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  1. Unfortunately Stephen, you quickly dropped your disguise and confirmed yourself as a liar! A sensitive topic like this needs transparency and not trickster's like you. Jog on!
  2. To clarify, Rico did not hear anything. A father of a team mate approached the alleged abuser and obviously this was relayed to Rico.
  3. Seems a lot of vitriol towards the club from Rico's brother and agent. Looks a goner to me.
  4. I wasn't there and by all accounts there was a small away support which should have made it quite easy to identify the culprit. It's a strange one! PH has paid his money and runs the club and is obviously a successful businessman but as you hint I do have a bit of gripe although I don't think he has done much wrong on the football side. Someone listed some points on Facebook concerned about the trust, fans liason officer, junior diamonds, Club 1924 and several which are all pretty valid. My main concern is that PH appears to be extremely secretive, private, call it what you like but his general lack of engagement, makes me very suspicious of him and very strange for a hands on owner. I really would like to see an interview on DTV with him where he could outline his vision for the club and engage a bit more with the fan
  5. The footballing side apart, statements and information coming from the club is piss poor. It's been suggested that PH micro manages everything but perhaps he needs to leave some functions to others.
  6. It will be an interesting selection at Falkirk with probably everyone available except Luke Lyons. If we can win there it would really fire up our season.
  7. Callum Smith's best position is up front, he said so himself in his interview after the game yesterday which to my mind was his best of the season. Yes he can fill in wide right when circumstances dictate but he either plays up front or is on the bench when we have a full squad available. Good problem for IM to have though and Gabby also looking to start.
  8. Got to get Smith up front to utilise his pace. Gallager & Aissa are both penalty box strikers although Aissa shades it for me due to his aerial ability.
  9. Looks like Fordyce ain't making it tomorrow therefore the changes from last week could be, McInroy & McCabe to replace Smith & Agnew in the midfield 4, Smith moving up front with either Gallagher or Aissa dropping out.
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