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  1. AberdeenHibee is like a caricature of a hibernian supporter. Obsessed and seething. He'll be really raging when Levein's duds inevitably claw their way to safety under the stewardship of our box office manager.
  2. We were all hoping for the win after the break to hit the ground running however, a point in Dingwall isn't a disaster and we are closer to 11th and 10th after tonight. It's also another week under the new regime and it was always going to take time for the new ideas to stick. Having said that it should be clear to our owner that she needs to find some cash somewhere to bring in another couple of signings this window.
  3. Watched the Dortmund highlights. Augsburg winger Ruben Vargas looks pretty rapid.
  4. This game might suit us actually. County won't be scared of us on their own patch so if we can outwork them and get in behind then we will get chances. A win would be a great boost.
  5. Great point well made. He might be a good signing or he might not be a good signing. Found the grenade metaphor helpful too. 9/10.
  6. Utter shite just like the rest of Levein's duds. The difference is none of our fans were expecting anything else.
  7. We've just signed an international/former Bundesliga and Eredivisie winger. Pray tell which comparatively lofty markets are St. Mirren shopping in these days? Now that Levein ain't calling the shots things are going to be a little different from now on.
  8. You keep saying this week in week out. We get that you're raging that Lolverpool are finally going to win it. We're about to see a 4th different champion in the last 5 seasons in England. There was 1 point in it last year. Munich and Juve will probably win their leagues yet again this season which is far more worrying.
  9. I was only 6 at the time. I remember a goal being disallowed but that's about it. Some excellent players in that team and they only finished 5th. I'm always on the look out for that top. I had the home shirt that season and the weird white Scotland top with the purple flashes across it.
  10. Match programme from the 3rd game I ever attended. It finished 3 -1 to Airdrieonians that day.
  11. This is going to be the greatest comeback story since Lazarus. Dat intensity.
  12. What is your point exactly? We should have gone for Stuart McCall instead? Is it possible that Daly, Berra and Whelan have an axe to grind first and foremost? Why don't we actually give the new manager a chance first? That's all most Hearts fans are asking for.
  13. Incredible arena when you see it there from street level. Shame that a match ticket, pint, programme and a pie sets you back about 100 quid.
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