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  1. I don't think the ScotGov is getting any extra money to allow supporting business at the new Tier 4. Ie non essential shops etc have not been shut anywhere in England and are unlikely to be. Therefore the extra Scottish funding would struggle to support widespread level 4. Surely will be part of the decision process.
  2. She had started out by equating Scottish level 1 to English level 1. That should translate as plenty authorities in level 1 same as England. This then trumps that ffs
  3. Did your source tell you that ? Or a source of your source ? [emoji6] or was it just good old God as per the meaning of your username ?
  4. How else would they have asked you the questions?
  5. Dundee is more likely to go the other way to tier 3 than 1. When it was pointed out to Leitch that crowds were a part of tiers 1 and 0 he was quick to point out this was a 1st draft. I'm going out on a limb to suggest it will be removed from tier 1.
  6. I suggest you tell her to bid for a Norwegian Spruce. Gumtrees are not very traditional for Xmas.
  7. The Chef would have known hence the breakfast.
  8. Only cleaning at non league in my day consisted of a broom sweeping up the mud and sock tape. Maybe hose down the communal bath a bit and pick out the beer tins. A deep clean now probably means 2 brooms.
  9. 2.7% of the population and 1.05% of Fridays positive tests. Just for some interest. Fife Health Board 6.42% of population and 4.04% of cases. Tayside Health Board 7.63% population 4.95% of cases NHS Highland Health Board 5.87 population 0.98% of cases If anyone has any chance of level one it is the teuchters. I will need to shift to Local Authorities for next set of stats. Just directly from Dundee Dental Hospital chap I was speaking to yesterday was to point out the Professor Jason Leitch is as much a real professor as Marcus Rashford will be,
  10. Updating this to todays figures and said cesspits are now up to 83% of the cases for 55% of population. Lanarkshire 12% of the population and 22.5% of cases. Greater Glasgow 22% of the population and 36.5% of cases Ayrshire & Annan 6.75% of the population and 12.15 % of cases All 3 similarly bad Lothian 14.66% of population and 11.60% of the cases Rest of Scotland 45% of population 17 % of cases.
  11. It is the person who is tested positive that is shopping all their team mates to over zealous track and tracers. Surely all players just need reminded if they test positive of what the close contact rules actually are. Then they only name the relevant people.
  12. I assume you will start based on a magic cases per 100k in last 7 days number. Baseline currently is 150 and still rising. Politicians are never going to publish specific entry requirements .
  13. There not Fifers.To be fair to the tory tax dodgers. St Andrews Central has had less than 5 cases in last published 7 days.
  14. Its a complete new framework to the summer one. so yes if your are in level 1 some spectators appear to be allowed. Getting into level 1 is the mystery we need to wait on.
  15. So is football Stadia & Events ? If so expect fans back in highland league etc from November 2nd.
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