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  1. On review, i think his bellend is in the box, so penalty in my book!
  2. Looking at the highlights the contact was minimal but Dillon's headed back pass was way short. If deemed a pen then Dillon had to go.
  3. That's what disappointing, we ae far too small to be alienating any section of the support and especially a part that has been a major sponsor (if not the biggest) over the last 10 years. Pity a compromise couldn't be reached.
  4. I actually agree it was a misjudgement to go through the papers but i don't recall anything manipulative or any untruths.
  5. There is some pish being spouted on here with agendas. There might be differing opinions about the running of the club but i'm struggling to comprehend that anyone wants the club to fail!
  6. A first time anonymous poster (but probably just changed his handle) having a rant with absolutely no factual information. Let's hear some facts and we can take you seriously.
  7. Struggling to comprehend people slating Josh Edwards, a guy who's just turned 19 with 30 odd professional games under his belt. Any guy who can get in a first team at 17 must have something. (Post to be revisited in 2 years time)
  8. Josh is correct on official site that he now needs to be playing games. Loads of young players like him who sign with big clubs then disappear into oblivion lets hope he can kick on but he has it all to prove, even at our level.
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