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  1. I think maybe you've wandered blindly into the wrong forum. This one's for adult football.
  2. Ask Maurice Ross, I'm sure he'll know all the answers you need.
  3. And again, why does this matter ? Could Killie fulfil the fixture or not ? If not, = default. Special treatment not available to all clubs apparently. Enjoy the rest of your evening with a spare fixture up your sleeve.
  4. Your made up rules aren't the actual rules. That's the issue here. A lot of rules are shite and unjust. Do you agree with the handball penalty rules at present ? Justice trumps rules IMO, but have it your way if it suits your argument.
  5. Not for the first time, won't be the last time either.
  6. Were Kilmarnock able to fulfil the fixture or not, whether with loan players (or not) or academy players ? Just 11 bodies in 11 Killie shirts. If not ,= default. And for clarification, I'm not attacking Killie per se, my point is made regardless of what club failed to show up for a fixture.
  7. WGAF. If you can't fulfil a fixture because you have too few players available then you have defaulted on the fixture. Motherwell were ready to fulfil their obligation. Killie weren't. So Killie have been given special treatment that was not available to St Mirren. What element of unfairness can't you comprehend ?
  8. = default. You only need 7 players on the field for a fixture to be valid. Hamilton Accies were relegated when they failed to fulfil a fixture. I envy you being a supporter of an important club. Supporting a diddy club like mine can be such a bind.
  9. I'm not a moron, you arsewipe. One rule for St Mirren, another rule for important teams like yours.
  10. So Kilmarnock didn't have 11 fit players on their books ? Then they should be able to bring in loan players and fulfil the fixture, as St Mirren had to do. The precedent was set. Oh aye, it was only St Mirren so who gives a f*ck anyway.
  11. Kilmarnock should have been told to play the fixture or concede the points. A precedent has already been set. Regardless of the unfairness, the matches must be played as per the fixture list.
  12. Two bad lots on this season's evidence. First to score should win 1-0.
  13. Marvellous signing for Hearts if it comes off. A smasher. Jealous !
  14. Yes, the buggers are showing St Mirren v Hibs.
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