have transitioned successfully into our first team ? For example, I'm thinking about Danny Lennon's glut of signings from Cowdenbeath. Darren McGregor (a success) and umpteen duds. Or Jack Ross's influx of Alloa signings. Any successes there? So far SR has lined up four new players for next season, two being ex-Motherwell and one ex-Morecambe. A familiar pattern? Who knows, these might all turn out to be cracking signings (here's hoping), but I'm already concerned that we are fishing in a smaller pool than we ought to be. I hope the rest of our signing targets are more imaginative.
  17. We just couldn't live with United in that second half. Straight from the kickoff they bullied us. I'm hugely disappointed that we lost a goal so late in stoppage time but certainly no question United got the result they deserved. One strange thing though, the 4th official signalled 4 minutes stoppage time and United scored on 90+6 minutes when there were no additional stoppages.
  18. Is there a similar table for red cards ? Despite being bottom of the 'fouls' table I suspect we will be near the top for reds.
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