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  1. ICTFC 18/19

    Gutted to see him leave. If he gets played where he should be and with good players round him Motherwell will have a real asset Good luck to him he deserves it with all the shit he’s had to put up with from an element of our fans
  2. El Collsico

    £2.50 a pint in here. Can’t complain busy wee place
  3. El Collsico

  4. El Collsico

    Looking for some suggestions for pubs relatively close to the ground for some pre match drinks. Any help would be appreciated cheers
  5. Love your name tag. So much so I used it on a forum somewhere for myself. Only problem I was so pissed when I did it I can’t remember where it was. The joys of getting old [emoji1] think it was one of my motorbike forums but hey ho
  6. The Highland Derby

    Bloody ridiculous doesn’t leave any time after finishing work to make the kick off. Even a 7.45 would have made more sense. Can’t make it now either
  7. Scottish Cup 5th Round Draw

    Not sure about us getting hammered tbh. We can hold our own against Mcgregors mercenaries but the Mallard is fine twice a season any more gets a bit boring. Was hoping for something different
  8. Inverness v Queens

    Just been out walking the dogs it’s a cracking day tbh about 7c and sunny. Mild as F for this time of year
  9. Fort William tomorrow

    The profile pic looks like the neds out of Still Game
  10. ICT v AUFC

    Any of the Ayr fans in here at the Caley club. Great bunch great craic.lets see the pics of you holding the flag
  11. Inverness vs Dunfermline

    b*****d cunto w****r referee
  12. Inverness vs Dunfermline

    What a thump of heads between Oakley and wedderburn heard it in the north stand. Ouch
  13. Inverness vs Dunfermline

    What a fucking goal by Austin. Ripped them apert
  14. Inverness vs Dunfermline

    Only one team going to win this and it ain’t the pars
  15. Inverness vs Dunfermline

    But you are the quietest nicest away fans ever. Not even a song coming out of you. Ffs you even put Barbie girl on the jukebox