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  1. I think although this was the 14-15th cup final I think the association got caught out on this ocassion. Falkirk was a decent venue, plenty of leg room a decent view, a match programme and the parking a short walk to what is a modern stadium. The fact that there was no ball boys had a surreal effect on the game with players raking around the stands for the balls or having to vault the hoardings and trek through waste ground to retrieve the match ball did ruin the spectacle a bit. I can't fault the association members for putting their all into the venture as I spotted the lad Bamford selling programmes at the beginning of the game and them getting involved in the presentation. I think us Junior orientated fans are resigned to the fact that the Junior Cup will end this season and todays competition will be the big trophy for our non-league status unless a national competition is formed. I have been tail pulling a bit with the Junior comments because I have enjoyed this season and I'm looking forward to next season. I also think our WOSL blazers as they are called have done a decent job considering a 20 team top division. There were boxes not ticked today, but I'm sure everything has been noted and will be put into place for the next final.
  2. It harks back to the Meadow money days when they signed anybody Tucker was interested in and had them sitting in the stand.
  3. Looking forward to todays game, hope there is a good turnout even though it is poorly advertised.
  4. Final tomorrow not even a mention on any forums but the WOSL
  5. Juniors were better run and if the clubs had known what a fecking mess its turning out to be then they might have had other idea's. Your favourite club is one of the problems why do they not start up a reserve league and f**k off with the other arse cheek and give some forward thinking clubs a chance to progress.
  6. I was told this was the big non-league cup but not a peep on any other forums about tomorrows final except this thread. With the LL shitshow, the killie pie debacle and the glens/vics f**k up this wonderful world of milk and honey we were promised is worse than the Juniors.
  7. Thanks for clearing that up. I always wondered why you lot cuckooed the ground.
  8. It's an organisation a lot of WOSL clubs still belong to.
  9. Who's the idiots, you come from Yoker and you call your club Clydebank?????
  10. You just need to mention Talbot and you attract the usual culprits. Just need the Rod to comment, because somebody from Auchinleck definately shat in his kettle.
  11. It would be nice to see Yoker parade the cup around THEIR ground.
  12. Thought you would have been quicker off the the mark, then I remembered I had to give you time to google cup final to see what it meant.
  13. On Sunday at Falkirk the Talbot will carry the flag for the WOSL in the final of the biggest Scottish senior cup for non-league sides this side south of Perth. In their path is the newly crowned SFL side Bonnyrigg Rose. I think this thread should be used to wish Talbot all the best and wish them luck in this epic venture where they could be the first WOSL club to capture this fine trophy. Batter in!
  14. No really the "Belters" will have a wee rest after the Saints game. With Darvel only having a pool of 30 they might struggle.
  15. Two busload up at Cumbernauld for a dead rubber. Some support, who were well entertained with 5 goals and a referee performance that is up there with the Pollok debacle.
  16. In my opinion the competition should have been held back a season until the WOSL had settled in.
  17. If Darvel face Penicuik then their a stick on. Tranent on the other hand looked a handfull when I watched their highlights v Linlithgow.
  18. Although miffed about losing the league, I'm certainly not bothered about not getting into the LL. I spent an hour going through the posts on the LL forum and what a mess its turning out to be.
  19. Can't believe it's 21 years since we stopped off at Buckie for a meal as we headed off to play Portgordon in the Scottish. A great follow your club experience where if swings and a chute were mandatory requirement for a SFA license then the Port's would have skooshed. Highlight of the day was not catching frost bite and the local farmer having to pull the bus out the ground.
  20. Nobody's going to boycott pies. Gall had a wee dig in his interview because in his deluded brain he thinks there is a rivalry between Darvel and Talbot. They beat us too the title and well done, I would have been more upset if it had been one of our main rivals that had pipped us at the post.. Hopefully they move on to whatever level they want to go to, or how much their moneymen want to part with.
  21. Stand is being re-painted and hopefully bird nets going up.
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