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  1. Niot at all, the WRJFA/JFA bend over when Auchinleck demand, hardly news right enough.
  2. We've been lucky. Rab Shieds was fantastic for us when I was younger. Ronnie McPherson was a great, huge part of the team that beat Bo'ness in a final over at Broxburn, performance in the final and penalties alone was brilliant. Ali Adams was a fantastic keeper for us but going back for him when he couldn't settle elsewhere cost us two great keepers in Kieron Renton and Dale Cornet who were fantastic but rightly went elsewhere for game time. Throw Scott Cantley in there as well and current No 1 Bobo is shaping up nicely as well. Christ even Kenny Malcolm when called upon.
  3. WSJFA.SJFA, pretty much the same thing these days.
  4. That's me telt, Erse.
  5. That argument can easily be shot down but you have a point? Hilarious. You got yer last wee favour of them mind, congratulations on the title, remember and put an asterix next to it.
  6. Nah, no issues with the results. The SJFA taking it up the ring to ensure both were at Rugby Park still grates a bit though. Might be a bit of a shock for y'all when the new associations won't lube up for ye and you can't get the toon bus along to finals though.
  7. Be diferent when they find their level though, just be another bottom division league side now they're leaving their small pond. Absolute fucking Stranraer.
  8. Going to be a bit of an eye opener for Auchinleck if the new WoSL prove to be less amenable to taking it up the ring from them.
  9. Glad it's now happening, welcome in guys. Nothing but positive about our move to the EoSFL, and I was a doubter, administration and representation in the league has been first class and if you get the same in the West it'll give teams a wee lift and a push on. Bit of luck we'll see a bit of work between the three associations to shape things above us and to work together for all of our benefits. Hopefully will create a great tournament in the South challenge cup as well. Good to have you all in.
  10. Tynecastle can count themselves unlucky last night, good side and looked a pretty tight unit. Did get a laugh at Callum Elliot getting booked while trying to get a Musselburgh player booked though. Nice nostalgic moment for those of us that wondered what the hell he was doing at Tynecastle back in the day. Seriously though, good to see him still involved in the game, always seemed a likeable guy. Actually checked out his Wiki today only to find he'd managed Mousehole in Cornwall fairly recently. Credit due for taking himself all the way there but I have to say the mind boggles a bit as to how this one came about.
  11. Nathan has never been found wanting when he's came in, gem of a guy as well.
  12. I can't begin to tell you how much of a toss I don't give. Tranent have pushed in th right direction before, generally ends in tears.
  13. Ooooyah, somebody's deleting posts. Bad patter.
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