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  1. They've to be "sub fusc" - for men that's a white shirt, white bow-tie, black jacket, black breeks, black socks, black shoes, the robe of your current academic status and carrying (but not wearing) your academic hat. Women can wear the same, or if they choose they can have a black skirt and a black ribbon in place of the bow-tie. Ordained clergy can wear clerical robes and members of the armed forces can wear their dress uniforms. This is for matriculation, examination (including viva) and graduation, and in some of the colleges for ceremonial dinners and the like. It's for all levels, not just doctoral students. It is a load of utter nonsense, and part of the glowing aura of bullshit these places build their brand on.
  2. I think that's the right approach. The question isn't, will he set the heather alight and play like he did before? but can he get us more goals than we would get without him? I think the answer to the first question is "probably not", the answer to the second, "highly likely".
  3. At the time the general feeling where I was sitting (right on the halfway line) was that we'd really gotten away with one with Forfar's penalty shout, but you can't really call it either way from the video because of bodies in the way. That one and the free kick Hutton parried out were really the only times Forfar threatened, though, and I think we were worth our win. A scrappy game with not much quality, but what there was (in terms of nice passes here and there, rather than sustained passages of dominany play) came from Airdrie. It was kind of odd that we didn't create many chances at all, but even so when the goal did eventually arrive it felt like it had been coming. You'd have to say that Forfar really dropped the ball defensively at Airdrie's goal - the corner came in, Airdrie won two headers with no challenge and then Wedderburn - who lost his marker as soon as the ball was played - was able to stroll around at his leisure and knock it in with nobody showing any interest in challenging him for it. The subs all did well when they came on, and it's good to see that there's maybe a bit more on the bench than we've thought. I wonder if Wedderburn will fight his way into the starting XI - I can see him starting in the Hearts game, where he would give a useful reinforcment to what is going to be a mostly defensive game for us, while his accurate passing would help when the faster players get a chance to go on the break. All in all, it wasn't pretty but that's a good three points on a day when Falkirk and Raith also won. Leon MOTM for me, probably.
  4. We had a bit of a wobble in December, with defeats to Raith and Clyde sandwiching a not-entirely-convincing victory over Peterhead. The performance agaist Falkirk - and perhaps especially the return of Kurtis Roberts - should give us confidence that we're more or less back on track, though. How are the Forfar fans feeling about this one?
  5. Surely just about everyone knows a woman - or a man - who has been raped. Even you don't know about it, it's happened. I know of several people in my own life, one of them a close friend, who has gone through that, and she has had years of people not believing her, accusing her to her face of lying, being more concerned about the impact on the talented, promising man who raped her. It's maybe worthwhile thinking about how someone who has been through that experience would feel if they were reading these kinds of discussions. Because chances are, someone you know has been. Maybe someone who sits near you at the games, maybe someone who sells you your pie and bovril at half time. And think about the message a club sends to them when it decides that the goals are more important, or when people talk euphemistically about "baggage" as if he just had a reputation for falling out with managers or something. Nobody can deny that Goodwillie is a good footballer, and purely in terms of skill he'd be a great signing for any club in this division and not a few in the one above it. But some things are surely, surely more important.
  6. At this level unless one team is totally outplaying the other and has the freedom to play really good football, you seldom see "good" football matches in the conventional sense (oh so bourgois!). And that doesn't often happen, unless it's a good full-time team against a bad part-time one. Most games are scrappy and bitty, because if they players were capable of a lot more than that they wouldn't be playing for Airdrie, Falkirk, Peterhead etc. But you can still get entertaining games that are, as our backwards-talking denizen of the Black Lodge says, really absorbing. That's what we had on Saturday, for my £0.02.
  7. People who scream about it being "only" a civil court conviction are exactly the same kind of wrong'uns as those weird American libertarians who jump around on Twitter insisting that, actually, there is technically a difference between paedophilia (wrong, bad, beyond the pale, of course) and ephebophilia (different! totally fine!). Football has taken to patting itself on the back a bit recently about how good it is on things like homophobia and mental health, but as long as people are totally willing to defend rapists and accuse their victims of lying solely because a man is good at football, the sport has a long, long way to go in terms of social responsibility. Nobody would get so het up about how good a postie someone was if that postie had been convicted of rape in a civil court. When a minister or a priest gets found out for being an abuser, we don't say "Ah, but his sermons are brilliant!" And we certainly wouldn't say that if it had been us, or our sister, or our friend, or our cousin that had been abused. Football should be no different.
  8. I was talking to a Clyde fan not long ago, who has stopped going to their games and won't be back until Goodwillie goes. He is of the opinon that while he deserves a second chance, there's no reason why it has to be a second chance at a prestigous job like being a professional footballer (even at this diddy level) and there's no reason his club have to be the ones to give it to him.
  9. Some utterly cringey hard-man patter on here, btw. As to the game, it was certainly entertaining, and both teams will feel they had chances to win it, even without either goalkeeper really having a great deal to do. We certainly benefited from having Roberts back in the team, he really does make a big difference. I wasn't at the 0-0 game in Airdrie earlier this season, but I thought that over the piece we maybe played better than we did when we won in Falkirk - the three points and the drama of the late winner glossed over how shaky we were until our first goal in that game, I thought. Kieran Millar MOTM for me.
  10. There's no question that he's a good striker at this level, but he's not someone I would want at the club. Not worth it for the baggage he brings.
  11. "Provincial club" has always seemed odd to me in a Scottish context. Does anyone know what or where the provinces of Scotland are meant to be?
  12. He's not been worthy of a start, but he's not even the worst Airdrie player in the last decade. Not even close. Not good enough to be a regular player for a team that wants to go up, and I'd be happy to see him go and free up a place for someone else, but let's not get hysterical. Letting a couple of players go, plus money from the Hearts game, ought to see us able to strengthen the squad.
  13. I hear Peterheid's infamous Innsmouth Casuals are going to be there.
  14. In cricket the captain will often have a role in selection, but more importantly they make the most important on-field decisions as well, such as which bowlers to use and when, how to arrange the fielders, decisions about whether to declare the innings when batting, whether to bat or bowl first if they win the toss, changes to the batting order, and if and when to call for video reviews of the umpires' decisions. They have a much, much more hands-on role than football captains do, who basically are really just there to provide "leadership" in some vague way.
  15. It was 910, according to the report on the official site. Anyone got an estimate for how many EF brought? Seemed a decent number, but I couldn't see them all that well,
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