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  1. Broadwood

    good there is such a poor away support in this division you could put the las Vegas strip along ardgoil road and it would still struggle to see more than 20 away fans
  2. Clyde v QP

    2000 that's one end [emoji16]
  3. Clyde v QP

    it should be a pretty good game Saturday , both teams going for a win, a good crowd in the stadium and right edge to the game [emoji106]
  4. Clyde v QP

    as for queens park or any other team scuppering our title challenge. Think you will find we have been infinitely capable of doing that of our own accord [emoji16]
  5. Clyde v QP

    I very much doubt even if it came down to queens park beating Peterhead you would get 'please do us a favour " and anyway that would only be one game if 36 and would have no more validity than Berwick beating Peterhead 2 0 we will just have to win the last two see what happens so let's get it straight no teams do other teams favours As for queens fans it's almost an ideal day beat us scupper the league challenge, lose peterhead win big GIRUY Clyde win Peterhead lose or draw then it's oh you need us to beat them for you lot to win league [emoji23]
  6. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    Google Scottish League 2 play off dates
  7. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    don't really get this that DGW is some how not the player he was last season ok he hasn't scored has many but his overall contribution to the team has been just as good Rankin has been a class act after less than great start to the season For his goals alone Henderson will probably win it and he has scored right though out the season even when Edinburgh have slumped . Johnson at Annan looks a terrific player every time he plays against us , one of the few in the league that I would take at Clyde As for no Peterhead players probably down to them being a very experienced team who have just went out and won games with ruthless efficiency but nothing spectacular still surprised no players made top 4 though
  8. Clyde v QP

    remember what?
  9. Broadwood

    and I thought this was a football forum try TripAdvisor
  10. Broadwood

    would appear the football is secondary personally my team playing well being up challenging at the top of league is what is most important
  11. Broadwood

    and Annan and Edinburgh have views akin to the San Siro those are the two worst in the league by far at least at central park the old stand creates an atmosphere ( well when the Clyde boys are in town )
  12. QP v ANNAN

    Annan are a big solid unit who can score goals their record over the past 4 months has been very good ( obviously disposed of by Clyde) in the play offs they have real chance I think it will be Clyde and Annan in the final but we will beat them over two legs
  13. Edinburgh City

    you mean we wouldn't be welcome to come back and visit [emoji6]
  14. Clyde v QP

    looks like its going to be a long week guys [emoji23]