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  1. John Deere 5 deck cylinder mower for sale

    I can never see messages on the app. PC is fine. If desperate and on the phone just login via Google.
  2. Junior football, what is the future?

    What do you mean dont enhance your facilities ? Does the license actually require useless expenses?
  3. Football nation cup final

    Good that you know the few that usually go. Be able to ban them quite easily then.
  4. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    Darvel look like paupers compared to keltys signings in the ll today.
  5. Pyramid 2019/2020

    Meant in the juniors bud.Of course St Andrew's are the exception in this part of the world. Saints themselves have actually had floodlights infrastructure in place for many moons. It would have at least allowed training in the winter. Final wiring was never completed. Your not Mr Mackay btw are you. My old English teacher and Only pollok supporter I've ever known in st Andrew's [emoji3] [emoji3]
  6. East Region Superleague

    I believe the new structure actually has been subject of an actual vote and is still the only plan on the table. My posts about playoffs was just a little tease in that the ersjfa have not officially announced anything afaik. So the Lothian teams do have what they want for next season. As I mentioned before the pyramid and licensing is of absolutely no interest to most clubs up in my area so I suspect the superleague having to return to 16 if pyramid is joined, is neither here or there for now.
  7. West Premiership Prizemoney

    Choice of bag of wotsits or quavers for 3rd
  8. Junior football, what is the future?

    Tellyboy (Good player in his day) would have the inside track on Montrose roseleas real future aspirations. On the east applicants the Lothian clubs I understand are done deals. Syngenta I am unsure about, albeit i think they inquired. Dunblane is news to me. Surprising kennoway unaware that glenrothes strollers did enquire.
  9. EOS Grounds for Optimism

    Interesting as Crossgates have no intention of seeking a license. They are just delighted to be with the big boys in the eos premier. Great achievement.
  10. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    May be correct but just enquiring I think.. The strollers most certainly did enquire and their facilities were checked out.
  11. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    Going senile mateActually no harm in putting it out there on the smokies forum. Did not want to get shot down by my neebors on here. Your probably the only detective that reads every post on pandb [emoji8] [emoji6]
  12. Club Licencing

    Pretty disrespectful as all the stuff I have brought to the discussion has been in good faith and often in writing. You 100% sure you have heard nothing along those lines ? As Blackburn are in I appreciate you have less to fight for.
  13. Club Licencing

    That's fine for the 6 then
  14. Club Licencing

    I understand licensing is set for a fair overhaul. Not so much the requirements, but the benefits that come with it. I understand membership may well be diluted to something called associate membership. Pretty sure this will go down in certain quarters like a lead balloon. Protection of the pot is firmly in play. This undoubtedly will have an effect on the sjfas overall interest in joining the pyramid.
  15. Club Licencing

    Again could you confirm the 6 do 100% have their licenses. Absolutely no rubber stamps still needed ?