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  1. College tomorrow. New start and all that. Oldest cunto on campus :-D
  2. I start college on Monday. Excited and bricking it in equal measure.
  3. Just finished "Hard Rain" on PS3. Apparently there are a number of different endings depending on what actions you do. May try it again. As for the game, a solid 8/10 from me
  4. they are rather humorous. The best being which one of the three BDO titles means most to him
  5. Once again the DWP have fucked up my payment. Roll on March till I start college
  6. I think getting sprayed by a tractor carrying slurry would be worse.
  7. I was in hospital when I was 15 with a twisted stomach problem. Guy in the next bed had a problem with his bollocks. Turned out he had been out on Guy Fawkes night, returned home and his dog was going tonto at the noise from the fireworks going off. Dog ran and jumped up at him knocking his baws straight up into him. Poor lad had to wait three days for the operation to get them put back in their rightful place.
  8. I see the usual suspects are at it again. Maybe time to grow up a bit guys?
  9. Aye, referring to me young Bert? Oh Hai PnB. Long time no read
  10. Yep, already booked the wean to stay with her mum that weekend. Looking forward to it
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