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  1. Don’t think anyone knows the rule on this handball anymore. If that was city in a attacking position and JS scored from that handball it would of been ruled out as they would of said he gained an advantage by hand balling the ball. So if that’s the case how has he not gained an advantage by hand balling the ball in a defensive position? Same today with SUFC and Southampton with I think James Ward-Prowses elbow making contact with the football from a corner kick.
  2. My bad i was wrong I’ve just watched it back and he was in line with Donnelly which makes its even worse[emoji30]
  3. Find Argentinian football so boring. Started watching the Mexican league and that’s been good to watch with a fair few goals in games.
  4. River Plate Vs Boca Juniors just about to kick off. On TyC sports if you have Iptv.
  5. You are correct I just couldn’t think of the place that the VAR people was based during games. VAR needs to change in England and needs to be the same as everywhere else in Europe. For referee’s not to check pitchside monitors is ridiculous especially when they are the match official who have the final say on and for them not to have any say when using VAR is mind blowing and it’s all because IFAB have apparently told referees not to use them. PL teams are fed up that pistside monitors aren’t being used however apparently there will be a meeting this month to discuss this matter.
  6. Just seen the incident at the end. That should of been a goal. VAR in the f***ing bin
  7. How Youri Tielemans didn’t get a red card for a horror challenge on Callum Wilson is beyond me. Martin Atkinson who was VAR official at the game today has had a mare. Talking about VAR officials Michael Oliver has replaced Lee Probert in the Van for the Burnley/Liverpool match because of an injury[emoji23][emoji23]
  8. Apparently Wednesday are looking at signing David Bates on loan with an option to buy. If I remember right maybe wrong though he was rated very highly at Rangers before his move last season to Hamburg?
  9. Hardly salty about it I mean after how things have turned out its good riddance to him and other 2 Steve’s. Bruce and his 2 chums walked into training on Monday morning refusing to take training and then resigned from there positions before walking out. The club then had to phone our youth managers in so that they could assist Bullen in training because it should of been business as normal until everything was sorted. For Bruce to be appointed as manager while compensation hadn’t been sorted is totally wrong and Chansiri probably hasn’t even accepted them 3s resignation until the whole money situation was all sorted out. I hope Chansiri takes MA to the cleaners with this is one as him and Bruce have shown SWFC no respect and the whole situation has been an absolute joke from the start. The only thing I am critical about with Chansiri is apparently he gave Bruce permission to speak to Newcastle without the compensation being agreed which if true is an error by himself. Edit: Been out all day and hadn’t realised we released a club statement. So from reading that the word ‘former’ is used for the staff so I would say Chansiri probably has accepted the resignation. I’d assume the issue is with the other 2 Steve’s and that no compensation has been paid/agreed for there contracts as £4 million was accepted for SB contract. Looks like MA has refused to give more money and see’s the £4 million enough for all 3. By the time this has been sorted out SB will have been sacked by NUFC, counted his millions and buggered off to Barbados for a 6 month holiday
  10. Or that[emoji23][emoji23] ok next up Giovanni Van Bronckhorst.
  11. Hopefully Chris Hughton is the man to get the season back on track and get us where we want to be
  12. Mike Ashley sent Chansiri the £4 million this morning however not before Steve Bruce and his two assistants walked out on the club. Not bad amount of money considering he’s only been in charge for 6 months however get gone you utter two faced cretin.
  13. We appointed him because he was the ideal man to take SWFC to the premier league and has a good record on doing so. Newcastle only want him because the other 5/6 names above Bruce in the list have all rejected Mike Ashley. Also because MA thought it would be a very cheap option and he also see’s Bruce as a yes man therefor will become his puppet.
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