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  1. Adam I know you are Bobby's buddy, surely you can see the funny side of that? Am I wrong, if Tynies post had been mine, would Skidmarks not have torn me a new arsehole? Lighten friends, it's not serious bidness. Grimbo
  2. How's the view now your head's not up his arse, it's a joke in the gen non forum ffs, he's not really dead, it's not an actual wake. Grimbo
  3. thank you so you did understand that I was doing it for the future not for myself. the discussion was going along the lines of let's just f**k-off & leave them all to it, I proposed that I was staying because once we go then they will only turn on someone else, so don't turn me in to a Martyr (joke ffs, lighten up) over this. ok? I chose to stay & play mainly by the rules, others decided alternatives. Grimbo
  4. Please read my reply to you about it, your mind reading powers are on the wane. Grimbo
  5. Yeah Chris, you can obviously read my mind & know what I'm actually thinking when I'm not. How was my dinner btw? Am I thinking the washing will go outside or do I stick on the maiden? Grimbo
  6. Thanks St Mirren, we had 2 supporters buses coming on Saturday, now both have been cancelled & are not coming on Tuesday also the sandwiches have gone stale in the Ferryboat. I went up to Bonnyrigg on Saturday, they managed to get the game on by putting a plastic sheet over their ground the night before. See you tomorrow. Grimbo
  7. For balance, I know how we all favour equalities on here... RIP Bobby & Miley #good night sweet princes. Grimbo
  8. Who? Too soon? Sorry, miss you Bobby. Love the vid JagFox btw, clever, see that's the kind of stuff we should be posting not this insessant shit that I keep having to deal with? I believe my version, you have yours, I'm not going to fall out with you over it, that would be just daft. A lot has been exposed over this past few days & I've found out things I'd rather not have but f**k it, let's let bygones be just that, a lot of your posts used to make me laugh or at least raise a smile, let's get back to those days eh? Right where were we before this awful mess started? Ah yes, I've put me washing in & I'm about to have a C&O pannini for lunch, might stick some mushrooms in it, what you having? Grimbo
  9. ^^^Another shite mindreader found. I wrote the post, I know exactly what I meant, the fact you chose to read it the way you have says more about you. I took the stance, when others decided to bow out, that I was going to stand up to the forums persecutors. Grimbo
  10. Be more specific here Throbber, please? I know you are hurting over Bobby's selfimposed ban, I miss him too. At least you can still interact with him on the other SM platforms. Grimbo
  11. I know I must reply to everything but the Niemoller post wasn't about dots, nor was I comparing myself to the Jews nor any of the other persecuted groups mentioned in the post. I was meaning that unlike the good pastor I wasn't backing down from the persecutors that (allegedly) are out in force on this forum. I am reconsidering it though & maybe Niemoller was right not to stand up to the persecutors (the nazis in his case). I tell you the other quote I like... “When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist.”. Grimbo
  12. Come on Nizzy now. Everyone knows I'm on here more than any of the mods etc. I clearly recall the post, if only we could rely on TGIG to tell the truth, he openly admitted to joining Bobby in posting the Pilkington gifs etc before he got the pics from Bobby by PM. The Pilkington pics weren't started yesterday. If you checked the forum as much as me you'd be aware of this, I'm not sure why you all want to bury this but it's ok by me if that's what you all want? Grimbo
  13. Oops my bad. No wonder people think I'm batshit. I didn't realise you'd posted it in the Platt Lounge. Sorry to all & sundry, it is still there. Grimbo
  14. f**k me ICTJ, you must have read somethng between Lisa's lines. It all looked perfectly innocent to me? Lisa are you some kind of Doctor Noesque evil dictator? I think ICTJ has just outed you as such. Was it you that masterminded the whole Facebook horror story & wrote it in my accent/lingo? Grimbo
  15. Lisa's thread as disappeared now, dark forces are at work. Surely it was just a bit of a giggle to organise a positive c******n to greenie a beige posters posts? P&B gone mental if you ask me, it was lighthearted fun. Grimbo
  16. I'm not going mental about that or anything. I just know that the more you state it was me that sent Philpy the message the more it becomes folklore on here & then another c******n or whatever word you all want to use starts up, I don't think TGIG has the brains to take it onboard tbf, I know there's a few posters trying to bury the fact that it was TGIG that foolishly admitted to receiving the pics via PM. Yes there was the Twitter post aswell yesterday which had the same pic as the avatar but TG's original post was about the Pilkington/Dyche pics from a few weeks ago. Grimbo
  17. Sorry Lisa, you must have posted whilst I was replying to Adam. So you confirmed that you did join in with somethng organised against me (& now you are admitting to something organised against Gunther), so I accept you were not the brains behind these somethings. I see you don't like the word campaign, so what word best describes it? Mothers meeting, knitting group or pranksters incorporated. No wonder I get called paranoid, Besides your confession to being part of this "sect" or whatever word you want to use, I was also informed by other posters of what was going on. I'm obviously a snowflake. Grimbo
  18. Adam, & I can sympathize here, I'm not the best listener when the other 1/2 speaks. It was your missus that posted on here about the campaign against me. Hopefully you are still on good terms, ask her or when she reads this, if she's honest she will confirm what I'm saying is true. I know some folk don't like my posting on here but I've always been honest (except for the facts made up thread). Yes ok I never mentioned owning/renting out a shitehole in Bolton at the time when our house burnt down but that was the last thing on my mind, losing the pets was absolutely heartbreaking. Grimbo
  19. Adam, you keep mentioning me & that puts the thought in the muppets heads & the whole blame game starts again. I don't know you from Adam, I can't recall you ever joining in with any of the sheep that have been set on me in the past, I know your ex was part of one of the organised campaigns but I doubt she was the ringleader. Even if she was the brains behind the campaign I still wouldn't go threatening that kind of shite because it's not funny. I have only 1 account in all the social mediums & I'm not difficult to trace, even Throbber can find me. Myself I'm absolutely horrified at him, setting up a fake Twitter account & stalking me & Miley. Very creepy, then adding 1+1 & getting 3. I'm so disappointed in him. I wonder if Throbber was on Bobby's PM pic list of Miley & his kid, that TGIG was bragging about? Dunno if Throbber joined in the Pilkington pic posting, which was funny at the beginning but got a bit boring with TG doing it to death. I know Throbber was given a hard time over his stalker pic that where PM'd about, so maybe they had a PM pic network, who knows? Well it's a new week in the life of P&B, let's hope it's a good one. Grimbo
  20. Aye TGIG posted, he was just bandwaggoning the Pilkington posts until he got the PM with the pics off of another poster. The Pilkington pics were weeks ago. Grimbo
  21. Nah mate, the pics were shared via PM along time before yesterday, it was the Pilkingtongate/DycheMarks affair when those pics were shared. Grimbo
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