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  1. Another tiebreaker result is in. I asked " how many goals were scored at the FIFA women's world cup in 2019?" @mathematics said 120 @BigBo10 said 84 Correct answer was 146. Congratulations to mathematics, unlucky BigBo, wasn't a bad guess to be fair
  2. Another tiebreaker required, this time for @mathematics and @BigBo10 How many goals were scored at the FIFA women's world cup in 2019? PM me your answer. Deadline is Thursday at 9pm
  3. A couple more tiebreaker results to reveal. First up, how many Munro's are there in Scotland? @kingjoey went for 27 @Blootoon87 went for 286 Correct answer was 282. Congratulations to Bluetoon, commiserations to kingjoey. And the other was, what is the shoe size of the statue of liberty? @Geaky went for 168 @JamesP_81 went for 1200 Correct answer was 879. Congratulations to JamesP and commiserations to Geaky
  4. @Geaky and @JamesP_81 are also in a tiebreak. Your question is "What is the shoe size of The Statue Of Liberty?" PM me your answers I'm assuming it's American shoe size, but American and UK shoe sizes are similar, so it shouldn't make much difference in your "calculations". Good luck
  5. We have the results of one tiebreaker in. @SlipperyP went for 500 beans @die hard doonhamer went for 420 @Jacksgranda went for 1200 The correct answer according to one of my minions, is 465. Congratulations to Slippery, it will be one hell of a celebration I'd imagine
  6. Aye, realised that after I sent it. Have clarified to those involved that have submitted that it's your normal sized tin(tin 3 in your picture). Will give them a chance to resubmit once I've explained to all those involved
  7. A few tiebreakers required already. Will tag the required players if more occur once the scores are in.(PM me the answers) @kingjoey v @Blootoon87 A Munro is a mountain in Scotland over 3000ft. How many Munro's are there in Scotland? Nearest wins @SlipperyP v @die hard [email protected] The battle of the big guns. So I've brought out one of the big gun tiebreaker questions. What is the average number of Baked Beans in a Heinz Baked Bean tin? Nearest wins
  8. Right, will do the draw first. Then will make some comments on some of the big ties/ the ones i can be arsed doing(as I'm not commenting on all them, f**k that). @WhiteRoseKillie v @scottmcleanscontacts @Arch Stanton v @MSU @Helpma v @Adamski @Silky Si McFly v @Leeds Saint @Bully Wee Villa v @Rugster @The DA v @peasy23 @Geaky v @JamesP_81 @The Hologram v @Tynierose @The_Kincardine v @Spring Onion @Snobot v @NotThePars @German Jag v @Cardinal Richelieu @The Captain v @deej @Eednud v @Salvo Montalbano @NJ2 v @MixuFruit @101 v @pleslie99 @Arabdownunder v @Ross. @mathematics v @BigBo10 @kingjoey v @Blootoon87 @ArmadaleKillie v @LincolnHearts @SlipperyP v @die hard doonhamer v @Jacksgranda So, where to start with that draw? Quite a few big guns facing each other, will make for an entertaining first round. Once The Hologram and Tynie have stopped arguing/flirting it should be another interesting tie. Cardinal out of the wilderness, how will he fair? f**k knows, shite probably. Also, regarding posting scores. I will check the leaderboard regularly to see who has done the quiz(but i may miss it if you don't use your usual username), but feel free to post it on here as well. I will likely be in touch if there are multiple scores posted under the same name, just to clarify). The deadline for doing the quiz is 9pm on Thursday(UK time). Should be enough time, and i have tagged everyone in the quiz.(if i've picked somebody with a similar name, you'll just have to rely on them informing me/ you noticing this post). Anyway, enough talk. Here we go! First round of quiz
  9. 6 for Monday. Was a struggle. Not one guess came in. First round of the quiz should be posted this evening at some point(should get the questions sorted by then, unless my manager actually expects me to do some work )
  10. Well played to WRK(although he informed me last week it was an imposter, so well done to the WRK imposter). Whoever you are. Cheers to all who took part(it only lets me see the top 10)
  11. Good game for Mitrovic. Misses a penalty and gives away a penalty, which Sharp scores
  12. Aye, it would be well deserved. Unfortunately the carnage round will be looking for another victim, so it could be anyone
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