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  1. I'm convinced McMaster won't start. McCabe simply has to play as his experience is vital and it would be a cop out if he didn't play himself in our biggest game of the season.
  2. With Arbroath 2 up against Ayr tonight it looks like its Cove or more likely Hamilton heading for the play offs which is obviously of interest to both sides.
  3. I would prefer Stanway for McMaster all day long but it being such a big game I can't see Rhys leaving himself out.
  4. If anyone had only seen Airdrie's to home games against Alloa this season then you'd be certified if you thought Alloa could get anything out of this game, alas the games at the Indodrill have been completely different and probably sum up our strange season. Whilst a defeat wouldn't end our season, it would make it very difficult and perhaps a draw wouldn't disappoint either side.
  5. Could be ATS in and McMaster making way for Rhys.
  6. Queens Park won 11 out of 36 games last season and finished on 51 points, then won 1 game in 90 mins in the play offs and are now top of the championship. Nothing is certain at this level.
  7. I hope your predictions are as good as mine as I thought similar about Dunfermline v Queens Park last year.
  8. Queens Park made the 4th play off spot on 51 points last year but obviously that won't be enough this year. Probably 58 will be enough this year.
  9. Edinburgh seem to have the most favourable run in and have Airdrie at home last game of season which looks as if it could be tasty. Alloa v Airdrie this coming weekend is a must not lose game for the diamonds although a win allied to our goal difference would be massive for us. (pretty sure either Airdrie or Alloa will be in the top 4) Montrose will need to beat Edinburgh or that will be that for them but if they do then that would bring QOS right back into it assuming they pick up the expected 3 points at home to Peterhead. Yes still all to play for but a few clubs dining in the last chance saloon.
  10. Concur, got to play our best player's and McCabe should be in the starting 11.
  11. Apologies Jack, I don't normally indulge in strip talk but being 100 year anniversary of the Scottish cup win then I would say it's more important than normal and perhaps it could be a big seller.
  12. Surely we'll get the strip right this year as it could provide more than the normal revenue given the significance. Perhaps the club should put out "potential" designs for fan review.
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