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  1. Bo'ness United 2018/19

    Boot them up the arse you mean? Pretty much what's to be expected I guess.
  2. Bonnyrigg Rose 2018-19

    And it likely delays another team moving on. Bonnyrigg will be stronger than the team dropping from the LL and thus disadvantage other teams in the EoS premier next year. In terms of the pyramid it has to be said that it's amazing work to have destroyed any real faith in it and for the SFA to manage such ineptitude that they've largely taken a sledgehammer to the deserved positivity that the EoS has developed this year. Petrie, Maxwell etc., absolute arseholes, this would be the problems that we were largely led to believe wouldn't be an issue for teams moving in. No disrespect but movement into the EoS and pyramid has made it stronger in footballing terms what we don't need is an organisation run by utterly amateur cretins to halt progress by being completely unable to deliver an agreed set of conditions with enough flexibility to allow clubs to meet them. Arseholes, this in no way reflects my feelings for the EoS who, personally, I think have delivered brilliantly in terms of administration this season and is a great set-up for the clubs within it.
  3. I have, really enjoyed days at Kirckudbright, Peebles was great, as was Hawick. Really enjoyed it all this year and wouldn't look back. What's everybody else' s take? Everybody happy that's shipped in? What the existing EoS side's supporters make of it all now?
  4. Title Round Robin 'hood

    Nae bother mate, think there's pretty much the same in there that was spread around the rest of the ground, didn't realise there was so many in there.
  5. Title Round Robin 'hood

    Missed opportunity in not putting together and printing up a programme though.
  6. Title Round Robin 'hood

    ! OK, didn't really see in the shed when we were there thought it looked lower at the game but certainly busy in there. Did say it was a decent crowd, wasn't trying to steal your sweeties!
  7. Title Round Robin 'hood

    Didn't look that high to me but decent crowd.
  8. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    How many games are left at Abbey Park?
  9. What does the title mean by the way?
  10. What was the situation with the sale of the old Countess Park? All monies go to the club or to the Council? Hope all goes well, like heading down to Dunbar.
  11. Junior football, what is the future?

    Just had a look on the West Region fixtures page and that is like night and day from before.Just out of interest what is it that's causing postponements on 16th March. My guess would be the Scottish?
  12. Junior football, what is the future?

    Are the WRJFA capable of delivering a fixture list? Is that a requirement for the pyramid?
  13. The clue was indeed in the post. It has been the reality after the move that has convinced me. Not through listening to anybody, even those like Burnieman who had a point and called it right.
  14. Was very wary going into the EoS from the juniors, sad to a large extent to see the demise of the Junior game over here but the rreality of it has completely changed mymind. EoS admin is fantastic, from what I can gather interaction with the clubs is also excellent andclubs are treated with respect. Very happy with the move and I wouldn't want us to look back. There may be a case for regionalising the league below the Premier to enable the Fife and Tayside teams to move as smoothly as possible into the EoS set up, nothing really to be gained from maintaining a separate Junior set up though, clubs at the top end are used to Lothian to Tayside journey and vice versa, West have a ready formed set up to convert to a WoSL, which should enter at a similar level to the EoS, worth trying to replicate the organisation of the EoS though, persisting with the same organisation just to protect a few blazers and to maintain their office at Hampden and a sponsorship deal they signed for the Scottish would hold clubs back. This idea of insisting on games not getting called off until the Saturday is ludicrous as well. As I say I wouldn't look back in our position, there are small issues but I'd rather the EoS committee were dealing with it in the future.
  15. Pyramid 2019/2020

    I feel for the people over there that are entirely open for it and getting dragged down by these guys but largely agree.