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  1. https://www.joe.co.uk/entertainment/the-joe-friday-pub-quiz-week-132-224577 19 for the pub quiz. Was doing well until the music, then it went to shit
  2. 10/10 for Friday Edit - I've been off all week, might post tomorrow if my hangover has improved
  3. Tbh, I said this comment merely in jest. When I realised certain people got it wrong despite reading the post giving away the answer, Kincardine for the win
  4. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Was thinking the same. I think he's offside. If they had shown the replay from the camera at the side(like they did with the 2nd goal) it would have cleared it up
  5. I would hope that @Eednud and @Bully Wee Villa got it correct, seeing as they greenied the Cardinals post that gave the answer
  6. Kincardine getting the Babylonian question would have been more impressive if Cardinal hadn't given that answer away in a previous post
  7. Preferred the previous one, felt there were more funny bits(Russel Brands final challenge and John Richardson fawning over John Lithgow ) and the group of people worked really well together. Although I did enjoy James Acaster being terrible at everything
  8. https://www.joe.co.uk/sponsored/the-joe-friday-pub-quiz-week-131-223353 22 for the pub quiz
  9. 7 for Wednesday, thought I had posted it. Apologies Cardinal. 3 for Friday
  10. There wasn't a question about a 4th substitute in the quiz in Edinburgh. Adam said he'd added a question of his own. Imagine not reading his post, no bonus point for you. Was me who put the score in under your name. Wasn't going to admit that I'd not got 100% on a quiz that I had already done, then I got them all correct
  11. Cheers Cardinal. If I was doing it, I was going to pick the 10 most difficult questions from that quiz and not make it multiple choice.