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  1. Wheres this dossier? I’m waiting up for some hack to break the story but alas nothing yet
  2. Thought we were very good today all over the pitch, Killie on the other hand were very poor. Only slight disappointment is that we didn’t score 2/3 more, but that’s me being very critical.
  3. Anyone got a replay yet if Andreu’s miss? I thought at the game he was clattered and it should have been a pen. Wanting to see if I was right or made an arse of myself protesting it to my mates
  4. Over 1500 tickets gone now, could be over 2k there on Saturday COYS
  5. To those suggesting that not enough work has been done to secure targets. Can I point you to the documentary on Netflix called Sunderland til I die. This would at least give some insight to what goes on behind the scenes at a football club. One episode in particular where Martin Bain stormed off to his office raging when Chris Martin chose not to move there. A deal was lined up and even a medical for that evening and yet at the 11 th hour boom the deal was off. If it can happen to bigger clubs it can certainly happen to us also. Just need to keep the faith
  6. Can’t believe I’m taking my 6 year old to this dump, I vowed never to go back, but he needs to tick it off the list of grounds.
  7. Samson was superb for us last season, only at fault for 1 goal that I can recall, saved us on numerous occasions, he will be ok (I have the right to change my mind during the season)
  8. That was peter Lawell trying to flex his muscles and abuse the deal that was struck. Our chairman who was on holiday at the time told them to GTF or the rental was off, funnily enough it was down the following day
  9. I gathered that, cheers, it’s been a turbulent few years, can’t wait for the party on Saturday [emoji481][emoji481][emoji481]
  10. [emoji23][emoji23] fair enough. We said that about ours a few times this season. However I’m sure even the most ardent Falkirk fan will admit that team is anything but great [emoji23]
  11. Can’t believe how poor Falkirk were, no wonder you were in trouble, that is the worst Falkirk side I have seen in years, yet I know we lost to them, feck knows how? Congratulations on staying up and best of luck next season [emoji1303]
  12. How many home fans will be there on April 10th? I think a few saints fans have returned tickets but not many, now we can win the league on your patch, will there be more away fans than home and is the game still on TV?
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