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  1. Aye it's this week's one. The one that Bully Wee posted was last week's(which I did but forgot to post the link). Was a good set of categories for me, had seen most of Jake's films
  2. Both Shakhtar(won 3-0, but goals were in 89 and 2 in injury time) and Man Utd(going 1 down and then getting the winner near the end) making me sweat
  3. Noticed the Michael Caine bit as well. Also, there's a bit with Lily Collins(daughter of Phil), and she's not in it either . The "you make me feel less cynical" bit is from a different film(stuck in love I think it's called)
  4. 9 for Monday wrong. Alibaba wrong. Annoyingly when I typed "Alibaba" above, the next suggested word on my phone autocorrect keyboard was the correct answer
  5. Same here. Nobody told at least 3 of our players about the BLM taking the knee
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