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  1. Actually I am ashamed that we haven't already withdrawn from the Scottish cup and requested that Hamilton Accies should be awarded our spot in the next round. It's only fair since they were cheated by the SFA officials.
  2. Robbie Neilson needn't worry about losing his job after last night's humiliation. Most Hearts fans will probably blame Fcuking St Mirren for that result.
  3. In the cold light of day, still hilarious. 'Point and laugh' funny.
  4. How many "Moregamestogo" have Hearts in this season's Scottish Cup ?
  5. What's Paul Le Guen up to nowadays ? He did very well for Celtic last time he had a job in Glasgow.
  6. Come on now, who could have predicted back on the summer that Killie and Motherwell would both be relegated this season ?
  7. Kilmarnock shouldn't panic and make a hasty managerial appointment. I really can't see them being relegated this season. The automatic relegation spot will surely go to either Ross County or Hamilton, I can't envisage both of them going on a run of victories, so the worst possible outcome for Kilmarnock should be 11th. If that should be the case I'd be confident that Killie will be able to see off their play-off opposition since the Championship has no quality below Hearts.
  8. He's a busy man. He owns our local chip shop as well.
  9. It's staggering to see that we're the joint top goalscorers over the last 6 fixtures. So unlike St Mirren to get amongst the goals.
  10. Tangerines are doing a (Dundee) Hibs all right. I can't see where their next league point is coming from. Other than last year's curtailed season, has any team previously avoided relegation with a total of 28 points ?
  11. Yes, and significantly St Mirren have never slipped to a level below the second tier. A few clubs of a roughly similar size such as Kilmarnock, St Johnstone, Partick Thistle, Dunfermline, Morton, and others have had their spells down at the seaside.
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