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  1. I assume this is still George Fraudster in charge ?
  2. My Chinese suppliers seem to have vanished of the surface of the planet. They are obviously not even set up to do any sort of communications from home. Couple of these are substantial manufacturing facilities. Not even responses to emails. Just bizarre.
  3. I have no evidence to support but it almost looks like Carnoustie are not interested. What a chance they would have had this season. Possibly more likely they just lack in Committee members.
  4. Having 5 signed goalkeepers FFS some budget. Especially when you cant remember them
  5. They should of course now apply to join the Lowland League
  6. You should post on their FB thread. The locals would appreciate your thoughts https://www.facebook.com/FortWilliamFcOfficial
  7. Some locally are claiming the pitch has failed an inspection for hosting the 2nd leg.
  8. All those new sponsors at Claggan Park and they don't even get 1 game. Good riddance to Fort William I wonder if a certain MP will blame the tories
  9. There is not a single deal on the market that is not vastly more expensive than energy cap.
  10. Every energy firm is being unscrupulous at the moment. The cap only applies to the standard variable rate and that for now is what everyone should stick too. They are allowed to charge whatever they want for fixed rate deals and are continually pushing them. Most 1 year fixes are at about double the cap. I am sure many people will be inadvertently falling into these traps.
  11. Well I finally became one of my own stats. Horrendous cough on Monday. Negative. Turned into a cold yesterday so convinced that's all it was. However positive test today. To be fair its a beautiful day to be sitting with covid in the back garden. My weeping cherry I planted when I moved in back in 2007 is magnificent. Beastly underneath not letting the birds feed.
  12. An absolute disgrace at Tier 5. Another reflection on such a shambles of a league. What are they doing ? rolling fecking eggs ? Newport Amateurs will be fielding a second team today in the Midlands Amateurs at about tier 58 if it was in the Pyramid.
  13. Decent win for Dynamo Kiev yesterday https://www.espn.in/football/match/_/gameId/634174 https://fcdynamo.com/en/news
  14. I think he needs to become a Chinese citizen. Then a few more years of posting still to come.
  15. To be fair Mercury is only about the diameter of 1.4 million double decker busses. Tell her to apply for the price is right.
  16. Anyone got any thoughts on tonights game. Zombies B are a rather large 17/10 with McBookie.
  17. The absolute supreme knowledge of those on the Fort Facebook page that assumed another year of being shyte guaranteed them another season in the HL. I enjoyed my only visit to Claggan in 1994 (won 3-0 and Nairn finished bottom) but f**k it should not have taken till 2022 to stand a chance of jettisoning them to levels their play deserves.
  18. When are the lowland league calling their special general meeting to keep Vale in the league? Joking aside the charlatans could probably actually do that. One thing for sure they would vote in favour.
  19. Wonder what has happened to the project Coupar Angus Pumped by West End and Blairgowrie
  20. I enjoy reading all the threads and not trying to cause mischief. Just beyond me that a couple of very soft patches on a pitch are deemed dangerous to players. Bone hard pitches in May where you might skin your knee are more dangerous.
  21. Used to do the booze cruises on Monday holidays. Bar Chevrolet (which also did 2 for one between 5 and 6), globe, tallys and Mickey coyles. Back in the day not unheard of for someone to drive home after receiving the tee shirt. Some days.
  22. Here in Tenerife on this thread the pandb marketing seems to be indicating buy one pizza get one free. Now thats proper targeting.
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