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  1. If you mean Meadow from the WOSL PREMIER DIVISION yes they did.
  2. I think you need to respect peoples decisions in a pandemic that even the top scientists know very little about. Most of the clubs have pulled out because it would have been a disaster to carry on.
  3. I bow to your superior knowledge on the covid pandemic. Also very few clubs have a streaming facility.
  4. I have nine and a half months to try and entertain myself.
  5. Would be a change from league flags!
  6. Just asked a question, no harm in being interested.
  7. What's all the white sheets behind the goals?
  8. Say it is and I dont understand. What does a club do if they can't comply with the Eos changing room demands.
  9. I don't live in the East so you will need to enlighten me?
  10. If the club can't comply then where do the players change?
  11. And people not taking advise is why we are in this shitfest.
  12. He talked me into going to my first and only programme fair up in Glasgow which was my anorak scenario. John did a two page spread in every Talbot match day programme which I'm the editor, it was always a great read, his passion for football and programme collecting knew no ends. He will be sadly missed at Beechwood.
  13. I'm wondering how some clubs will deal with their players if expenses are the only payment offered. Say a club has 16 players and its an away game. For arguments sake due to restrictions with no car sharing its a £5 towards your petrol money. £80 out the coffers straight away. Also your first choice goalie can't drive.....that's a bummer.
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