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  1. On the same topic, noticed tickets for the Kilmarnock game are also available https://kilmarnockfc.ticketco.events/uk/en/m
  2. They will be looking at this sort of data, which shows that the largest spikes were in the 2 categories 15 - 19 & 20 - 24 which peaked 9 days after thousands of fans travelled down to the England game. so yes there are putting 2 & 2 together.
  3. It looks like there may be a new treatment available soon after being developed in Canada and if it works like they say will be a game changer in treatment as, you would think, can be used as a home remedy. https://t.co/FLZsmuzdtM?amp=1
  4. One for the horticulturist's. Does anyone know what plant the leaves belong to in this picture. It is growing within my carrot bed and don't know if I should be pulling it out!
  5. Sorry what I should of said is when are the MSM going to stop with the constant wankathon any time the virus changes in any way.
  6. Sound the variant klaxon https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.express.co.uk/life-style/health/1454661/lambda-variant-symptoms-how-many-cases-confirmed-UK-evg/am New Lamda variant found in Peru with 6 cases already in UK. Is this ever going to end?
  7. Does anyone know how many season tickets were sold last year as with new season ticket sales not starting until Monday 28th (according to the website) it looks like this one will only be available to renewed holders. If the level 1 limit is 1000 is anyone likely to miss out? I am buzzing to get back COYR
  8. I took it that the fans were Croats and Czechs living in the UK who would of purchased the tickets and have not come from abroad due to the rules
  9. Is there any signs of pre season friendlies that the fans can attend or will they all be behind closed doors and the first game with fans be the league cup?
  10. Boris being a lying shitbag is a given however it does not matter what he said today as it meàns the square root of f**k all to the easing in Scotland. He could of went with the "freedom Day" plan and we, in Scotland, would still be stuck in the same position as our government and advisers just don't know and will wait two weeks to see if there are any new variants that can escape the vaccine. The Scottish government as so risk adverse that we were never opening fully on the 21st no matter what, we have not even seen the plan of what comes after level 0.
  11. They were expecting to give by all adults at least their first shot (which at the time was touted to give a lot of protection) by the end of May, then give the 3 weeks for the effects to take place gave them the date of June 21.
  12. Like you all a wee bit surprised that the existing season ticket holders are seemingly ignored however the £10 renewal for my son will save me a wee bit I suppose
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