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  1. I don't think the person is a troll as his posts go back to 2018 and he has mentioned trips to the likes of Girvan and in all honesty the person looks like a true supporter. I don't agree with most of the posting but this is an open forum and he/she is entitled to their views. Talbot are not playing well but we are winning. I think the hysterics would be more suited if we were in relegation trouble, out of the cups and the manager has lost the dressing room. Our performances in the cups have been poor but we were up against teams who saw that particular match as their cup final and probably will not put in a peformance like they did against us for the rest of the season. We do not have a god given right to win every game and competition, we are in a situation that any club would give their right hand for, and its our success throughout the decades that might see a wee meltdown from a disgruntled fan. The good thing we can only improve and as many of us know the longer the season the better we usually get. #We are Talbot
  2. Now I might be shot down by the pyramideers, but if Talbot or Darvel go up to the LL could they honestly believe that they could attract a Wednesday night crowd like that. Amazing turnout.
  3. I don't think the defence is the problem I think its the midfield who sit deep a lot of the time which relates to problems the defence has to cope with.
  4. Probably one of the youngest defence's in the league.
  5. Scottish Cup Second Round Preston Athletic FC v Auchinleck Talbot FC Pennypit Park, Prestonpans Saturday 23 October 2021 Kick-off 3pm Both Clubs have agreed admission prices of £8 for Adults, £4 for Concessions with u12s free when accompanied by a paying adult. The game will be all ticket, with Talbot receiving an initial allocation of 500 Tickets. Details of sales will be made available soon.
  6. We have a great big WEBSITE at Auchinleck Talbot https://www.auchinlecktalbot.com/
  7. In reality Pollok only have houses on one side of the ground, where we have houses on all sides of our ground. No doubt deflectors on the lights and maybe a wee priviso that the lights would only be on during match nights might swing it.
  8. I don't think it would be just floodlights M8. Newlandsfield is a majestic old ground and would need an expensive make over to bring it up to standard. Shame really that a club like Pollok will have to spend thousands to get their ground up to standard while clubs in rented, council backed cages can walk into the Scottish Cup.
  9. I hate bitter knuts who greet that the referee was against them, he was pish for both sides. But take a wee breather to jog your memory, you were in front thanks to an awful goalkeeping blunder and a penalty. Jordon Longmuir made two worldy saves during that time. If you think about it Andy Leishman never made a save of any note throughout the game. You got three men sent off, we got two penalties given against us. Absolutely brilliant afternoons football, great venue, big crowd, six goals, a great advertisement for the division.
  10. Superb afternoons football, Jordon Longmuir pulled off at least six top class saves. Cracking keeper and likes a bit of banter with the away fans.
  11. Naw mate a bunch of choochters coming down from Aberdeen and pumping you lot at the fortress, thats what you like to see.
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