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  1. The old toilet block at the groundsman's shed demolished today. Work starts on the lights on Monday. All the peripheral lighting in the ground now finished. Exciting times.
  2. Sure is. The pitch was between the two lighter patches of grass. For years you could see the back stancion of the goalposts near the road, but everything has gone now.
  3. Darvel are building foundations on sand. They are allowing their manager to invest his own money into the club but what happens when the mercenaries he has signed don't do the business. Its going to be interesting times ahead.
  4. As long as clubs don't rip off travelling fans from the well supported clubs. So if its £7 for one set of supporters then its £7 for every other teams travelling support.
  5. Starting date for the light installation looks like the 10th of August.
  6. I think we better wait until Talbot announce who has signed and who hasn't. The coaching staff have a siege mentality due to being financially gazumped by the cash rich club at that time when Talbot showed an interest in a player,
  7. Talbot fans and committee were busy installing the car park lights and bollards on Saturday. That should take care of the peripheral lighting inside Beechwood. Roll on the end of July when the lights go up.
  8. I don't see the problem, they will buy their way out the WOSL get into the Lowland, and if the spending continues the SPLF. It's their money, their vision so let them get on with it. The rest of the clubs will just have to play harder to keep them in their box. Their collection of individual players have still to be tested, big wages don't always mean big performances.
  9. On the other hand due to the PPG there were three more benifactors, Darvel, Blantyre and Cumbernauld who will be playing at tier 6 next season.
  10. Don't think it was the money man on the pitch that day. The club have now have a solid committee at Meadow Park who have worked hard to clear a lot of debt accrued at the end of the bankrolled years while still providing funds to build a good team on the pitch.
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