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  1. Sickening speaking to a weegie“dons” fan who was delighted at killie result walking back to the car aye f**k league positions as long as rangers lose eh
  2. I’m not sure he’d be much use to be honest looked a shadow of the player he was, when he played here on Boxing Day
  3. Basically because Maddison wasn’t/isn’t a team player there’s no i in team but there is in in Maddison
  4. James Maddison a fraud who will be remembered for scoring a free kick
  5. I personally didn’t rate Maddison good at free kicks and trying to do party tricks all the time, you saw the improvement in the team when he left and wee Ryan came in
  6. Really sad news met him on a few occasions in pubs always happy to chat and tell stories about his goal rip
  7. For me I’d only want it played in Edinburgh if it was a 3pm ko, like the 2014 league cup semi. As a lunchtime ko in Edinburgh is just as bad
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