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  1. Was it not the SFA who demanded a pyramid system, maybe them who should be looking into a fair one. The LL is a shambles and I'm still not sure that the ruling for the Old Firm Colts team has been signed off. Last I heard the SFA were holding back due to a boundary change.
  2. Auchinleck has indoor and outdoor bowling clubs. The indoor does meals the outdoor has the cheapest bar prices in the village. You also have the Masonic Club on the main street. There are two pubs.,the Mercat and Boswell, both are extremely busy during match days. As a visiting supporter you won't gain entry to the Social Club (Only members on big match days). As a warning Talbot will not be taking English money as the area is saturated with conterfeit English notes. The Building Committee charge 50p for entry to the stand. We are a very welcoming support, and as you will find out nobody understands what we are saying unless you are tutored up on Rabbie Burns. We also swear a lot.
  3. Says the rocket who's giving out wee pissy red dots to everybody. The forum is dead on its arse because there is no banter, and if I wanted to talk about football it wouldn't be to a Cumnock supporter.
  4. No room for it due to the burnt out Austin Allegro. I'm hoping to snatch the Cumnock's best kept garden award.
  5. Correct! After hearing Cumnock was to be the up and coming town in Scotland I was in there like flint. Live music outside Farmfoods, the War of the Worlds film set in Townhead Street, the only town in Scotland that double yellow lines mean you have to park on them and the only place where the police break up a disorderly mob by waving a working jacket at them. Best move I ever made.
  6. Better to ignore the Rangers hater as Confucious said "You will never win an argument with an idiot"
  7. Why would Hendo want to leave Hurlford for a club that demands instant success. The Cumnock job is a poison chalice because their committe and fans are more interest in what is going on next door rather than giving a manager a couple of seasons to steady the ship. It's time that they swallowed the fact that they are no longer a big club.
  8. The lino had a great view and called it correctly.
  9. Had the misfortune to be standing amongst a group of absolute shit talkers during the first half of the Bankies game. "This could be a red letter day for Hamish if he scores against them" Was he actually playing. "Hey Lino are you Talbot's number 12, the full ball has to cross the line"
  10. There has to be something there. You have produced some big wins this season.
  11. Credit to young Robbie McCracken for a great display. Flung into a top of the table clash and didn't put a foot wrong.
  12. Mr Chris Gentles officiating the match. Better hope its a non contact match or Greta will be up the road complaining the showers are on too early.
  13. If the horse was on the menu then I would have made a point of being there.
  14. The horse was called Star and was kept in the field next to Curries factory it wandered up the brae and headed into the park through the old Coal Road gate. . This is a true story a person I will not name had a horse that was kept between the two railway lines. It escaped one night and when the owner who had a skinfull was heading to the chippie when he captured it. Did he put it back in the field? No he went to the chippie with the horse and took it inside which caused a riot when he tried to turn it to get it back through the door. Only in Auchinleck.
  15. Correct! Somebody blocked her driveway. Also their chairman was on the pitch after we dumped their billy big bawz team out the Scottish Junior Cup.
  16. Watched the Meadow gazebo encroaching the pitch and it brought a wry smile to my face. I can remember the late 60's when a horse wandered on to the pitch at Beechwood when Talbot were playing Whitletts.
  17. Talbot at Holm Park a week on Saturday. We have scheduled our bus to leave at 12 noon for a 1.30ko. I'm sure this COP thing will still be on the go so would one and a half hours be okay considering the closures to roads and the likes.
  18. Likes a penalty too. Gave Clydebank three against us a couple of seasons ago, and then gave us one to win the game.
  19. I remember they used to have their pie hut behind the goals. You had to go to it at half time in pairs, one for getting the bovrils and the other to keep a look out for stray shots by the substitutes. Seen a few folk receiving third degree burns after being scudded by a ball.
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