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  1. Would that not have been due to the 500 person restrictions and the club let season ticket holders in for free as they paid for a previous years ticket they did not use?
  2. I always believed that season tickets were sold for league games only so would have to pay in to friendlies and cup games. Looking at the website for tickets on Wednesday night there are no season ticket seats blocked out so that would seem to confirm that thought.
  3. Sorry what was wrong with Thomson at the goal. His starting position is exactly where you want him to be when the ball is at the half way line, It was a good strike by the boy. Ffs It was the first pre season game and people are moaning already
  4. I flew KLM to Amsterdam last week and although the mentioned that they recommended masks there was no problems going mask free and there where a good number that did. Schipol was a nightmare with 3+ hours wait to get through security and passport control so only just made my flight back
  5. https://www.heraldscotland.com/politics/20030882.john-swinney-tests-positive-covid-19/ The Bald Specky tube has now caught, clearly not following the advise of his leader
  6. I get that problem in my A4 about once every 3 months where it will just not go into 1st or 2nd when stationary, have to put into 3rd to pull away but once it starts going there is no problem dropping down the gears again. don't what to take into the garage as know that the bill will be large. If you get to the bottom of it please let me know?
  7. I think we have either found Goodwillie's P&B account either that or the account of a 14 year old because no one else can be this thick
  8. I have been discussing this today and my position is that GW and the management team (both McGlynn and Smith) need to go for definite. I would also like to see at least 2 of the 4 board members away but that probably will not happen.
  9. I never threatened violence I don't know how you came to that conclusion, I said that there will be a protest outside of the ground and since you feel so strongly about this matter you should come along and join in. Wear your St Johnstone top so they know it is the whole of Scottish football is against this. I would introduce myself to you just to find out your take on the matter in person and not over a message board.
  10. Seriously mate get yourself right to f**k you absolute arsehole. if you are so passionate about this why don't you come down and protest outside the ground on Saturday where a lot of us will be but make sure to wear your St Johnstone top i can introduce myself to you.
  11. Not that it is f**k all of your business but he is 14, and were did I say that "this is all a big fuss over nothing" for the last 2 days it has felt like I have been punched in the guts and I seriously questioned giving it up. however the fondest memories I have are going to the Rovers with my Dad and I want to create those same memories with my son. so please take your sanctimonious shite and f**k right off and once you've fucked off as far as you can go, f**k off some more
  12. My son, whilst still a child, is old enough to know exactly what Goodwillie is accused of and how monumentally stupid the decision to sign him was however the Rovers has been his team for the last 6 years. So I will ask again, since he is fully aware of the situation is he now a c**t in you morally superior mind, soley because he supports Raith Rovers??
  13. So it's ok to go around and call other posters c***s on this board just because of the team they support. Ballieinleeds was one of the first posters I saw that condemned this decision. I decided not to go last night to the game however my son was no happy in missing the game, we discussed everything that has happened and he know the severity of the case against Goodwillie however he just wanted to show his support to the other 10 or 11 players on the park. Is my son a c**t because he wants to support his team?
  14. Get yourself to f**k mate, it is one thing having a go at the club for this decision but calling out other posters as c***s should not be on, especially a poster who made his feelings know on this saga.
  15. Yes the board should have said "no f**king way" however McGlynn should of dismissed the notion of signing DG as soon as he thought of it because of this exact reaction.
  16. I am sorry but it is almost fully on Mcglynn. He is the one who has went to the board with the suggestion in the first place. None of this happens if DG name doesn't get brought up
  17. Just curious to know. Given a lot of people will not have their employment contract updated within the last two years to specifically mention WFH. As this seems to be your area of expertise, why would employers take a risk legally asking people to come back into the office as I can't see any legal issue?
  18. FTFY, you were missing a lot of words
  19. I do think it was made in China as it has fallen apart and doesn't work as well after 2 years as per all the other rubbish that comes from there.
  20. I said nothing about the boxer, but please, by all means, point out what was incorrect with the newspaper article?
  21. During the wave in August / September the highest number of people in hospital was around 1,100 (with 100 in ICU). That was deemed fine then as we didn't impose any restrictions, I think that should be a benchmark to maybe start think about it now.
  22. https://twitter.com/NicolaSturgeon/status/1472315931959468039?t=Z8uw1Nib9V0EeQWT22Qjpg&s=19 I can't believe the brass neck of this, NS tweeting the Hearld and saying they are causing anxiety in the population with what they are saying
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