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  1. Naebody needs Celgers to spoil the game any deeper in Scotland,
  2. However Geordie lines his team up we'll be behind him and the rest of them, everybody on the playing and management side seem to care as much as we do. Mark of a good club. I'm sure Oakley'll be looking for the same.
  3. Great win today for Penicuik, hope y'all get a great draw guys.
  4. And a cup final and a lower budget at the moment than most. Name anybody better? He's still the right man for the job.
  5. Wouldn't argue wih a word of that mate, better team won it.
  6. The boys reaction after Jackie Myles challege was laughable, Jackie was booked for it but the Jeanfield guy's histrionics were ludicrous, physio was laughing after he'd been on to treat him amidst a fair old bit of rolling around and holding his shin, Jeanfield wanted to dish it but were happy to play the victims when it went the other way, cynical stuff.
  7. Well beat today but Jeanfield were pretty shameless. No point in getting upset about the result because we were well beat but when you're still trying to get players sent off when you've got the game won.... Bad crack.
  8. Any word on the venue yet for the AJ cup final?
  9. Thoroughly enjoyable game though. I see your point that Musselburgh edged it mate.
  10. Edinburgh boys at the game seemed to know they weren't safe bud, all Musselburgh second half.
  11. Good wee game today, Musselburgh man and I reckon we thoroughly deserved it but I'd have been disappointed leaving the game as an Edinburgh United fan. On to the final where I'd imagine Oakley fancy themselves as well, should be a good one,
  12. Way to go yet, Oakley will fancy it as much as we do and then the winners have the South winners to face. Great game today though and it was great to see a good crowd there.
  13. And you'll know a bit more about Dundonald now! Good day all round.
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