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  1. Really does look like he's off though and we need a quick decision.
  2. Not sure exactly but 50/50 split between full and part time players won't be far away.
  3. Can't believe the amount who have voted for Mark McGhee, surely has to be opposing fans.
  4. Couldn't disagree more, Gal, Salim, Allan & McLean are all out and out penalty box strikers, only Smith would provide that something different. If fit, Salim can provide an aerial threat and i believe he is under contract for next season. It's fair to say Montrose and Peterhead fans wouldn't be too impressed with Mclean's heading prowess despite his height and apparently has a billy big time attitude.
  5. Megginson and Murray are completely different strikers, these guy's are much more mobile, creative and simply more ability. Gal would be on my free transfer list as his overall play is not good enough, no pace, can't beat a man and has a terrible first touch. His goals say more about the service he received this season. Like most, i agree we need more physicality but i've been bemoaning this for years.
  6. Ok, it was a tad devil's advocate and overall we definitely improved this year but the 3 previous seasons weren't great but as usual in Scottish football it's the same names all the time on the managerial merry go around. If he does go i hope we think outside the box a little! (and yes i'm aware of the Martin Rennie experiment)
  7. Why would Dunfermline want a manager that's failed to take a club out of league 1 for 4 season's in a row? I'm ambivalent as to whether he stays or goes at Airdrie.
  8. Why would Dunfermline want him when he's failed to take us out of League 1 for 4 seasons? If he goes then he would probably double his wages and have the biggest budget in the league. Promotion would most likely mean he gets another year at least but failure would ultimately result in the tin tack. If he stays at us and we fail to get promotion then most likely we won't give him another chance. Precarious business football management. On the playing side agree totally that physicality is a priority but we need a better class of striker. We had no one near Megginson or Simon Murray who ultimately played massive roles in their clubs promotion.
  9. No but Dunfermline fans are hoping he will be soon even though he has another year of his contract to run.
  10. Very seldom do any of our signing statements specify contract length's.
  11. I'm pretty sure he would have been offered terms with us if we made it so i would say yes bearing in mind most of his career has been at championship and premier level. He's been fantastic all season but like several others went off the boil in the play offs but probably most Airdrie fans would have him in our top 3 or 4. If you pop over to Dumbarton forum they'll say no.
  12. Got to admit to being slightly suspicious of him mainly because he seems so distant from the fans and his carte blanche approach to the trust to me was ill judged. Having said that he ain't done much wrong since he assumed control so lets hope we can go one place better next year.
  13. I would expect that assumption to be bang on but after 4 years we've not managed to progress from league 1, maybe one or both parties see it differently. Remember there were a considerable amount of fans calling for a managerial change at the end of last season. I'm personally happy for him to stay but won't be distraught if he doesn't. It's all about the playing budget to me and i notice on the facebook page that a PH confidant is stating that we will be stronger next year which is good to hear.
  14. I suppose the first activity this week will be the manager's position. Loan players don't count therefore the free's for me are Pyott, Walker, Ritchie, M MacDonald, Allan, Gallagher & Agnew (no problem with him retaining assistant role) Mibbee's: Currie, G McGill, Cantley Keep the rest although as mentioned Josh Kerr most likely will move on but we need to sign some bigger stronger players who can head the ball as I would love us to score a header from a corner. Current signing rumours: Scott Taggart & Grant Savoury
  15. But it could be clearly heard from further away, aye?
  16. That's a nightmare but probably via Waverley to Cumbernauld Greenfaulds and it would still be around £20 in a taxi from there to the stadium. I'd advise suitable lubrication for that trip. Perhaps others would know better.
  17. In fairness I think Airdrie's play off record is equally as bad and perhaps a Montrose fan will confirm, but I believe theirs ain't great either.
  18. The manner of the goal we lost makes me worried and I concur with Ian Murray about fine margins in play off games. We will need to put in a near flawless display to go through.
  19. There's a lot of vlog's that are pish and this is up there with the pishiest!
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