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  1. Supporting yer local

    Being teetotal and a massive nerd, one of my favourite things about away days is going early and visiting historical sites in the area with my dad. Arbroath Abbey and the Pictish stones at Aberlemno just outside Forfar have been great, and I'm hoping to get to Dumbarton Castle, Brechin Cathedral this season and hopefully the Pictish stones museum at St Vigeans next time we play either Montrose or Arbroath.
  2. Statement FC 2.0 v Airdrieonians

    Right-wing club, my left kidney. Peter Kropotkin was an Airdrie fan.
  3. Scottish Cup Memories

    Best cup game I've ever been at - Dunfermline were a top-flight team at the time. My voice was hoarse for days afterwards - what an atmosphere there was in our end.
  4. I don't remember it being especially wet that day, but the 6-0 win against Berwick the year we won the Second Division had a pitch inspection at half time, and the Antonio Calderon Show against Raith was played in something resembling newsreel footage of the Battle of Paschendale, so maybe we should scrap the plastic pitch, scrap grass as well and just go straight to mud if we want more of these classics!
  5. 2006. It was the game when they were in a cream puff about having to play on a Saturday just after a midweek game and fielded a weakened team (youth players in and around the fringes of their first team, if memory serves).
  6. Wasn't at the game today, but pleased with the result and seems like it was a good performance. We're certainly improving. Especially good to see that Hutton did so well after being out injured for so long, doesn't seem to have been rusty at all. We've now picked up as many points (10) in the last four games as we did in Findlay's nine leagues games in charge this season. During those nine games, we never went two games without defeat.
  7. Airdrie v Rovers

    McKenzie has done well in goals over the last wee while, but it's that Hutton's back - seems like he had a good game today.
  8. Airdrie v Rovers

    Disappointing not to pick up three points after going ahead, but we've lost so many games like that late on over the last few years, and a draw is obviously better than that. I'd have taken a point before the game, so not too upset with that.
  9. All this about comically big scores is grand, but I seriously doubt we'll put more than about six past Celtic, tops.
  10. The biggest recent defeat on that kind of scale that springs to mind (at a decent level of football anyway) was when Hearts beat Cowdenbeath 10 - 0 at Tynecastle when they were in the Chapmionship. Did Morton not ship ten not all that long ago as well?
  11. Supporting yer local

    I remember a game we had away to Thistle years ago. We won 1-0 or drew 1-1 with a late equaliser, Coyle scoring of course. Getting near Queen Street for the train, a Thistle fan who hadn't been at the game spotted my Airdrie top and came over to ask the score (no smartphones in those days!), and when I told him whatever the score was, he suddenly had this face like thunder, "It was that Owen fucking Coyle again, wasn't it?". Coyle must have been about 62 at the time, or seemed it to me. Still had it.
  12. Indeed. I wouldn't call it an amazing read, personally - pretty by-the-numbers journo sneering, but JB spitting the dummy was more embarrassing than the game was to watch.
  13. We look forward to renewing our rivalry with Partick Thistle next season, if we don't go up... Had some cracking games with them over the years, right enough. That dreadful programme column wasn't even the most tinpot thing Ballantyne did, either. There was, for instance, the time he banned a hack from some rag from coming to our ground after he wrote a sarcastic match report of a pretty awful cup game we played at, I think, Morton.
  14. Can confirm that was indeed real. Will always be glad that he stepped in for Airdrie when we needed someone, but the man was an utter roaster and prone to all sorts of weird statements.