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  1. 45 seats would be a superb result for the SNP imo. The yoons will insist it's not that good because anything below 56/59 seats is now portrayed as disenchantment with the party but 45 would be ahead of Labour's "dominant" victory in Scotland in 2010.
  2. Letting Scots choose what kind of country they'd like to live in? Good luck getting yoons on board with that one.
  3. Ok gotcha. The post I originally quoted seemed to deny correlation between poverty and suicide rates. However I disagree on your assertion that the latter is the only one of use. The absolute cause of suicide, while very relevant to those around the individual, will vary from person to person on an almost infinite individual level surely and there isn't a whole lot society can do about that? However if a strong correlation is found between poverty, a national problem that can be dealt with at government level, and suicide rates, surely that is of significant use? My post did mention not wanting condescending advice did it not? I believe I already have disagreed with a few of them on the Stuart Campbell/Wings thread. I'm not afraid to disagree with anyone, in fact I think disagreement is a cornerstone of a healthy society. The post I originally quoted: Part of the quote I took from the report: "There is now overwhelming evidence of a strong connection between socioeconomic deprivation and suicidal behaviour." I fail to see how that could be considered irrelevant.
  4. From the same thread as you found that: zooooooom
  5. It was part of my point. It was so easy to find that one must have deliberately avoided it to miss it. If joining the screeching chimps exempts me from condescending advice on how to behave then I'll join the chimps.
  6. "In this report, ‘suicidal behaviour’ comprises suicide and attempted suicide, and, in some instances, non-fatal self-harm where death is not the (main or sole) intended outcome." I trust this clarifies.
  7. Fair enough, I'm relatively new to the thread. However, as someone with a penchant for being more of a fly on the wall for lots of political discussion, I felt duty bound not to leave an inadequate post on the social science unchallenged for the benefit of other "flies".
  8. "There is now overwhelming evidence of a strong connection between socioeconomic deprivation and suicidal behaviour. Areas of higher socioeconomic disadvantage tend to have higher rates of suicide and the greater the level of deprivation experienced by an individual, the higher their risk of suicidal behaviour." Samaritans.org Find full report here: https://www.samaritans.org/about-samaritans/research-policy/inequality-suicide/ Commissioned by Samaritans including experts from the Universities of Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow and LSE. I'm fairly new to this thread but that was literally one Google search to find that.
  9. Was thinking the same thing, I think Craigan would be an excellent candidate for us. I reckon if NI offer him the job, there's no way he's stay with us but would be happy to be proved wrong. He's stated in the media that a long term ambition of his was the manage his country, his family are still based in Belfast to my knowledge (?) and it would definitely be an upward step for him in terms of career progression. I'd be sad to see him go. Even when he was facing criticism during his time with us, I've always thought he was an excellent fit for Motherwell and, judging by social media, I was one of the few that was actually quite happy when he got the job.
  10. I'm thinking of doing the same over the winter, I almost bought a new driver I'm glad I didn't and I'll just use the money for lessons theres a good deal in our clubhouse 2 1hour lessons and a 2 hour on course lesson £100 with a reputable coach, seems an ok deal Assuming that is indeed a good coach I'd say that's excellent value. I've paid £50 for two half-hour lessons this season which was followed by my 2 best rounds of the season by far. It went a tad south afterwards but have continued to practice the tips the guy gave me since. I'm thinking I might get a block of 5 lessons this winter which the local driving range offers. One each month of November, December, January, February and March to hopefully get me in good shape for next season.
  11. Indeed, who better to convince tories they can put a X in the Lib Dem box than a tory wearing an orange rosette.
  12. Just saw that today as well and had the same reaction, never heard of them. I'm in Aberdeen North but was looking at Aberdeen South to see who was going to replace Thomson as the tory candidate. I think the SNP will win Aberdeen North fairly easily and I'll be voting for them somewhat unenthusiastically. Can't say I'm a great fan of any of the parties right now but don't think I could stomach voting for anyone else. I can't stand the Greens and would rather not vote at all than give any kind of support to Conservative, Labour or Lib Dem. I don't think this election will be as bad for the tories as the wipeout some are predicting in Scotland. I'd expect them to lose maybe half their seats and Labour to lose a few too, probably just holding on to Murray's in Edinburgh. Would assume Lib Dems will hold onto their Island seat but unfortunately I think hopes that the horrific Swinson will lose her seat will come to nothing and she'll comfortably retain it. One can only hope though and I'll belly laugh for a fortnight if she does indeed lose it.
  13. Fair point. Tiger's graph is an interesting one....
  14. I'll be surprised if Donald ever gets near the top 10 again, he doesn't hit it anywhere near far enough. It was remarkable he ever got to number one at all, but for 18 months or so he was one of the best putters in the world. I'm inclined to agree with you, especially on the PGA tour where driving distance seems to be a fairly accurate measure of success. Would like to see him competing near the top of the leaderboard at tournaments again though. He's got a lovely swing to watch.
  15. This got me thinking about players that have been at the top, had a real dip in the rankings only to come back strong again. Lee Westwood went from #4 in May 2001 to #255 by June 2003 and we all know the player he went on to be. Paul Casey, ranked #3 in August 2009, has been as low as #168 in June 2013 and back to #11 by June 2018. Henrik Stenson, #5 in May 2009 to #224 in May 2012, back to #2 by June 2014. Still waiting on Luke Donald making a big comeback after being #1 in 2012 to #595 in 2019, currently sitting at #410. Find this quite interesting for some reason, obviously everyone has good and bad seasons. Probably missing some better examples.
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