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  1. Ryanair only gave him 12 months extension on his vouchers so hardly a suprise he had to use them.
  2. Carsnooty another total failure for Midlands. Think they lost 2 goals last couple of minutes.
  3. Is this coronation Street? Alec Gilroy or Mike Baldwin shoot someone ?
  4. That went well. [emoji1173] says fuxkk off.
  5. Covid Vaccinators after non vaxxed punters thought their fake credentials had got them in. Imo
  6. Morocco banned all flights from UK. Pariahs again.
  7. Hope no one was dobbying the meter. Certainly a lot more dangerous than the leccy but unfortunately very common practice.
  8. I believe a certain cat is on holiday in Tenerife. Night sleeping on toasty volcanic Rock.
  9. Problem with this plan is they actually wanted 100k cases a day for a few weeks before winter. This 35-50k persistent is almost like no man's land.
  10. It's dirty and it's smelly. It actually comes from Lochgelly She's got a furry belly
  11. Evening from Tenerife where today there were 22 new cases of Covid Noted 50K UK cases today.
  12. Better returns betting on whoever Vale of Leithen are playing.
  13. Sorry mate no. Just out of the portofino. Going to dip in my pockets and going to the curry house on site tomorrow. Tremendous. Good spot by the way.
  14. The changes made cos of Rona in my 5 star AI in Tenerife are good as far as I am concerned. No barging buffet bullshit being the best. All breakfast , lunch and dinner are booked on a simple app by reservation. Drinks looked after personally. AI armbands now incorporate a chip that gets you into your room and also confirms when you turn up for your reservation. As for mask they are part of the law here and worn by everyone when indoors or on the move. No one seems to have any thoughts of riots on the streets. All in all actually a better experience than last time I was in same hotel 2 years ago. Oh the 27 degrees and no clouds is not bad either. Sorry no covid updates for a week.
  15. Sitting on tarmac at weegie Airport as other flights after us continue to take off. f**k knows how air traffic works. Even on flightaware there is f**k all air traffic around the weeg. Any air traffic contollers on here ? Edit we are off.
  16. My understanding is they were the packs you get for kids school packed lunches. So ten bob is a bit steep for 2 jaffa cakes.
  17. On the day the tories opened up the country to more foreign butchers required as well.
  18. Kdy giving more info than most clubs Saturdays Challange Cup tie away to Bo'ness United has been postponed after a COVID incident and injuries has left the YM with only 9 fit players available from the squad of 18 signed players. With only signed players allowed to play in the cup tie, ruling out the option of playing trialists, we were left with no option but to inform the EOS officials that we are unable to fullfill the fixture The COVID incident has resulted in positive tests for members of the squad who are now in isolation as well as others who are still waiting on PCR test results which won't be back in time to allow any participation this weekend either as per the strict guidlines which are in place. Whilst the club are disappointed that they are unable to fulfill the fixture, their main concerns are with the health and safety of the players and their families. Our apologies go out to Bo'ness United for any inconvience this may have caused with their match preparations and we look forward to hopefully meeting them once a new date can be arranged.
  19. Daily Summary for @oaksoft : Deaths 32 (29 day before), ICU cases 45 down 5 (8 new admissions), In hospital with confirmed Covid 851 down 57 (67 new admissions). Our deaths are still a disproportionate 23% of UK today. Other numbers are good. Figures for Jags. 1st Vaccines 5,112 to 3,669 2nd vaccines 2,797 to 2,337 Daily Cases Update: A 3rd day decreasing again down 0.92% Looks like another fall tomorrow. Still think we are stuck at 300+ for a while yet. Carse of Stirling with a 500% increase this week is Scotland's current plague number one. Assume the fermers have been wife swapping, or totty picking is hazardous. Cases certainly back on the rise in the UK in all nations. Another 45K cases today. Total Cases Scotland 7 days 6th October to 12th October were 17,078 to 17,921 down 0.92%, Positivity was 8.4% now 8.4%. Cases per 100K were 312.4 now 309.6 Home Nations Daily Cases per 100K update : UK Average 381.4 to 387.9 up 1.70%, England 376.1 to 383.8 up 1.78%, Wales 538.5 to 538.0 down 0.09%, Northern Ireland 459.9 to 466.4 up 1.41% In Europe for travellers (Countries Population over 3 Million) Serbia 496.6 (weekly change -8%), Romania 494.8 (weekly up 15%), Bulgaria 245.9 (Weekly up 20%), Moldova 232.4 (Weekly up 9%), Ireland 227.5 (Weekly up 43%), Croatia 224.4 (weekly up 3%), Ukraine 220.9 (Week up 35%), Slovakia 190.6 (weekly up 24%)These are the only countries over 155 cases per 100K. The Baltic states Lithuania 561, Latvia 597 & Estonia 527 with smaller populations are in a bad way At the other end for holiday makers Canary Islands 16.9, Spain 22.9, Italy 29.4, Portugal 45.8, France 46.4, Cyprus 88.7, Greece 153.5, Turkey 249.0 Scotland peaks in wave 4 at 817.1 for 1st Sep to 7th Sep, (UK was 392.1), Cases that day were 44,663 and positivity 12.5% Scotland peaks in Wave 3 at 425.1 for 27th June to 3rd July, (UK was 229.9) . Cases that day were 23,222 and positivity 10.8% Scotland peaked in wave 2 at 301.9 for figures 29th Dec to 4th Jan, (UK was 642.1) Cases that day were 16,496 and test positivity rate was 11.9% Council progress in last 24 Hours as follows. Click cases by neighbourhood to see the spread on the geographical map. https://public.tableau.com/profile/phs.covid.19#!/vizhome/COVID-19DailyDashboard_15960160643010/Overview Stirling 470.9 to 487.9 Back on the increase and opens up a fair gap to 2nd. West Lothian 441.2 to 433.0 Dundee City 436.8 to 409.9 Down excellent 6% Fife 395.0 to 395.9 East Renfrewshire 388.3 to 389.3 Rising all 3 days as country falls. Aberdeenshire 388.8 to 384.2 East Ayrshire 378.3 to 368.4 Falkirk 366.2 to 362.5 North Ayrshire 361.3 to 349.3 North Lanarkshire 354.7 to 346.2 Clackmannanshire 304.2 to 341.2 up 40% in 3 days for the wee county. Renfrewshire 309.4 to 327.2 Rising all 3 days as country falls. Moray 330.2 to 326.0 South Lanarkshire 318.6 to 318.2 BELOW AVERAGE Angus 301.3 to 309.1 Scottish Borders 322.8 to 306.3 East Lothian 291.9 to 301.2 Up over 20% in 2 days East Dunbartonshire 291.5 to 292.4 West Dunbartonshire 306.8 to 290.9 Dumfries & Galloway 276.5 to 269.7 Midlothian 246.9 to 265.8 Up 5 places Perth & Kinross 289.0 to 258.0 Aberdeen City 255.0 to 257.1 Glasgow City 255.5 to 252.8 Argyll & Bute 249.3 to 245.8 City Of Edinburgh 245.3 to 242.2 Inverclyde 255.6 to 238.8 South Ayrshire 245.2 to 238.1 Highlands 215.8 to 224.3 Western Isles 124.5 to 132.1 Shetland Islands 113.7 to 96.2 Orkney Islands 71.4 to 75.9
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