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  1. That's your opinion. IMO it was just a meh tackle that resulted in a nasty injury for Flynn. These things happen. Your opinion is equally valid, it's just about how we see it, eh ?
  2. What's the fuss ? It was a mistimed tackle that resulted in a foul by Miller, nothing malicious intended, Flynn was very unlucky to have sustained a nasty one. Nothing to see here, Miller didn't intend to inflict a serious injury. He got his comeuppance with the embarrassment of his appalling penalty kick. Let's all move on.
  3. I expect Broxburn will get loads of platitudes for keeping the goal tally down for so long, but really that would just be patronising shite. Broxburn were (except for the keeper) horrendously hopeless, by miles the poorest opposition I have ever seen playing at Greenhill Road. In the first half in particular, every time the ball broke to one of their players he hoofed it away. Absolutely zero skill and no attempt whatsoever to play proper football. Do any of them know what making a pass involves ? I can barely remember a St Mirren player having to make a tackle to win the ball. Special mention to the pitch invader. Even pished he was Broxburn's second best player.
  4. Sensation !! Who could have foreseen the sensible reaction from Willie Collum. The officious f*ckwit actually gets it correct here, he DOESN'T overact and only "speaks" to both involved rather than flash his yellow and red cards.
  5. Inaccurate to describe it as a "goal" as the ref's assistant flagged immediately, the ref blew his whistle to stop play immediately, and quite clearly the St Mirren players stopped playing. So much so in fact it was almost worthy of a yellow card for him for kicking the ball away ……….. Incidentally I actually thought the vast majority of the Celtic fans today were extremely good humoured, especially those in the South stand when they were repeatedly peppered with flying footballs before kick-off from our forwards inept shooting practice. There are exceptions of course, like those humourless morons that refused to return to ball whenever it went into the crowd. Before today, I can't ever remember seeing a police officer going into the crowd to retrieve a "stolen" ball.
  6. Aren't you choosing to forget that Oakley's first yellow ought to have been a straight red card ?
  7. Yesterday's result has given us 4 points breathing space over St Johnstone but the next 3 games could be crucial. How bizarre that St Johnstone now have their next 3 games at home while we have 3 consecutive away games because of the fixtures postponed for the Scottish cup. We really must find a way to get something tangible from these games. Possible change of momentum over the next few weeks ?
  8. First half hour, two rubbish teams. Absolute horror show all round. Mistakes everywhere. Once we scored the game changed - we gained confidence and St Johnstone fell apart. Tonight my view of St Mirren isn't all rose-tinted spectacles - I can see we are still a poor side and a 'work-in-progress', yet our "goals against" is remarkable after 9 games so we appear to be doing something right ! But St Johnstone shocked me today. Zero confidence and a complete arse-collapse of a second half. Trailing 0-1 (and latterly 0-2) they had chucked it. The game was still there to be salvaged (or perhaps won) but they showed NO URGENCY, they showed NO COMMITMENT, in fact they showed FEAR !! As much as today's outcome has delighted me, I can genuinely feel for those 499 St Johnstone fans who witnessed such a gutless display from their players today. Apologies for stating the bleeding obvious, but clearly something major has happened to your team spirit. Tommy Wright's post-match interview on Radio Scotland was almost a suicide note. I'm not sure your current situation is retrievable - from a St Mirren perspective I would love this to continue (sorry guys). Strange days indeed.
  9. If St Mirren defend as pathetically as County did we will deserve to be scudded. Can't see that happening TBH.
  10. Based on many of the most persistent moaners on here (and B&WA) I think you have overused "watch game" in your comments.
  11. Do you really expect us to be in the bottom 6 (with Killie) after the split ???? Show some ambition DZ.
  12. Oh you attention seeking Ayrshire b*****ds !!!!! The ultimate European humiliation for Scottish football was all ours since that Hammarby embarrassment but you just had to go one stage further to claim our title !!!! Well done. You deserve the acclaim for ultimate diddiness. Your fans should rightly be proud of this evening's performance. Be proud.
  13. Connolly's play acting after Nazon's challenge is embarrassing. At worst Nazon's arm brushes against Connolly's face, no motion towards his face. Connolly collapses holding his face as if he has been slugged by a super-heavyweight. He was blatantly trying to con Beaton and he succeeded. Connolly should be punished retrospectively for this.
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