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  1. Tayport 2 Luncarty 1 Visitors lost heads 2 reds
  2. The bookies setting the snp line at 55.5 when there are only 59 seats was complete madness. I hope loads of punters have filled there boots and still delighted at 48 seats.
  3. Fuckinggg Elmo only got 5 votes . Imagine your own family not even voting for you.
  4. Aye all bets for me landed. Nefife being my largest poke on libs at 8/11. What happens here is the lab/snp fife council tend to screw ne fife at the expense of kdy and glenrothes etc. When it comes to spending. Been like that in terms of facilities for years.
  5. The actual share of votes looks like it will be as predicted yesterday. Labour just being wiped out in its traditional areas.
  6. Loads of savvy backers pushed it down 2 now.i also backed liberals at over 13.5 that's now moved as well.
  7. The books have been really dumb. Easy to do a line when you are 370 of 650. But to risk a line when 55 of 59 at 55.5 was just plain crazy.
  8. 10% average swing labour to tory in exit polls in marginal seats. Mental
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