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  1. Next Scotland Manager

    Let their fans jump on it. They don't have any players worth picking.
  2. Next Scotland Manager

    Aye thats the side right there. Clarkeball.
  3. Next Scotland Manager

    I don't think Clarke likes ****.
  4. Next Scotland Manager

    Forrest, McGregor, Christie. Build the team around that Celtic core and figure out what to do with Tierney. Hopefully Clarke will have us like NornIre punching above our weight in a couple of years. He's the one manager it would be worth doing something different with - giving him more than just 1 full campaign if he doesn't qualify. We need to give him time to implement his ideas.
  5. Next Scotland Manager

    I see what you are saying but Clarke feels like todays man. There aren't too many coaches who have caught up with the way the game is played now.
  6. Next Scotland Manager

    Fingers crossed Clarke takes it. His remit is to get the players together as a well drilled team before the Nations League playoff. His stock would be very high if he manages to do that and it should be manageable.
  7. I expect that will be Levein's thinking too. Cowie was shite with the ball but he was put up the pitch in the 4 - 0 game to chase down Celtic's defenders and it worked.
  8. Yeah he became really English in the 1 year he lived there as a baby. Minter for England that they are even picking him to be honest.
  9. How good or shite has Ryan Edwards been recently? Is it likely that Levein will pick him for the final?
  10. Dundee vs St. Mirren

    Good to get diddies like St. Mirren down too.
  11. Dundee vs St. Mirren

    We told you Jack Hamilton was shite. Then again you told us Craig Wighton was shite.
  12. The Barclays 2019-20

    We go again.
  13. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    Fair enough then. Good luck in the final.
  14. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    What are you slavering at? Well you've said this You were getting carried away after the first leg which Liverpool lost and then they went on to win the tie. Now you're going to revel in people prematurely predicting Spurs exit before their comeback? If you're a Spurs fan then that's fair enough. But at halftime you said Yass!!!!!!
  15. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    I see what you're saying but it is different though. These are 2 leg ties and it's the biggest competition in club football which surely makes a difference. Many of the big clubs in England for example don't put the same effort into winning the FA cup.