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  1. Never thought I would see the day I couldn't attend an away game. I'm involved in a stock take and won't know until late Friday if I'm working Saturday. Pointless trying to get a ticket in case I can't make the game and I have robbed a punter of the chance of going.
  2. I'm interested in the holiday/Rangers theory as he only missed seven games last season, three he was an unused sub and I think he missed a couple through penalty points. He was however benched for two important finals where he scored in both of them.
  3. I think Friday nights team selection probably would have been the last straw for Jamie. How can a player of that calibre be benched when we had a centre/left defender in his place.
  4. It's not all about history, its about the way the club conducts itself. Your club don't seem to understand that which is a shame because with your unequaled wealth you have the chance to promote WOSL football but the only thing you bring to the table is bad carma. Hopefully (holidays not permitted) Darvel will move to the LL league where they definately belong as no club in their right mind can compete with the money thats massaging somebody's ego.
  5. M8 I know your on the wind up, but your banging on about a club who have brought so much to the table over the years. Compare that to a club who were caught training during covid, who were caught on a bike run during covid, who went on holiday during a play-off, who withdrew from a competition because it was below them, and withdrew from the Junior FA, removed Juniors from their name and then slid back into the competition when they thought the cup was winnable. Your club will never walk in our footsteps. Always remember that! Lesson over.
  6. Imo the only game we've been outplayed for long spells was against Beith. We've lost poor goals in games and a couple of times lost two in quick succession which has left us up against it. The only thing I took from that game was a Peasy fridge magnet for the cleaner at my work who collects them. She's got ones from all around the world but this will be her first from Springburn.
  7. John "Happy" Young scored all 11 goals for Talbot against Craigbank in the Scottish Junior cup in the early 1920's.
  8. Was on the deck three times due to poor tackling one was so bad that the Camby boy got a yellow. Good thing about young Ross he doesn't fling himself about screaming or roll about if he's been shot by a sniper when he's brought down. He's straight up, and if its an honest foul its handshakes all round.
  9. To win a league you have to win the games your expected to win. We did that yesterday but all that can be taken from the game is we got three points. Pitch was poor but it was the same for both sides. Although they hit the bar Camby need another top class striker as Anson is a brilliant hit man. Great goal from Samson from an acute angle.
  10. Your right it's all about the banter so if your club is bankrolled you expect the jip. Darvel are a good side theres no taking it away from them, but you would expect that considering the money they offer to players. Yesterday had the makings of a great game but a deserved red card finished it as a contest. Graham's penalty might have given the game a wee edge but it wasn't our day. Good to see your support is nearly as big as your backroom staff.
  11. Bit of a wind up merchant M8 but after 50 years of hurt you enjoy your day in the sun. As for the board it is impressive and not one trophy on it bankrolled by sugar daddies.
  12. The thing is mate, they spent a fortune last season and their still in the same league as the rest of us, ha ha.
  13. Got to agree with you as Samson should have scored two, one was a good block by the keeper, the other he dallied on the ball too long to give the keeper a chance to set up his stance. Why Park didn't shoot with only the keeper in front of him I will never know. Sending off the referee had it made easy for him, that and woeful defending cost us two goals. The real logic to the game is you can't play 50 minutes with ten men against a team like Darvel, you can't miss penalties when your thrown a life line, and you can't win games by gifting the ball constantly to the opposition.
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