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  1. I initially read that as 'CIS sponsored cup'
  2. One of these is indeed correct
  3. It's the 20 metre. Thinking back to the other day I was turning and pushing off with my right leg each time so wìll give your suggestion a try. Cheers
  4. I have the dreaded Beep Test (or Multistage Fitness Test) coming up in around 6 weeks. I need to hit a score of Level 8.8 to pass. Done a practice the other day and hit 8.0. I'm confident that with a few more weeks training and adrenaline on the day etc that I'll be fine. Was wondering if anyone has their own experiences or tips on preparing for or actually running it?
  5. I've worked night shift for 10 years now in a variety of different shift patterns, 4 nights on 4 nights off being my personal favourite. Decent work life balance and fair share of weekends off. I like having days off during the week when things like the gym, cinema, restaurants etc are generally quieter. Many friends and colleagues have said that doing Monday to Friday 9-5 is the dream and of course I can see the benefits, weekends off, always know when you'll be working so easy to plan things. What's the general consensus among the P&B world?
  6. That opening with Sutherland and his chalk board was eye gougingly bad. Who comes up with this pish?
  7. Caught 15 minutes of one of the episodes the other night. Thought it looked quite decent so might try and catch it on iplayer
  8. Chatted with McCoist in a restaurant one night, can only echo what's already been said, genuinely lovely guy. Spoke briefly with Steve Davis around 10 years ago, I remember it well as it was the day after he picked up the Player of the Year award and was only too happy to chat about it. Stephens Pearson and McManus also decent lads. Although not strictly a footballer, Darrell Currie is a top bloke. Cant be bothered going onto the other thread to say this so il just put it here, Kenny Miller is a w**k stain of the highest order
  9. New levels of buffoonery reached by Dodds last night. When we are missing out on the World Cup in Qatar next year il be sure to remember fondly the time we won the 2nd half against Israel
  10. Followed by the claim that the majority of Tartan Army fans in the ground that night actually missed the goal due to taking selfies with their backs to the pitch
  11. Can already predict the topics on tomorrow's show. "Was John McGinn's goal the best Scottish goal ever?" and "tell us the overhead kick you will never forget"
  12. Will generally listen to it most days but only due to the convenience of the podcast so does me well when out running/at the gym or driving to and from work. If I had to make a point of being near the radio to catch it live at a set time I doubt I would bother. Have to agree with previous post that praised Gordon Duncan, comes across as a genuinely decent guy and does a good job holding it all together. Can take or leave the majority of the pundits. Beat The Pundit and the Teaser are decent segments that break the show up. Can only laugh at the moon howling fans of the ugly sisters that make up 98% of the contributers to the show, can't say id ever be inclined to phone in myself but if they've nothing better to do than call in to pull up Hugh Keevins about something he said in 2008 and make an arse of theirselves then ill happily listen
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