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  1. it really doesnt matter I didnt even know who organised the photo I voiced an opinion and its twisted as a personnal attack give me peace. Ive had allsorts on here including referencing my sister mother etc the programne reference was a quip like most of the stuff that goes on at the football on a saturday as most of guys I talk too will tell you well your welcome to this and the rest of the clyde forums Im sticking to having a laugh with the guys who I stand with on a saturday
  2. have this thrown at me could give you 4 or 5 examples of things Ive done for the club free of charge ( mostly players ) but its too tedious last was couple of seasons ago maybe I should have asked for a feature in the programne [emoji23]
  3. suggested they sell the penalty spot that ally love scored the penalty to seal play off win was ignored[emoji23]
  4. so there will now be two squad photographs so what one is the club going to use ?
  5. is it not barry cuddhy ps whatever happened to the ludicrous idea of fans paying to be in the team photo[emoji23]
  6. agree totally on duffy interesting that people quite happy to give duffy stick but not a mention of the running of the club at that time . We have a fantastic manager and assistant and hands up I didnt appreciate how good a manager . The club is where we are today because Innes came in and lifted it by its boot laces cracking result yesterday a team playing some cracking stuff [emoji106]
  7. as I said duffy is a good manager , very pragmatic he did get us to play offs he was in the middle of our wonderful austerity plan and lets not forget the name change stuff , if anyone wants to apportion blame it certainly shouldnt be put at duffy's door and remember who brought Danny lennon to clyde , Norrie Innes
  8. to be fair to duffy he was at the club at probably one of the lowest points in our history an austerity drive that the tories would consider harsh ,a board intent on changing the clubs name and dividing the support spoke to him today real football man and a right decent guy
  9. and got a huge cheer in the away end [emoji23] the dumbarton player was so far away I dont think he has any idea what happened
  10. cracking away support thats down to the comnection the players have with the fans johnston ran the length of the park to celebrate with us and the goalie joined in [emoji23] I thought dumbarton werent as bad as some of their fans have made out the 24 was a cracking player the central defender who went off was also good , we are a team full of energy with a fantastic team spirit and a support who love everyone of them ps we have a very special manager
  11. thought it was pretty even game one mistake from us and its a goal typical duffy team organised solid looking defence and hit you on the break
  12. started well played some nice stuff without troubling the goalie apart from a smith shot , poor goal to lose the guy ran between two players need to see it again as its other end of the park but mitchell didnt look to clever at the goal ( might be harsh )
  13. I they are called clyde fc under 21 as said they are not signed with the club
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