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  1. alang1993

    The Boys

    Aye, hadn't really noticed until the last episode. But there was a scene where she was talking to Hughie and her lips looked weird, definitely looked like she'd had work done. Shame, as it didn't look like it was needed
  2. I think they usually ask the contestants to wear the same outfit each day for continuity. I'm pretty sure they've allowed contestants to change though (Lee Mack definitely had different outfits). I don't think Phil Wang realised the issue with his outfit until he seen the footage in the studio (so was too late by that point)
  3. I assumed it must have been a recent thing, but it has possibly always been that way(just hasn't happened too often). First time I noticed it was when Mane, Salah and Aubameyang all shared it one season(think it was 18/19)
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