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  1. Watching The English Game (vomit) on Netflix. Even the c***s on this call us 'Partick'
  2. You get to Annan from Glasgow Central, therefore it's south. That's all you need to know.
  3. Obviously you weren't drinking enough. A roll and square sausage at 10pm is prime time. My mate got married at WEST at Glasgow Green and they did pretzel rolls and sausage/bacon. 10/10.
  4. Inter Milan v Ludogorets in the Europa League looks likely to be played behind closed doors. Same goes for the derby d'Italia on Sunday which would be a real shame. Not sure what else they can do, the worst time of the year to be postponing games and trying to find a new date.
  5. Slater now gone. Thought he'd have been a decent player for us but McCall clearly doesn't fancy him. Would hope he signs for Falkirk other than a team in our division. Happy with Lyons judging by everyone's comments and don't mind having him come next season, he was in the juniors only six months ago. Brownlie would have to be abysmal if he's going to be worse than what we've got already. Like that he's wound up the QotS fans on his way out too. Good start.
  6. And so is a Falkirk team littered with Thistle rejects [emoji23] imagine that
  7. I love LOVE LOVE beating Greenock Morton
  8. Williamson never looks comfortable with the ball and takes on average 15 touches to secure it at his feet. He's fine and when playing against diddies like Morton he's going to look good in attack. Shame to lose Kakay, he's very direct, looks decent enough and always looking for the ball, but I think the fact he's really fast makes up for the lack of final ball. Would have kept him on, mind you. Better than a lot of the players we have right now. Getting rid of players is a good start, all depends on who we bring in tbh.
  9. Imagine typing that all out on Boxing Day. Have a beer and chill the f**k out
  10. All of his posts are copy and paste jobs from twitter. Never once posted an actual opinion
  11. Smurph

    FIFA 19

    Haven't been playing much recently, moved in with my girlfriend and haven't properly set up the PS4. Rattled through rivals and squads the last fortnight and saved all my packs for Serie A and got f**k all. Got the Zaniolo from objectives and did the Muriel SBC. Got El Shaarawy from the guaranteed SBC which I can't complain too much about. Got 500k left so probably going to buy TOTS Donnarumma. Not sure about RB/CB, that Izzo looks decent but could just get a regular Chellini/Koulibably again. Might still buy Chiesa too, his normal card had no business being as good as it was for me and I'd like whatever TOTS Forrest comes out. Was thinking Ilicic as striker too, Zapata probably too expensive. Most of the bench players are the best players I have left after decimating my club. Truth be told, it doesn't matter too much, not sure how much FIFA I'll be playing in the next few months but it's always nice having a squad to play with when I can.
  12. I feel as if he really needs another year of development, wouldn't have been the worst thing staying at Fiorentina, and I'm certain Juventus would have still been interested next year. Fiorentina are a mess right now though, going through a much needed takeover. Hope he gets game time or goes on loan somewhere, unless he's part of the new managers plans. With Bernardeschi too, I assume that means Cuadrado is going. He could do worse than going back to Fiorentina.
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