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  1. Pumped at home by the mighty Jags. Kilmarnock
  2. I don't anticipate Archie making wholesale changes for this tie. I'll be disappointed if he does.
  3. The best bit about that sand bag throwing incident was the fact the boy who threw the said sand bag turned away, chatted to his pals, went back up the stand and sat on his phone for the next 20 minutes. No steward or policeman clocked him at all, which considering the circumstances is very poor from an Accies point of view. From what I saw it seems the stewards in the Accies end and the pre/postpubescent hard men are the best of pals. Decent entertainment for a rather dire first half though. It's not the first time there has been a wee confrontation at the seggy fence in recent years. Anyway, I was delighted of how we defended and fought for one another, considering being a man down and the age of a lot of our players. It reminded me of the 0v0 at Starks Park in '13 just before we won the league. We were a man down that night and we were fantastic after that, real guts shown by the players then and today. Very proud of Lindsay and Hendry today. Cerny's wonder save was top but I felt his save at the near post before was as pivotal albeit not as spectacular. The sort of archetypal save Fox would have let in at his near post. Welsh was class, his awareness is worth a weight in gold at times. Banzo was everywhere at one point and had some fantastic tackles near and around our own box. Osman was great off the ball today but at periods on the ball rather poor, nearly cost us a goal but he is still a boss. Saw nothing to fear from Hamilton at all for the coming season. I'm perplexed as to why some on here have labelled that as a "decent point". It was a great point. End of.
  4. Why not wait until the start of the season before fretting over season ticket sales?
  5. I don't believe that if we don't match or better 8th position this season then it should be portrayed as a failure. For me, the next two to three seasons are still all about remaining in the top flight.
  6. Absolutely dejected by this news. He is one of my Rock 'n roll heroes.
  7. Listen, I'd take any win as long as we get into the next round. Funnily enough, be it the League Cup or Scottish Cup I think we'll get one.
  8. That gig at the Barras in April was an absolute stormer, as was the previous one in September and the gig on the Journal For Plague Lovers tour. As RiG said above, Die in the Summertime and Enola/Alone were my highlights too. I've still to sit down a give the new album a proper listen yet. Still, I'm loving the really positive press they're getting for it. They really are such a tough, candid and honest band with so much of integrity. They're all fucking heroes to me. Currently pondering as to whether to do a one man mission to see them at T in the Park on Friday. Last time they played T they were booked in between shite like Kesha and NDubz, which resulted in a god awful crowd. I'm wary that the crowd may not be up to it though this year, despite the fact they're back in the tent. When they headlined the King Tuts tent in 2009 it was phenomenal.
  9. Some of that is very ironic. Like I said, just under three months to complete that list.
  10. Oh look P&B masses our resident spokesman for the Partick Thistle support has spoken and decried once again a member of our support from behind his keyboard. How cute. Best write us up a list of dos and don'ts at football matches while you're at it. Just under three months to the new season, so plenty of time to give us all a heads up.
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