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  1. Narratives are fun though. Two nil.
  2. Thanks Clive. Let's see if it'll be a game of two halfs!!!!!I
  3. Sad to read about Madwullie. He always seemed like a good guy from his posts in the politics forum.
  4. Ireland finished 3rd in a qualification group where they were second seeds. They also secured 1 point against fourth seeds Scotland but you didn't mention that for some reason. We finished third in our last group also as we 'overcame' Belgium and Russia. We were placed in pot 3 for the nation's league because we 'overcame' England, Slovakia and Slovenia. Furthermore Bosnia aren't as good as 2018 world cup qualifiers Serbia because of eh eh eh Dzeko or something. They're 55th in the Fifa rankings, 30 places behind Serbia in 25th. Scotland incidentally are 44th so the result in Belgrade might actually be considered as us punching above our weight rather than dispatching a lesser team as the Irish did to qualify.
  5. We're all sorry that we didn't qualify in the specific manner that you would have liked. You utter bore.
  6. If you win a penalty shoot out then you win the game m8. but aye, Clarke out and we'll go get a manager who is better and everything will be brilliant.
  7. Folk saying we had an easy route to the tournament obviously forget that Ireland qualified for Euro 2016 by finishing 3rd in their group and then beating Bosnia in a two leg tie. We beat Serbia on their own patch to get through which is far more difficult.
  8. Two up top doesn't work without Gilmour. A real lack of bottle in terms of keeping the ball and playing out from the back and we needed to make more of the chances and corners. still it was fun to be at the party anyway. Onwards and upwards.
  9. Surely posting about your rivals on your own thread or theirs is de rigueur? You're posting on theirs right now, do you not see the irony?
  10. Another money spinning final and runners up in the cup? The Budge era is just magical. A further thought, off the back of this season, can Dundee still genuinely claim to be a bigger club than St Johnstone or is that now just laughable considering they've not won a cup since tv was in black and white?
  11. Had the pleasure of meeting Brechin City at a charity do once. He was surprisingly down to earth, and VERY funny.
  12. Just popped in to say thank you Saints. Also jealous as f**k. Soak it up as best you can.
  13. Wasn't even that worried about today, they're a team of bottle merchants who couldn't even beat us at hampden.
  14. People keep mentioning the fact that he's played a season in the Championship but I've no idea why that matters for a goalkeeper. We know he can handle the pressure of big games anyway. He was kept busy enough this season and bailed us out of trouble several times, we'd be in the play-off instead of winners had it not been for Gordon.
  15. We've been dreadful in a number of games that we've scrapped a win against opposition who have a fraction of our spending power. Is it unreasonable to be concerned about how this form will translate to us stepping up to the Premiership or will we just assume we're too big to go down again? That's before you even consider Brora and Alloa in the cup.
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