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  1. I'd have thought you might have learnt your lesson from your last big f**k-up with your Tedi-gate fuckaboutery but absolutely not eh? Here's the facts (again, sorry to bore everyone with the truth, obviously the truth isn't as entertaining as the shite RG makes up). The 3 of us live & work in Edinburgh, the lad works shifts, me & the missus worked 9-5 jobs. My house in Bolton (which was occupied at the time of the fire, so I would have had to make a young couple with a bairn homeless) is 220 miles away, the lad would never have made it to his shifts cos he doesn't drive, the quickest I've driven it is 3&1/2 hours, not hitting any traffic jams, so let's call it 4 hours, so each day you expected me to drive 8 hours & work 7.4 hours. Would you do that? I never claimed the fund was for anything. I may not have mentioned this before but I NEVER SET UP THE FUND. I only own 1 house. It's in Bolton. 220 miles away. Yes I used some of the money to get the house rewired, I'd just been through the most horrific event of my life, I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I was responsible for putting anyone else through what I'd just gone through. If anyone had an issue with that I said I would refund them. The cruise was to put the whole thing to bed, yes I accept if it came across as gloating then I'm a c**t but the organised hounding drove me over the top, I apologise for that. Anythng else you want to know just ask me & I'll tell you the truth or you can just randomly make up some shite? Grimbo
  2. If ever I take advice from you then I know I'd need professional help, like I said at the time ANYONE that donated & didn't like what I spent the money on, send me their confirmation of donation & I'll refund it. Guess what, not one person got back to me. So it's just the muppets who gave nothing that are most offended. Why's that? The hate campaign, just cos no c**t likes you & you didn't get an invite doesn't mean it never happened. It didn't stop you jumping on the bandwagon though. Grimbo
  3. Vicky 3 posts in a row, good to see your heads not gone. S&M casualty. Grimbo
  4. Saint Marshmallo, I hope no one here has to go through what happened to my family. The fact that there was an organised campaign against me at my lowest point speaks volumes for the c***s that joined in. When I give money to a cause I don't question them what they do with it, I got fucking masterminded about it & yes maybe had I been in a good place at the time I'd have just ridden the hate campaign but no I bit back Sorry for being human. What's your excuse? Grimbo
  5. Shush, WTM, that 2nd LP doesn't count. I went to see them when GA came out, I was in love with Miss Styrene back in the day, I regret not going to the Roundhouse when they got back together. Grimbo
  6. Oh where they the big team then? Grimbo
  7. I've run out of greenies but I'll be back, that made me giggle. Grimbo
  8. No red seats in Manchester, Shands & you can get to City on the tram, it'll be a long wait before the trams up here go anywhere near Ainslie Park. I wonder if we (Spartans) ever held an online stand naming comp', I wonder what funnies could come up? Grimbo
  9. Nah, I don't really mind the scousers, well not as much as the rags, s'pose Liverpool are more of a rival these days mind, I'll have a rethink haha. Grimbo
  10. Regular Laurel & Hardy here eh? Typical City, having an online "what shall we rename the West Stand?", Every "funny" football fan in the world went for the Colin Bell Stand & it's neverending giggle to be forever known as the Bell End. When I was a season ticket holder down there it was in the same end, I'll never learn. Enjoy the rest of your day fellah's, hope it made you smile. Right I'm back to finishing off the ironing. Grimbo ETA whilst writing this it's beeped up Dee Man as replied, doubt he'd be so crass as to make a Bell End joke eh?
  11. Is that the "official" attendance? Grimbo
  12. When did glitter become the political weapon? I blame the PC lot, in my day if you didn't like a politician you threw an egg at them, not nowadays with all these food allergies, egg white/yolk might kill someone. Worlds gone mad. Grimbo
  13. I can't think of many politicians I would respect but George had his moments. Like most politicians he can be a cock at times but hey-ho can't we all. He did get elected in Bradford to represent at the HoP, so either the rest of the candidates where fucknuggets or he had something to say that was worth voting for. Does he get a pension now he's no longer an MP? Grimbo
  14. Fair do's Kinky, I was playing the part the wankers expected of me, aye I had become a melt, point taken. Grimbo
  15. Quality post from a good c**t. Grimbo ETA option 3's need not reply.
  16. right ya c***s, I'm on the red wine, you want some? Grimbo
  17. I'm no greeting, Guzzler but thanks for your concern. Grimbo
  18. hahaha, please stanbeige - option 3, like me. Ya dick, why would I come on here to be liked? I'm confident about who I am, I come on here to f**k about, I've given you too much of my time. So please do me a favour & to quote chief Bobby jizz guzzler TG"don't ever quote me again"IG, stop quoting me ya beige c**t. From now on I will only respond to Options 1 & 2. You are option 3 - Beige Brigade Grimbo
  19. Great post Bobby. Come on then, you grass on who the real bullies of this forum are? Who organised the dotting campaigns? Go on big man, don't be a spineless coward, reveal all or forever be a spineless coward! Grimbo
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