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  1. Beastly where have your legs gone ?
  2. Just applied for the new free Scottish bus pass for youngsters for my son. As he is 13 I had to do it. Ffs need a PhD to complete the process. Anyone else ?
  3. Pfizer started testing omicron variant vaccine in Belgium today. Expected to be in use March if trials go as expected. Tbh I can't even remember the news that the vaccines had changed for Delta. Maybe they haven't.
  4. The 7 Day rolling figures the UK Govt are reporting are pulled from here https://public.tableau.com/app/profile/phs.covid.19/viz/COVID-19DailyDashboard_15960160643010/Overview That gives Scotland currently 26909 cases or 492.3 per 100K you can see the UK Govt reporting here which shows close enough to those numbers. https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/details/cases The reality is virtually double this number when you include confirmed LFT numbers from here https://public.tableau.com/app/profile/phs.covid.19/viz/COVID-19DailyDashboard_15960160643010/Overview Why Scotgov are not including those positive LFTs in the data they have been using to publicise case numbers is a tad odd as it is hardly rocket science to add them in if you know what council areas they eminate from.
  5. I noticed last week when our numbers in the neighbourhood reporting were dropping heavily that only pcr positives were included. This is where UK govt take the Scottish numbers from. Assume it is because the LFTs that are reported positive were in the hospital board areas rather than council areas. Not sure why Scotgov are doing this. A cynic may have an opinion. Even screws with travelling tabby.
  6. Load of changes to highway code coming in a few days. No overtaking cyclists and horses on roundabouts etc. Carnage incoming.
  7. The halfwits at the BBC commentary just assume "juniors" likes of Talbot will be spfl within a couple of years. Obviously have no idea about the self preservation league and near impossibility of that scenario.
  8. Looks like a free pass for BOD to Highland league unfortunately. Talking of grounds. About 10 degrees today and hardly rained for a week. How can Forfar have an unplayable pitch ?
  9. Oh roll on summer so this fecking fur coat can come off.
  10. Tesco in St Andrews is supposedly the most expensive in the UK. Does not do hardly any of the meal deals, or 2 for 1s, or bogoff or even the white label cheap shit beans and boggroll etc. Fuckk the Tax dodging students is official policy.
  11. Quite fancy the corporate hospitality package at St James. Mock Chop Supper. Medium rare please Chef NB Veggies can gtf From Stirling University for those not in the know Some items, such as the chip steak supper and the mock chop, are joked about as currently being “mythical” in Scotland. However, these items can be found in Dundee. A chip steak is a type of chopped meat with seasoning and the type can vary, while it is claimed online that a mock chop is essentially a battered and fried lamb kebab. These menu items are so uncommon that there can be great differences between establishments.
  12. Tescos finest meal deal still a tenner. Bottle of average plonk, main meal for 2, a side, and a pudding. Multiplied by 7 you cant go wrong. Not gone up in years. Obviously a loss leader. Especially when I order online and don't get sucked into the mundane shit the wife handles like bogroll and washing powder. M&S ditched the wine in their deal so I no longer frequent.
  13. No Ddyfa covers youth football in area up to under 19s. Some are linked however to clubs.
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