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  1. Kingsley shirt is real and will be released, but more of a gimmick. Relieved it’s not the home top.
  2. I used to work in a brewery and about 80% of the beers on draught were from them. Used to always get asked for a “pint of (brewery) please mate”. WHAT FUCKING ONE.
  3. Not bad, thanks. We’re in the same league as you
  4. Add to this Beck - Soul Suckin’ Jerk
  5. WITCH - Like A Chicken OutKast - Ain't No Thang Eminem - My 1st Single Cee Lo Greene - El Dorado Sunrise (Super Chicken)
  6. Squad player in his prime years, good Championship player, unlikely to improve.
  7. Cheers for the replies. Took it in and it's fucked. It's not allowing it to charge and it's the logic board that's the problem. and I'd already put it near the dehumidifier to see if that would sort it out. They don't make the parts any more, and have none sitting about, but the cost of getting it sorted would just take a good chunk out of getting a new one. I'd been considering getting an upgrade sometime soon anyway. And for clarification it wasn't tractor porn.
  8. You mean we’re not signing Jordan Rhodes? Must be Shankland then.
  9. Good news but shame on the grand scheme of things it actually means f**k all.
  10. Cheers. It’s a MacBook which probably causes itself its own problems but I’ll take it to the fancy Apple store and see what they can do. Might be a battery issue (as it’s been telling me for a year or two now) but have a feeling the can was the main problem. All my uni stuff, and most things in general, are saved to the cloud anyway so there should be minimal damage on that front. Not sure about my FM save (2020) but won the league with Thistle finally and was about to embark on a Champions League campaign. Very rarely manage them and had a good team assembled. Worse things have happened.
  11. Spilled a can of beer on my laptop and it doesn’t appear to be working. Annoying as it was a) pretty much a full can so it’s a waste and b) had a really enjoyable save on Football Manager and I don’t think I can get that back.
  12. Forgot my lunch money to school once and found a score on the way to the shops. Milky Bars were very much on me that day.
  13. Unfortunately not - though most M&S sweets are now, including their marshmallows. Wee Percy is even a veggie these days.
  14. Crawford? If we were to sign him permanently, which I think we may have done by now with McCall’s espionage in Seville, he would be played out of position. Think we could do better than him, especially trying to fit him into a position he doesn’t really play. He really didn’t make a mark. We’ve already wasted Kyle Turner for a year.
  15. Already knew that flamed grilled steak McCoy’s were “suitable for vegetarians” but so are Smith’s bacon flavour fries.
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