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  1. Have you seen Joe Lycett's proposal to him? No response from Golden Balls yet.
  2. Q30. What is the only team not to have a first letter of a colour in their name?
  3. I have every faith in Andreas Cornelius. Hoping for a very low scoring tournament.
  4. For a multitude of reasons I’m not a season ticket holder anymore although I have been in the past. If I don’t have the chance of a voice at my fan-owned club there’s not much point in it any more. It’s pretty damning that there seems to be very little positivity from, well, fucking anyone, about this.
  5. If I’m being kind, he has the Arbroath game, but anything bar a win and it’s jotters for McCall. Would give the caretaker/new manager a free punt against Kelty before back to league business. Sad state of affairs after a promising start. We’ve got a good squad on paper, so we’ve been told, but it’s just been an utterly shite few weeks.
  6. He'll win the Challenge Cup with Dunfermline Athletic in 2037.
  7. Obviously. I’m not going to butter it afterwards.
  8. Can I be put down as a reserve if someone doesn't pay? A bit like Ukraine asking to get a slot.
  9. Please don’t bring any fireworks into the main stand. Thank you.
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