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  1. It was a magnificent night in Greenbraes Drive.
  2. Maybe give you lot a bung to get some spectator cover and working bogs
  3. The Falkirk Fud must be at his tea when he's missed out red dotting you.
  4. Not a link to the OF but a reference to I suppose Talbot's history. Lord Richard Talbot who's ancestor was "Fighting Richard Talbot" who was in charge of the Irish Militia fighting for James at the Battle of the Boyne. He is the man who Talbot are named after and can be found in this link https://dailyscribbling.com/the-secret-life-of-irish-castles/malahide-castle-the-tale-of-the-talbots/
  5. 3-0 defeat at Auchinleck and then a 2-0 loss at Yoker seems to point out your team is one of the worst we have played this this season.
  6. Course I do they deserve it the amount they have shit in their nest during the run -in
  7. Sorted that for you old champion!
  8. Oooft! Conf D looks a toughie, but all in it looks like a decent attempt. well done
  9. One for the future, he's been rock solid when playing. Great attitude and looks like a lad who is willing to work for his place in the team. Also I sponsor him.
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