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  1. As I stated above... Greatest thing ever created for TV.
  2. Watching it for the billionth time on DVD. It is the greatest thing ever produced for TV. Simon Pegg's character is killed over Normandy before the jump. James MacAvoy appears only in Replacements when he is killed in the town of Nuenen. Craig Heaney plays Private Cobb. Rick Warden plays Harry Welsh.
  3. Beerhave you ya c**t. Stay on alcohol.
  4. You doing this all for pun, TwisteH? Well its not punny. Okay.
  5. did gary morrison not get his nob out on camera and then get a boner when he saw a man wanking.
  6. For 17 days Chigsy has graced P&B and has got nearly 150 green dots.
  7. Smurph - best avatar on P&B! :D

  8. Can you not control yourself man?!?! Wait till you get home.
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