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  1. My wee uncle Hughies mucker and good Clyde man, thoughts are with his wife and Tommy jnr.
  2. I used to frequent this establishment when I worked up in Shettleston
  3. No wonder people are staying away from games if this is what it has come to, football has always been a working class mans game with swearing being part and parcel of it, if you can't let off a few sweary words on a Sat at the fitbaw then imho the games a bogey.
  4. Are you for real ??? take your head out your arse idiot.
  5. You missed out the old.................ya snivelling shitebag.
  6. Oh my aching sides. Aww naw, no big John, is this like Big Innis oot a still game ?
  7. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/local-news/police-hunt-vile-yob-who-4932538 Bloody Clyde nazis at it again.
  8. What amazing patter, how on earth did you come up with that one ?
  9. But nobody asked for your opinion, so get to the back of the queue and put your hand up the next time you'd like to express an opinion.
  10. correct me if i'm wrong here, to stalk someone would suggest that you know what they look like, correct ? otherwise how would you know who your stalking Edited to add.....having never met or laid eyes on Saintsam until long after this event I find your accusations pretty feeble, but if you would like to meet in person to carry on this discussion then just let me know and i'm sure i'll be able to fit you in to my hectic schedule.
  11. Told you before I wasn't in the Clockwork. They love me really mate
  12. Oooooo we've gotta hardman here eh. Yeah yeah. All because she wouldn't entertain you It must be eh
  13. A lot harder than you'll ever be shitebag, as per usual you sit behind your pc and spout your shite, fud.
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