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  1. Big cup day this weekend and not a mention of it. Could be a few shocks in store (Cumnock might give Lugar a fright). Top match is definately our visit to the Buffs while Kilbirnie's new man at the helm might fancy his chances against the Peasy. Any comments or predictions.
  2. Scottish Cup DrawTuesday

    Here's to the draw being kind to you, and your own team are given the chance to emulate your hopes.
  3. Scottish Cup DrawTuesday

    It's actually a shit statement. ATFC will give every club the respect that they deserve. I'm one of the fans that still remembers our yearly doings, it was horrible times and something I wouldn't like to see back at Auchinleck.
  4. Poaching players and not paying the money

    I'm not saying I'm interesting or your not a decent fella, I just find your attempts at petty wind ups very boring and unfunny. No doubt their will be a few on here who will need to slip on the Tena Men before they read your musings, but sorry I'm not one.
  5. Poaching players and not paying the money

    I don't want to be brutal, but to be honest your probably the most boring person who posts on this forum.
  6. Scottish Cup DrawTuesday

    I would like to be playing somebody that Talbot have not faced before, but I'm wondering if this trend where top West sides have faced each other in previous rounds will continue. Buff's v Beith, Pollok v Talbot Reserves the most recent. With Talbot, Hurlford, Glenafton and Pollok to name a few still in the cup what's the chances of a West top of the table match in Tuesday's draw.
  7. Poaching players and not paying the money

    Nabbed a goal and set up Graham for his second. Looked good and definately another player of the future supplied from our feeder club.
  8. Today's scores 3rd nov

    The Gow were totally outclassed but they constantly kept at it, didn't turn to the clugging. They shook hands and no doubt turned up for the after match tea. What a difference to that pile of senior pish that turned up at Beechwood last week.
  9. Juniors In At Tier 6

    Are you still sniffing about the Juniors......
  10. Junior football, what is the future?

    I see this shite is polluted with West Junior posters "Not" Nobody gives a shit, because nobody has put forward a feasible plan. Ram your ifs and buts up yer bahooky until the West Juniors are actually in the pyramid where they will dominate as they have done in recent years. Ta ta!!!!
  11. Good luck in the senior Scottish

    Of course there isn't, you ate it you fat trampoline stealing bloater.
  12. Good luck in the senior Scottish

    Last week they had players missing, this week they played badly and the referee beat them. What a disgusting match report on the Cove website.
  13. Poaching players and not paying the money

    Who won the last match. It was played on the cooncil plazzy park to gee you a clue.
  14. Poaching players and not paying the money

    I take it your not highlighting the P&B debate on this matter as I read this thread called Dirty Transfer Dealings. It ran to ten pages and thankfully no Talbot fans were involved in the Pollok/Kilbirnie/ Forde debate. Two Talbot fans did post, one about the state of Pollok's toilets the other about Scott Robertson. It was mostly Kilbirnie/Pollok and Beith fans that were involved.
  15. Good luck in the senior Scottish

    Your lot are missing one player and you have'nt stopped whining about it. Any betting on who we will be poaching from our feeder team next.