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  1. todays results 21.7.18

    Talbot 2 Bo'ness 2. Talbot up 2-0 and I think both United goals were og's. Bo'ness had eleven players and a sub keeper, match was filmed by Talbot TV so you can make your own mind up.
  2. M8 could you give me the Darvel squad including their first names. Cheers its for the programme next Saturday.

  3. Auchinleck Talbot 2018/19

    Due to Blantyre Vics being unable to field a team at Beechwood tomorrow Talbot will face Craigmark Burntonians with a 7pm k/o. no doubt there will be a few trialists for both sides.
  4. William hill Scottish Cup

    You've a free weekend you should pop along and support them.
  5. East of Scotland Preseasonwatch 2018-19

    Consider it done
  6. West Region Fixture Update

    I would rather we were kept apart until the final.
  7. Arson Attack

    Your struggling!
  8. East of Scotland Preseasonwatch 2018-19

    Alan's a chip off your old block. Alan didn't congratulate Dundonald he had a dig at the Junior game. But at least he didn't have a snide remark about an arson attack on a fellow club.
  9. Arson Attack

    Threads posts or whatever. You have contributed twice to the Juniors forum in recent days and made a complete and utter tool of yourself, upsetting most of East Ayrshire and Hurlford and Glenafton in particular. I would have no problem if you contributed some meaningful comments but thats not you style. As a few already have commented your a complete twanger!
  10. East of Scotland Preseasonwatch 2018-19

    As I have said this is an EOSL thread and we really shouldn't be poluting it. Nice to see your over at the juniors thread now. Have I spelt troll correctly?
  11. Arson Attack

    Nobody wants you on the Juniors forum. Read the threads above .
  12. West Region Fixture Update

    You know it is. Would prefer staying away from Beith, and Bonnyrigg as I like to see us playing something different.
  13. Arson Attack

    He's on the East forum now trying to defend his comments. Doesn't care what thread he is poluting. I spotted AlanCamelonfan having a dig at the juniors because Dundonald beat Glenafton. I had a pop back at alan and then in comes the twat with guns blazing.
  14. West Region Fixture Update

    Cheers M8 I see where Kennie is coming from. In reality Talbot v Beith on the 11th could have helped out in the league.
  15. East of Scotland Preseasonwatch 2018-19

    So Thatcher didn't shut the remaining pits in Ayrshire? All my family were miners so that makes my mining family bigger than your mining family. As I have already said lets leave it at that as its an EOSL thread.