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  1. Hope so! I’ve no doubt we’ll pull some sort of surprise before deadline. maybe a return for big Cody Cooke
  2. We’ll sign a left back and then someone on loan in the next day or so - probably a link man for midfield and attack* - and that’ll be us done. * Someone better or more versatile than Kiltie
  3. He provides an option, yes but I wouldn’t say an excellent one. He’s never held down a regular place since he signed for us and bar a couple of games, he’s done nothing of note either. I don’t think it’s as major an issue letting him go as some think.
  4. Kiltie is bit-part and doesn’t fit the system. I can see why he’s going. I’d be more disappointed in losing Joe as he’s a great captain but Robinson seems to favour Dunne and Gallacher.
  5. MacPherson gets a hard time because he's a total arsehole of a bloke that treated the clubs fans with utter contempt from the beginning. Ross gets a hard time because he fed us 'this is just the beginning' whilst he knew fine well he was away as soon as he could and had his agents working in the background before the season had finished. He also more or less made Samson retire leaving us with no goal keeper at a pivotal point in the season, and then all the Hibernian player and staff nonsense. Nobody would knock back Sunderland at that time but the way he stitched us up was as snide as you can get.
  6. One rumour. On Twitter. By a guy that barely gets anything correct
  7. Who’s been railed by half of Jim Goodwins St.Mirren squad.
  8. What makes you think a striker that’s ‘been scoring a few’ bearing in mind we’re under five games into a new season so naebody has been scoring a few, will be allowed to go by their club ?
  9. Searches obviously didn’t work as some c**t managed to get in with a smoke bomb / flare. The stewarding at the new ground has been an issue from the day it opened. Too many bullied at school, pretend hard men in fluorescent jackets looking for the slightest thing to take issue with which usually exacerbates the whole situation and turns it into a clusterfuck.
  10. However, if he did murder someone, he should be jailed forever and never NEVER be allowed out. Rehabilitated or not. According to our friend on here of course.
  11. I don't think there is any danger of Reid signing an extension.
  12. What do the rest of corporate do, Sit inside huddled around a radiator trying to keep warm? Of all the things to pick up on, moaning about sitting outside in the cold is the most bizarre one
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