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  1. Realistically how much money will you be 'doing the club out of' ? Just put it back into the club via other means.. There is absolutely no danger of you/he being caught using an under age ticket by any of the stewards at St.Mirren Park.
  2. Or you just don't bother mentioning it to anyone and let your mate use it ?
  3. I'd support any reconstruction method that includes going back to using a white fitba' for matches. We need to chuck the use of that honking yellow Mitre Delta from the past few years. 16 team Premier w/ white football. Please, thanks.
  4. If Covid-19 was a song it would be that last minute winner. Jesus Christ.
  5. An absolute myth. He didn't make us difficult to beat at all. We got beat in over half of his games in charge for christ sake. Team From To Record P W D L Win % St Mirren 7 September 2018 26 June 2019 38 8 10 20 21.05
  6. Official site confirms Flynn has done his cruciate. Horrendous news as he was one of our stand out players this season. Particularly at right back. Wish him a speedy recovery but at his age i suspect he's as good as finished now.
  7. Finished my first season as Saints in 4th place with an interesting goal difference😆. Managed to build a decent squad on the back of selling a couple of players and a decent windfall form the Lewis Morgan sale to Southampton via Celtic. Mallan is incredible, i've still no idea how i managed to get a hold of him. 2k a week aswell! Shoutout to Danny Mullen too who is somewhat of a goal machine for me.
  8. No. But i am expecting his starting attributes to be relative to the player in 'real life' and i don't think they're correct.
  9. Yeah his kicking, passing and reflexes need to be higher. his mental are laughable. needs fixed before full release imo
  10. Is there anyone to report to RE: Vaclav Hladky's stats? I think they're pretty low for one of the best goalies in our league..
  11. Two of the worst guests in the history of Off The Ball on this afternoon. I normally solider through no matter who the guests are but had to turn it off earlier as it was fucking torture.
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