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  1. Hearts vs Aberdeen

    At least the International break is over.
  2. Maybe the landlord of the Village Hotel just didn't like Glasgow Celtic.
  3. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    It's a shame Igor Shatsky wasn't playing for the Kazakhs. I doubt they would have kept a clean sheet with him in nets.
  4. Alesha MacPhail case

    I find the concept of psychopathic behaviour quite interesting but its a difficult subject to get your head around. If we accept that these people are malfunctioning because they cannot empathise and that this is either genetic or because of environmental factors, should this in some way affect how we judge their actions? Obviously in this instance his personality disorder is coupled with a fetish for extreme violence and the crime is about as horrific as any one i've ever heard of. On the one hand trying to make sense of behaviour as abhorrent as this feels a bit like letting the b*****d off the hook, but on the other hand making it as simple as he's evil and that's all there is to it seems like a cop out.
  5. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Too many 'no ball games' signs in the country imo. Also I blame Super Nintendos.
  6. Dundee v Celtic

    These late late winners for Celtic feel like papering over the cracks. Hopefully Aberdeen finally give them a game in the cup because they are bang average.
  7. Accies v Hearts (Edinburgh’s good guys)

    Its only fair Hamilton beat us. We've been raped by Dundee and St. Mirren already this season so it evens it out for all of you.
  8. Christchurch Mosque Shootings

    I lived in Christchurch for a year 5/6 years ago and I used to regularly drive down Deans Avenue. Could have been me etc. It's gutting news to wake up to. This towns been through enough shit in recent years. New Zealand is the last place you'd expect this sort of thing too.
  9. If he doesn't get to the final then he can absolutely f**k the f**k off and take his backroom staff with him.
  10. Dundee vs. Hearts

    Good to see Clare get a goal. I hope with that bit of extra confidence that he lives up to the hype. It's Dundee though so everything in context and all that.
  11. Scott McTominay

    He should be in and around the first team/subs from now on. It's easy to criticise him for having not impressed for Scotland so far but he needs time with the squad to settle in.
  12. I notice that the Reebok/Macron Stadium is miles outside Bolton - nearly in Wigan infact. At least this stadium won't be closer to a town with their own team.
  13. Hearts v Celtic

    This. Gutted at the time and it feels like a missed opportunity but on reflection cause for some optimism.
  14. Hearts v Celtic

    Not likely.
  15. Jam Tarts v The Buddies

    Not remotely surprised to see the Hibs boys claiming thats an acceptable challenge on Clevid. We need to consider their recent conduct against black players lining up for the glorious Jam Tarts. Anyway my thoughts on the game are thus: I'd be more inclined to congratulate St. Mirren for their shape and defending which restricted us to half chances rather than castigate the players on this occasion. Naismith and Uche were not at the races. Mulraney and Djoum were excellent while Haring did his best to switch play back and forth he was at times wasteful. Most concerning is the lack of concentration which led to St. Mirren having at least a few good chances unmarked. The own goal is obviously disappointing. We need to stop gifting teams goals with individual errors.