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  1. I sent an email (generic) to Div & waddaya know? . Grimbo
  2. All building up nicely, wish it was on the bbc though, too many ad breaks. Grimbo
  3. Throbber why do you keep pushing, honestly just leave it at Twitter, I haven't made any fake accounts on any social media sites. Grimbo
  4. Aye mate, I can see what you are saying & I've kept it to the minimum, as you can clearly see I'm not replying to everyone nor everything, like some are claiming. Tell you what, just answer me this then & I'll drop it. I've no reason to doubt you'll make anything up. If it was me that posted all this email thing up & got a mod to write up a thread for me asking to ban me. How many arseholes would I have been ripped & then a week after I'd asked for the banning (allegedly for my works sake) I came back on here posting? Would I have got crucified for it, do you not think there's some double standards going on here? Cheers Grimbo ETA Also Welshy is keeping schtum about the other question I asked, see when it's "about me" there's a free for all & I'm answerable to this that & the other? I ask a question & lies &/or bans are the answer.
  5. I think Martin Compston is a terrific actor, really looking forward to this 3 parter starting tonight on itv. 9pm Based on real events? Poetic licence then but will have a read up on the true story after I've seen all 3. Grimbo
  6. I'm now Dr No, haha, sorry Lisa you're fired. Do you think it was fair to ban Miley for organising a "dotting" campaign, when others go unbanned for freely admitting to doing the exact same thing? Grimbo
  7. 1. Felt it was fair game for revealing personal information, it was a tit for tat? 2. "Threatened more was to come" never happened. 3. Out of interest do you know of any firms that have receptionists that pick up genetic emails on a Saturday then send them out to a boss who was also working on a Saturday, for them to deal with right away & luckily employee happened to be working that day for them to laugh at the email? Grimbo
  8. Did I not PM you to say some such thing? I was only living up to expectations M9. What makes me chuckle is all the vanillas going apeshit, I've not responded to them but they still can't stop obsessing over me. Surely if I'm the attention seeker, are they not feeding it? The "spamming all the threads" is a big pile of shite but not worth replying too. I'll let them stew in their own seethe. Nobody grassed by email because it was a made up sob story. It might have worked if those pesky kids hadn't noticed that a genetic email being picked up on a Saturday & then forwarded to a boss on the same Saturday & said receptionist & boss & victim was all at work on that Saturday to laugh at the (made up) email is a fantastic work of fiction. Luckily there was a mod available to take it as read & then post the emailgate thread to ban victim poster then unban victim poster. Should be Golded. Had a superb night in Manc last night but absolutely shattered now. Grimbo
  9. Where you on the pic distribution list too? Grimbo
  10. Lies again, 1. I was quoting another poster. 2. Where have I mentioned it was Bobby, until he started quoting me? 3. Make what you want up, I'm away to bed, once I can shut these pesky notifications up. Enjoy the rest of your morning Bert. Grimbo
  11. Bert, are you blind, it was our Bobby (again) that started this conversation off with me, how strange that once again it becomes me with the paranoia? Anyway I'll leave you to it, I'm off to watch some football later. Grimbo
  12. Bobby love, you really need to stop this infatuation you have with me. Maybe you could request a mod to ban you? I'm off to bed now & I'm away to Manchester at 10, so won't be around much tomorrow for you, sorry. I'm sure you'll see me in your dreams though. Sweet ones snowflake. Grimbo
  13. I was kinda hoping you'd have some kind of conscience, if not guilty, you got Miley banned over some made up shite about an email. Grimbo
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