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  1. Connolly's play acting after Nazon's challenge is embarrassing. At worst Nazon's arm brushes against Connolly's face, no motion towards his face. Connolly collapses holding his face as if he has been slugged by a super-heavyweight. He was blatantly trying to con Beaton and he succeeded. Connolly should be punished retrospectively for this.
  2. I thought yesterday he was rubbish on the deck but good in the air. Like a balloon.
  3. BT Sport 1 showing the match highlights this morning 8.00 - 9.30. Looking forward to catching up on the things you miss at the game.
  4. What about Dundee United that Friday night 0-5 vs Ayr United ?
  5. Aye, because 10,000 home fans tonight couldn't inspire a victory but 1000 on Sunday will out perform 7000 St Mirren fans. I still rate this as 50:50. Your team might still get through but it won't be due to United's fans out-supporting the Buddies fans !!!
  6. Phew. At least we are still in it. We are so lucky that DU beat ICT because ICT would have gubbed us tonight (apparently, so we were told previously). Actually, having all still to play for is probably good news all round. Roll on Sunday !!
  7. Ah, 1987 ....... I vividly remember awaiting the semi-final draw with us, Dundee Utd, Dundee and Hearts as the last four. Every St Mirren fan desperately hoping to be drawn against Hearts or Dundee because if we could get a final against Dundee Utd we knew we would be in with a huge chance against those utter bottle merchants. And so it came to pass ........... Let's hope the current crop of Dundee Utd players shit their pants tonight and also on Sunday.
  8. Yes, congratulations Hamilton Accies. Prior to kick-off I thought you had no chance of winning today ………….. and to think they refer to US as St Liedown. Gutless St Johnstone, not a single shot on target. Or maybe Accies played like Brazil today.
  9. I'm happy for you being comfortable in your state of delusion. Your players weren't shitting themselves before that previous fixture. Your mob lost it and imploded last night and they won't cope with St Johnstone this time round.
  10. What's your point drongo ? As I said above, I will congratulate Accies if they beat St Johnstone to consolidate 10th. But they won't, hence 10th is St Mirren's to lose by failing to win at Dens Park. Bookies have St Mirren as fav to win on Saturday. Bookies have St Johnstone as fav to win on Saturday. And I have you as fav to be shitting yourself at 2.15 on Saturday.
  11. Nope. I can accept that we won because we scored twice and your mob didnae.
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