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  1. Well done Dundee, too good for a piss-poor St Mirren today. Understandably Dundee were right up for it today after their midweek mauling. St Mirren never matched Dundee's pressing or their intensity. Hard to believe how easy our lot made it for Charlie Adam to rule the midfield. Oh well, something much better required at Perth next week, or a long hard winter and a relegation dogfight awaits.
  2. Poor show from the arbitration panel. Porteous challenge is certainly robust but it is perfectly fair. Clearly a pro-OF bias in the refusal to overturn the red card.
  3. Scott Brown is finished. He is a liability. Glass is scared to drop him from his starting XI, so the Dons will continue to struggle until that finally happens.
  4. 15-8 available for a St Mirren victory this weekend. Free money IMO. Premiership quality up against a championship standard home team Adventurous / speculative punters might want to double this gift with the 9-2 on offer for Hearts to beat useless Celtic.
  5. Well obviously we've peaked too soon this close season. Have we fired our bullets too soon ?? Poor poker play perhaps ?? We've shown our hand, we've shot our load, and we've blown our full year budget and others can already see what our tactical options will be for next season. A schoolboy error from Jim Goodwin, eh ? Oh well, never mind. We know that Dundee will be shite. And Dundee United. Ross County as well, and Livingston have shot their bolt. So it's onward and upward for the Paisley Juventus !!!!!
  6. Tommy Wright's stock has taken a hammering. How he must regret picking up that poisoned Ayrshire chalice. Oh, and Kirk Broadfoot, GIRFUY !!!!
  7. My betting tip for tonight is a yellow card double for Lafferty and McGowan, 11-1 with bet365.
  8. Worth a wee bet on Accies to win tomorrow. Make it a double with Ross County.
  9. Did that happen during a pandemic ? Completely different circumstances this time around. It would be morally wrong to impose a match forfeit on East Fife as this penalises Dumbarton who have broken no rules. It's time for common sense to trump the standard rule book - get the original fixture rescheduled ASAP and East Fife to get nothing worse than a verbal warning. Surely applying common sense isn't beyond those bureaucratic morons at Hampden.
  10. I used to quite like Tommy Wright. What a bitter loser of a man. Your players cost Killie a place in the semi-final not the ref. He gifted Killie a penalty for Kyle McAllister's well-timed tackle.
  11. We can definitely win the semi-final and the final if they are decided on penalty shoot-outs.
  12. A terrific in-yer-face performance from United. Aberdeen didn't know what hit them. Excellent tactics, carried out perfectly, great to watch. 5 stars.
  13. Actually I am ashamed that we haven't already withdrawn from the Scottish cup and requested that Hamilton Accies should be awarded our spot in the next round. It's only fair since they were cheated by the SFA officials.
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