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  1. So the question is will a country like this accept foreign travel , or continue ban till vaccine.
  2. I actually expect the furlough changes to be the first decent bit of policy in months. It will allow all the businesses that suffer through distancing to open as well as they can do and still potentially only pay 20% of the wages. Clearly the detail of how much "free work" the employer can get will be crucial. Hope back to work even 3 or 4 days out of usual 5 will get this full support. Waiting with interest. Any business that cant is probably unfortunately unsustainable anyway.
  3. My thoughts are this is enough to get you a life sentence.
  4. Golf clubs could enforce it if they wish. As I say St Andrew's have advised against booking tee times if you are from out with the town.
  5. Employers (b*****d ones of course) can dictate anyone's holidays with the same amount of notice. So if you are furloughed and still have 4 weeks left till december as an example. They can make you take those 4 weeks in July. They of course have to pay you 100% but they can still claim the 80%. I am amazed how few have spotted the ability to do this to be honest.
  6. St Andrew's links have been very specific re opening tomorrow. Members only and in red only expecting members from within 5 miles.
  7. Beastly has never been the cutest or indeed a great sun worshipper however these are too good to miss. Contortionest extraordinare
  8. It will become apparent that excluding hospitals, carehomes and staff. The vast majority of those who now test positive will be those that have flouted the rules. As they clearly are arseholes it will be interesting to see if they dob their arsehole mates in to the tracers. Still odd that of those coming forward circa 100,000 per day "with symptoms " that only 2-3,000 are positive. Why are the other 7,000 infections a day not coming forward for testing. Loop back because most of them are the flouting arseholes. All my opinions are unregulated.
  9. Englandshires track and trace doesn't really start tomorrow. Apparently the phone crew numbers up and completely running is less than 100. Wife is waiting on her (honestly) about 18th email link to password changes etc. She is now beyond the criminal checks and is set up with Amazon workplace. Still got webinars, 8 hours paid training and probably another 15 email links to do before getting anywhere near calling some virus affected citizen.
  10. For the goodcunt middle managers (like myself). The government has lifted the little known embargoes on certain fairly significant distributors like cpcfarnell selling ppe, sanitiser etc in decent quantities to workplaces. Just putting it out there if anyone has been struggling procuring for their workplace. Most stuff (Apart from health grade masks etc) also in stock. No need to buy from shysters now. Individuals can actually buy from said distributor if they want 5l of gel sanitizer as opposed to little bottles etc
  11. P&B Really needs a sub section for the odd person who may be a Tory, or not up for independence, or drives an Audi, or is middle management, or supports Zombie Fc, or actively uses facebook, or supports herd immunity, or wears football shirts at the airport, or supports ra joonyers, or is a big Trump supporter, or eat crisps on British railways, or queue for a big mac, or Actually I'm always amazed how the world has not realised that the cream of humanity actually inhabit this site.
  12. Last time I watched Cupar Hearts I could have sworn they had a metal fence in place around the pitch. Few years now mind.
  13. Let's be honest nobody has seriously been fined for a childcare issue let alone the fucking vicar of dibley. However if childcare is technically a problem while your meeting up with your halfwit friends for a party it may be a defence.
  14. Brilliant tweet by Donald Tusk. Cummings and his brexit friends that they leave when they should stay. Decent patter for a Johnny.
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