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  1. Loved the reaction from Stewart Donald pure fuming he was by it
  2. Glad I’m not the only one that thinks he’s a bit of a p***k. I really do enjoy the transfer parts of these types of programmes. Jack Ross telling Stewart Donald that Will Grigg is not worth the £2 million or whatever the bid was and SD basically agreeing with him then panic buys him at £3 million[emoji23]
  3. Anyone else been receiving this sort of letter just incase we go into full lockdown? Been told to take it with me at all times.
  4. Bugger! Think there are 4/5 cases already in Sheffield of which 2 have been confirmed in Parson Cross end of Sheffield where I live. So I’m definitely doomed for death!
  5. There was no VAR check on the penalty according to reporter who’s pith side for bein sports.
  6. Think it’ll deffo top this. Shaughna I think will become an emotional mess when Callum walks in hand in hand with Molly with a grin on his face. Absolute SCENES!!!!!
  7. Well done Andy Maddley for checking monitor and downgrading a red card to a yellow. VAR finally being used correctly.
  8. Just watched a game in ISL where I think I’ve watched one of the worst offside calls ever. White 24 scored the goal however gets flagged for being offside.
  9. Seems like the pitch was worse the second half than what it was the first, take it rain never eased off?[emoji23]
  10. Fantastic result for the Victorty and a superb goal from Nabbout too
  11. Just turned over to see it haha what a farce. When the ball is no bouncing and passes aren’t even reaching the players then it’s a sign that it should be abandoned. Watching the Melbourne Victory Match where it’s also pissing it down but pitch holding up just fine
  12. Was aged 9 so can’t remember much about the game but all I remember was this guy with a ponytail scoring a hat trick on his debut which I believe was against Clydebank?. This and the 7-2 win Vs East Stirling at home are two games that stand out when I was a young boy.
  13. That was some finish to the CCM/Melbourne Victory game. 2 soft penalties however great for a neutral watching it.
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