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  1. Leafs beat the Flames 3-2 on Saturday to go 3-0-0, great start for us. Phill Kessel added another 2 goals, he's had an amazing start to the year, 5 goals, 3 assists, 8 points in 3 matches with a +/- of 7 alongside Dion Phaneuf. Kessel has netted 5 out of 11 shots too, giving him a 45% shot tally. Joffrey Lupul has started well too, with 5 points (2+3). Next up, home game vs Colorado tonight.
  2. Leafs back in action tomorrow after a week without any games. Good start to the season beating the Habs 2-0 and the Sens 6-5 (after nearly chucking a 5-1 lead). Hat-trick for Phil Kessel in the Sens game, hoping for plenty of the same from him rest of the year. Hopefully we can sneak into the playoffs this year, but the aim is to keep building for the next two or three seasons until we've got a team capable of challenging for the Cup.
  3. Hi The_Belgian. Just a reminder that the next round of the WC2014 Epic Last Man Standing is this weekend, deadline for picks 11am tomorrow. HJ


  4. This is why I'm glad I was born with brain cells. Celtic fans are awful at understanding anything.
  5. RSC Charleroi 2-1 Tienen. The journey back to the top flight has begun.

  6. I'd guess Hamilton would have achieved similar having been in every league in the past 10 years, and Morton would have done similar to Stranraer. Patrick Thistle have spread across three different leagues too. It be interesting to compare to see if any of those three have had any long term non-matchups, and see if they are similar to Stranraer. I see a Morton fan has already done this for their team Can't think of any other team that has spanned across the leagues...perhaps Alloa and Arbroath? I remember they've had one or two seasons in the First Division alongside being in the 2nd/3rd. Maybe even Cowdenbeath too.
  7. I could be completely wrong, but before last season's Scottish Cup draw, I don't think St Mirren had played Peterhead since the 1920s. But I'm not really sure...
  8. Bollocks I saw the "your" later on and didn't bother to check Still, I live safe in the knowledge that while I made an error, I'm not as bad as him
  9. Bolded all the errors I found, and that doesn't include things like missing commas. Old Firm fans and dreadful punctuation and spelling goes hand in hand.
  10. Sellick fans really are weirdos. They take great delight in singing Paddy McCourts ****** army, but as soon as a Rangers fan calls them ******* they cry like babies.
  11. Agreed, I had a few eejits on my newsfeed saying "Gerard Butler <33333333", he looks like a dirty hobo. And he's a dirty gloryhunting pr*ck
  12. This is why Celtic fans are stupid c*nts. All the comments on there show how stupid they are.
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