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  1. As I stated above... Greatest thing ever created for TV.
  2. Watching it for the billionth time on DVD. It is the greatest thing ever produced for TV. Simon Pegg's character is killed over Normandy before the jump. James MacAvoy appears only in Replacements when he is killed in the town of Nuenen. Craig Heaney plays Private Cobb. Rick Warden plays Harry Welsh.
  3. Beerhave you ya c**t. Stay on alcohol.
  4. You doing this all for pun, TwisteH? Well its not punny. Okay.
  5. did gary morrison not get his nob out on camera and then get a boner when he saw a man wanking.
  6. For 17 days Chigsy has graced P&B and has got nearly 150 green dots.
  7. Smurph - best avatar on P&B! :D

  8. Can you not control yourself man?!?! Wait till you get home.
  9. Me an my mate from Falkirk went out one day, like. You know, we had a great time so we did. We were walking through town and this guy comes up to me and says,"Mate, you got the time?" Well I was raging. I hate the word mate as it is normally used as a term of endearment by those I have no intention of mating with, let alone inhaling to waste valuable vocal chord wear on. "f**k off, its as simple as," I reply. Kinda shite I know, but that's just me. We continued on our way and were chatting and some good old banter with each other. This random guy fell over and I said,"LOL". I'm not even gonna lie, they certainly were good times. Then we saw this dude fighting with his friend. I asked them: "Why you fighting with each other?" One of them says, "Because he called me a douche." "C'mon just chillax," I reply,"Are yous friends?" One of them says,"Yeah, he's my mucker." Then the other says,"No. I don't work on a building site and I am not a Blackpool hooligan." My friend buts in and says,"ha m8 ur a fukin spesh" before we made a hasty escape and they started fighting again as we continued through town. "Dunno what all that jazz was about," my Falkirk mate says to me. "I know," I reply,"It was Ridonkulous." "Let us go on the lash," my crazy Falkirk friend says to me. "Damn right man, I'm going to be messy tonight." Before we entered the pub a crazy mad man came up to us and screamed: "Franchise... Franchise Scum... Livi Franchise Scum... Fuckin Livi Franchise Scum" Must have been a Dundee fan. "That was soooo random," my mate says. "But that guy is a legend!" The pub looked ace from the beginning as we entered people began shouting,"WOOP WOOP! WOOP WOOP!" It was pure carnage so it was but in an awesome way. "Yeah, basically, I was, like, literally working my backside off eh, but," says the barman. "I don't give a f**k mate, get us two pints," I kindly reply. "Yeah sure," he said. "I've been dead busy the day lads." He gets us a couple of pints and we sit and watch the football. "Should've, could've, would've," screamed the commentator. "He is a good shot stopped though, isn't he. Hard lines for the poor lad there and its still 0-0 in this six pointer match." "My pint tastes shit," my mate says. "You've tasted shit before?" I reply. I then went up to get some scran. "Any food on the go?" I asked. The barman laughs. "Naw, ya plamf ye." I get pissed of and stand up on the bar. "What's the script, mate? I'm uber crazy me. Don't call me a plamf ya bufty!" All the peeps in the bar are looking at me. "Sorry man," the barman replied. "I've got no food. You will have to go to Maccy's next door." "Coolage," I answered and leave with my friend. Outside there is a gang of neds. One of them says,"What you looking at?" "Aw am gonnae smash aw these c***s," I says to my mate. After I battered the f**k out of all the c***s I popped in to the bookies to stick a cheeky fiver on 2-1 which won so all in all it was an epic day out.
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