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  1. Why not donate it to the club rather than wasting your cash.
  2. We could all look for your sugar daddies petted lip at half time
  3. I know but everything is hunky dory on ours so its good to see how the little clubs are progressing.
  4. Sorry M8 I'm not thick far from it. I have seen too many bankrolled clubs coming into the game and apart from you and your small group the rest of us know its the pie mans money that has attracted them to Darvel not the manager. You have two Talbot rejects in your squad as well.
  5. So why are they not playing at bigger clubs?
  6. I think every manager has a desire to win. However great managers don't win things with desire alone.
  7. We mite just be getting players back at the rite time, Mick has not been able to pick the same team twice in a row due to injuries and work commitments but still to be in the Scottish Cup and in second place in the league is good going we look forward to the rest of the season doon the brae I think the calibre of opposition you faced in the Scottish Cup is why you are still in it. No disrespect to the teams you beat but one of them took two matches to dispose of Saltcoats.
  8. How do you know that when you have seven players missing every week?
  9. It's been running a week and no matter whats debated it still has the same outcome. The best team won 6-1.
  10. Talbot to date have never lost a league game on astro. That's what you call brilliant.
  11. Are you sure because you have played three league games on astro and only won once?
  12. At the last Glens visit to Beechwood you sat at the front of the stand. Tied your flag to the railing and nobody bothered you.
  13. M8 your making a tool of yourself. Your a passionate Glens supporter not like the type that have latched onto your club are going to get the Glens into serious bother. Its a shame really because theres some decent folk trying to run a football club and bring some success to the village. As you might have read there are people from a number of clubs boycotting Loch Park which is also a shame as people only want to follow their team without any incidents.
  14. I think this programme would do better to focus on the state of the Juniors and not give so much time to individual interviews. The idea is a perfect platform to discuss ongoing issues like the pyramid and its effect on the clubs. On saying this I have to congratulate the lads for taking time out to promote our game.
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