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  1. Not really, i heard that plans for next season were underway weeks ago.
  2. If the Forest Green rumours are true then Easton will be off there as I doubt you'll be able to get close to the salary they offer.
  3. I suppose he's got to strike while his stock is high. In all probability it was a no win situation staying at us as winning the league next season will be incredibly difficult and most likely result in the sack if he didn't, or get promoted.
  4. I'm sure the talent pool just doesn't include the scottish leagues. You're indirectly making my point, everyone you've mentioned is a league winner which is what we must aspire to. We might have been also if he could have controlled Easton's great pass and put us 2-1 in front against QP.
  5. My assessment is made with winning the league in mind which has got to the main objective, so we do need to find better quality, from somewhere. I sincerely hope he's played his last game and enjoys his retirement.
  6. Most of it, probably. Currie - Thought he could have done better with Murray's goal at Firhill and Smith's at Airdrie theefore needs replaced. Cantley, Lyons & Sal - How can anyone tell. Agnew - My pet hate, completely immobile and shouldn't have been playing last season. Gal & Gabby - Back up players only, we won't win the league with them as 1st choice.
  7. Really does look like he's off though and we need a quick decision.
  8. Not sure exactly but 50/50 split between full and part time players won't be far away.
  9. Can't believe the amount who have voted for Mark McGhee, surely has to be opposing fans.
  10. Couldn't disagree more, Gal, Salim, Allan & McLean are all out and out penalty box strikers, only Smith would provide that something different. If fit, Salim can provide an aerial threat and i believe he is under contract for next season. It's fair to say Montrose and Peterhead fans wouldn't be too impressed with Mclean's heading prowess despite his height and apparently has a billy big time attitude.
  11. Megginson and Murray are completely different strikers, these guy's are much more mobile, creative and simply more ability. Gal would be on my free transfer list as his overall play is not good enough, no pace, can't beat a man and has a terrible first touch. His goals say more about the service he received this season. Like most, i agree we need more physicality but i've been bemoaning this for years.
  12. Ok, it was a tad devil's advocate and overall we definitely improved this year but the 3 previous seasons weren't great but as usual in Scottish football it's the same names all the time on the managerial merry go around. If he does go i hope we think outside the box a little! (and yes i'm aware of the Martin Rennie experiment)
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