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  1. Not after 5 more years of Hunt in charge of the NHS anyway.
  2. Is independence about living in a social democratic country though? It's something I always found slightly odd about the yes movement. I lived in Glasgow during the referendum and was interested by how left-wing the campaign seemed to be positioning itself. Being from the North East and a family of 'traditional' SNP supporters I always found that at odds with the conservative nationalism of the north east. I could see the appeal as the central belt is considerably more left-wing than Banffshire and Kincardineshire where I grew up, and to win independence it seemed obvious they needed to attract the left. What impressed me was their ability to hang on to the conservative pro-Indy group as well as the left. They seemed to manage to get both groups vote for them in 2015. What now though? They need a referendum to keep everyone in line, but it seems as though a referendum now would be as unsuccessful as the last one. The Corbyn phenomenon seems to be the latest flavour of the month for the 'right-on' left, as much in Scotland as the rest of the U.K. How do the SNP get them back? What I think is crucial is that whilst the SNP are getting less popular I don't think independence is.
  3. Why would they not believe in their own policies?
  4. Whether that's true or not, what's the benefit of trying to convince us to leave?
  5. 10 years to the day since the great man departed and politics became steadily more miserable.
  6. We had a leadership contest due to perceived failures in the leadership. Corbyn won again, and the party have got on with it. Trying to convince a large chunk of the party to leave isn't helpful at all. Nobody is trying to subvert party democracy at all. The fact remains that Corbyn isn't a great leader, he's a good campaigner, but a poor leader. Nothing the PLP did last year was wrong other than choosing such a no mark as Owen Smith to run against him. Aside from anything else why would you want people like Progress or other moderates to leave and create another party? How does that help? I don't agree with Progress on everything but I can see the value they bring to our movement and party and just struggle to see how trying to force away the Labour moderates is going to help the party. Literally the only thing I can see it achieving is making it easier for people from the left to retain the leadership long term. I wonder if that is Mason's true long-term goal. He would rather lose with Corbyn as leader than win with Blair. When cowards flinch and traitors sneer, seems to me that leaving the party is the more cowardly and treacherous act than staying and fighting for what we believe is best for the party.
  7. Master of Reality for me, I like the slightly slower sound on it and Children of the Grave is an often overlooked masterpiece.
  8. Why should we? This idea that just because he is the leader we shouldn't disagree with decisions or the direction we are going in is ludicrous. By that logic Corbyn and the left should have left the party during the New Labour era, but they didn't, they argued their case, did what they thought was right and we fought alongside each other. That's what the moderates are doing now. This idea that we should all just follow what the glorious leader thinks or leave the party isn't helpful to anyone. Progress put a lot of effort into campaigning, them leaving the party to self-indulgently create a moderate Labour Party wouldn't help moderates, wouldn't help Corbyn and wouldn't help the people we are fighting to get elected for. Unlike Paul Mason, Jeremy Corbyn sat on the Labour benches alongside comrades with varying different views, the strength of the Labour Party is that we are a broad church, welcoming of people across the left.
  9. Jesus Paul Mason is an idiot. Why does he want moderates to leave the party? He's actually calling on loyal Labour members (y'know, the ones who didn't leave when their chosen faction weren't in control) to leave the party simply because we disagree with the specific direction we are going at the moment. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.
  10. The day McInnes announced he was not fucking leaving. f**k Hayes, thanks for the memories but he plays for them now so we move on and humiliate him in front of his friends next time the two sides meet.
  11. Same. Maybe it was an off performance but like you, found it so boring I left halfway through.
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