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  1. How strict are the club with the entry times? Going to be difficult getting there for 18:35 when I don’t finish work until 7.
  2. Love that the national team are doing well in the Euros and Serie A still decides to be mental. And 43 year old Gigi Buffon is back at Parma
  3. NS Mura won the Slovenian League. Not going to pretend I know anything about them but it seems they're the "phoenix club" of NK Mura, a 1. SNL stalwart, who went bust in 2005 and have since went through two risings. They don't share any previous trophies or achievements with the previous club, nor should they, but the previous incarnation never managed to win the top division. This is after Celje won the league for the first time last season too.
  4. I’m also enjoying the ruthlessness. It’s a step up after all, Cardle had “one more season” and has managed to turn himself into a bit of a hero. Whilst we obviously have to replace his key goals and assists from this season, we’d probably be looking at doing that anyway. Imagine Foster would stay and it’s looking ever more likely Penrice is departing, but seemingly we’ve replaced him with a 6 or 7 out of 10 left back and I don’t think that’s any difference from “Penners’” input. Have to laugh at Williamson, fair enough for making a decision but he’s got football pie all over his face. Few more to leave hopefully, excited to see who else we bring in and it’s nice to get some business done early doors. Hope the week continues to be busy.
  5. I didn't know a building could be considered derelict when there is a bar, takeaway and butcher all operating underneath it.
  6. You see c***s wearing retro gear all the time. The man is a fashionista.
  8. It was a rendition of Arab Strap's " The First Big Weekend" He's some bozo yank on YouTube who seems to be mad into casual culture. Diablo TV is his channel I'm sure.
  9. I work in a shop and we've worn masks since March (also we don't allow customers inside properly which is class - pisses off the entitled and the regulars are very understanding). I've got a big f**k off beard and it can get a wee bit moist under there but that's the only thing that bothers me about it, and if it bothered me that much I could just trim my beard. Nobody sees me anyway. Quite honestly, if it meant not getting a guaranteed cold/flu from the manky general public each year, I would happily wear one whenever entering a shop. It's quite a polite thing to do, especially if you're not well! I imagine hand sanitiser will be the thing that sticks - available on entry to everywhere and on tables in restaurants/bars. Actually kinda gross thinking about how I'd have wired into a burger and a pint previously, after handing over a scabby note coked in... coke. Knew a French guy for a bit whose whole night out was sneaking drinks from other tables. f**k knows what disease he's ended up with.
  10. Smurph

    FM 2020

    If you went Udinese or Watford in the game, would you be able to sign players for free from each club or would you still need to negotiate as normal?
  11. Aye it's been quite poor. I wonder what the impact of living in such close quarters, being away from some family, etc. is. If it's also being filmed a lot closer together (am I right in this?) I'd imagine they're more fatigued or stressed than usual. Probably being put off by Matt Lucas' shite patter anaw
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