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  1. I'm quite happy my gas estimated readings went off the planet when I came of my 2.7p per unit charge and onto 8p in April. Just checked there and still 600 units behind. Don't mind having paid in advance at last years prices. Just got to avoid the meter being read for another year [emoji854] No fraud was comitted.
  2. Police and Cuntess on the road. How can she turn the steering wheel with that rack of ribs sitting on top of it.
  3. I think the flu vaccine is worth having so may as well have the 2 at same time.
  4. Liz Truss and Penny Mordaunt in bitter battle to stay in Tory leadership race Hopefully mud wrestling is their chosen sport.
  5. I'm surprised you can get a bag of chips for less than £2. £3.50 in the tail-end.
  6. Lord Frost should certainly hurt Penny's chances. Sounds like she was a real air head.
  7. Aye I'm a bit pissed off I can't simply green out. Hey ho just have to work out what to put on the threats.
  8. Plenty public sector workers would be horrified to have to work beyond 50. My old man retired at 49 with cooncil upping his service from 27 years to full 40 (wanted rid after regions disappeared) Canny old fucker has now been creaming half wages for 27 years since 1995, with no prospect of my inheritance any time soon. No wonder pension funds are fuckked.
  9. Thing is no one voted for Alba at last election so these imposters should have slung their hooks.
  10. Probably my 5 hunner swung it. Is your bet got a cashout option? It's a reaction to the polls rather than mp votes. Even in a 2 horse race she will not shorten from 8/13 Probably drift back in time.
  11. Penny Mordaunt is nailed on Nap if you are a betting man (which I am). I can't get any betting sites out here in Lara Beach or even oddschecker Can someone put the latest betting up while I attempt to circumvent the ban on gambling here.
  12. You should not have let them off the hook. They should have sorted everything to get you home. They know the rules and laws. I'm assuming the tickets were not separate ?
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