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  1. Get the football back first m8 thats the first hurdle,
  2. Although we have had nothing to do with this season it seems we still live in peoples heads. Crazy!
  3. It was the SOSL or nothing at that time. Talbot decided to stay Junior.
  4. Sure was, and as somebody has already said, the club and the support have never acknowledged it. What amazes me is the abuse Talbot got on here from certain posters when we were awarded the title, but now it's okay to except a tainted title.
  5. I can't believe a town the size of Cumnock doesn't have a decent football team?
  6. If I was a Bankie I would have felt the same.
  7. You have to laugh at the Bankies fans wanting a tainted title when you remember the state of them when Talbot were awarded the title last season.
  8. You've ruined my life with that statement.
  9. So why are you pointing it out when people know, Talbot fans have done something to you and I would like to know what it was?
  10. Your right we are, and its great to see someone seething about it! Makes it all the better.
  11. Great M8 batter in, your only raking up shite that's constantly posted on here. Heard it all before yawn yawn. You and big Doug's are some combo, a thread about closing down the season and you turn it into the usual Talbot shitfest. FFS give us all a break.
  12. M8 like big Dougie you look like your new to the forum, so here it is in a nutshell. We are Talbot, we are non-league football. We do what we want and nobody has the brains and the balls to stop us. We are underhand, we cheat, we bribe referee's and league committee's. We have won 13 Scottish cups by diving and mobbing referee's. We are thugs, hatchetmen and gangsters. Now that should fuel you up to have a go like the umpteen other Talbot hating posters that hang around this forum. Batter in because we don't give a right royal f**k.
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