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  1. Ugh, more Harry Souttar pish on every thread.
  2. This isn't related to prices, but it struck me today that people being able to go from the end of the game straight onto here without the cooling-off period of getting home first could make this season a golden age for seetheposting. Previously that was only the case for televised games, now it's every game. Heads-gone, verge of tears etc. etc. all over the shop. Lovely.
  3. Peterhead's squad was a bit threadbare, and they were unlucky with men going off injured again today, but from an Airdrie point of view that's a really satisfying game. Our defence continues to look solid and Currie had little of note to deal with, while at the other end if we had managed to put away one of the chances we created later on I don't think three would have flattered us unduly. Carrick MOTM for me.
  4. I was lucky enough to miss that particular game, but the buzz of my phone as the updates from my dad came through were as the very chimes of doom... Send not to ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for Connor Fairely.
  5. Of course I want to watch us playing like Archibald's Armada, but as someone who still wakes up in a cold sweat at 3am with vivid memories of us shipping five goals at home to Stenny I will absolutely take "hard to beat" thank you very much.
  6. The Czech Republic are a better team than we are, they qualify for the Euros all the time and a significant chunk of that team went to Barcelona last season and came away with a point - we're obviously going to need a bit of luck on our side to get a win over them. Especially when you consider that our one arguably world class player was missing, as were several other stick-on starters. Tom English on the radio gave a summary of the odds before the game and while I'm by no means a betting men it's clear the bookies had the Czechs as reasonably solid favourites, and that's not for no reason. But while you can't control your luck, you can do something to control how often you'll need it, and we did that tonight. They missed some very good chances, but our defence was by and large solid and restricted the amount of chances they got. How many times have we gone home with a defeat away to some team we should have beaten over the last twenty years - if we missed sitters or sold a goal through some stupid mistake we don't sit around here talking about how jammy the other team were, we praise their organisation and tactics and how they managed to get the best out of their limited team with a handful of good players, and bemoan our own useless haddies who couldnae hit a coo's arse wi a banjo. That's what the Czech fans will be doing now, no doubt. Ed: I also don't accept that McGInn's penalty was "lucky". He hit it on target, it went in. The keeper nearly got it, but didn't. The only lucky penatlies are ones that go in off the keeper after hitting the post, or that the keeper catches but carries over the line or something. If it goes in, it's a good penalty. Again, had it been the other way around and Israel beat us on penalties, none of us would be considering it some undeserved luck on their part, in fact there would probably be people on here bemoaning it as proof of some essential shitebag mentality of the Scottish nation or something.
  7. Losing count here - was that a hundred and nine corners or a hundred and ten?
  8. Was following that on the radio rather than TV and it sounded absolutely brutal. Still, we've all seen more than enough absolutely brutal Scotland games where we've been beaten, including by Israel not all that long ago, so I will absolutely take that. Now just for Covid to do to Serbia what it did to the Czech Republic to give us a half chance against their Under-13s.
  9. Ammo makes a good point - there are forwards who don't score many goals themselves, but if they create good opportunities for the other attacking players, can latch onto a through ball and hold onto it for long enough to bring the others into play etc., then they can be just as important. If a player scores only five goals himself, but creates twenty for the players around him, that's a valuable contribution.
  10. A 20 goal a season striker would be nice, but those aren't exactly easy to find. Granted last season was cut short, but only four players in the country managed it, five the season before, and six the season before that. I'm missing the L2 figures from seasons 2013-14 and 2014-15, but with that caveat since the SPFL was formed only Shankland, Goodwillie (who for well-known reasons is playing below his natural level) and McAllister (likewise, but for less repugnant reasons) have hit twenty in more than one league season (three times, two times and two times, respectively). Goodwillie was top of the L1 scorers' charts last season, but Carrick and Gallagher scored more between them than he did and Clyde didn't really have anyone else scoring a significant number of goals - Airdrie scored more than Clyde did over the season. L1 has had more strikers scoring 20 in a season than all the other leagues have, I suspect because it's the only league which consistently has full time teams playing against mostly part time ones but I'd need to look at the figures more closely than I intend to to confirm that. In sum - yeah, it'd be great to sign a striker you can confidently predict will score that many goals, but I don't know where you could reasonably expect to find one who isn't already signed up and/or way out of our budget.
  11. I think there might have been more to Spain winning three major tournaments on the bounce than just cowardice. They played with a level of technique and tactical awareness that nobody else in the world could match for half a decade - if Scotland were to decide to go for kick-n-rush it wouldn't be because we're just too entertaining and brave to play like the Spain team of that period. That kind of football is brilliant if you can carry it off. We can't, but it's not like 90s Airdrie is the only other option there is.
  12. He was maybe a level or two down from Rio Ferdinand, but I always thought Big Jim Lister looked... well, quite big on the pitch, but when he was out injured (according to entirely believable rumour after eating a dodgy fish supper and being so violently ill afterwards he gave himself a hernia) you'd see him at the games in a casual jacket and jeans and he looked much smaller.
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