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  1. FIFA 19

    My Felipe Anderson OTW went as an 88 for 370k, about 20k better than he could have, so thought that was decent and time to cash in. Happy enough with that, and excited to improve my squad. I have 415k in total But tbh I really just want to start a career mode and f**k FUT. It's fun but now I'm at the stage I'm not going to better my team and I don't see the point in dedicating so much of my time trying to get terrible packs. Will best my team as much as I can but feel as if my team and I have completely stagnated. I've always loved career mode. Tried a player career as a CAM at Duisburg. Didn't get a game the whole season, went to Heidenheim and won 2. Liga. Didn't play 6 months again for Duisburg and went to Man City for £100m. Seems unrealistic haha, but ganting for a career mode, just wish they'd actually change something for once, been the same game for 5 years.
  2. FIFA 19

    Only went and bloody done it. Probably spent way more than I should have, and had to make a few sacrifices to my team, but used up a lot of my high-rated untradables and guys I didn't use. Went coins for Div Rivals and packed a Lewandowski a few weeks ago so sold him and SIF Suso (who I made a 30k loss from in the space of a week). Changed formation to let him in and haven't opened my packs yet, want to play a game first. Still gutted about not getting the SBC Vrsaljko, would have considered Calabria if I didn't rinse my coins.
  3. FIFA 19

    'Madden-style' would be great. Madden has all the solo challenges too which I'm sure would work towards the improvement . I wonder if that's something they'd ever bring back, like the 'scenario settings' you used to be able to do, where you'd be in losing positions and have to win the game for coins/packs, but I guess with Madden there are so many variables. Had a record of 0-3 in single player seasons and decided I didn't have the time and it wasn't worth grafting for that Vrsaljko card. Use the regular and it would have been perfect for my side. Missed out on a FUT Swap player because RandomGuy shat out of a game
  4. Divisional Round

    Michael Thomas is an absolute machine. Delighted Saints are through, young defence showing their worth after the loss to Vikings last season. Doubtful they can hold Rams to 14, or stop them from scoring in three quarters, but what a comeback.
  5. FIFA 19

    Same boat, haven't been able to play for a few weeks and have fallen behind since I'm not getting any players from rivals or squad battles. Unable to do any of the FUTmas things, would have taken Callejon but regretfully missed out on that. Never actually played with Bakayoko, bought him for doing a SBC Matuidi but never thought it was worth it in the end, can just get the regular now all the prices have dropped I like my squad but tempted to sell everything and rebuild something cool which I can just fanny about with. Only thing putting me off that is SMS. I've got quite a few 84s in the club and the OTW Felipe Anderson which might get an IF again this week
  6. FIFA 19

    Shite haha might just buy him back. I've got just shy of 300k so dunno whether to invest that in someone but scared of this market nonsense and just sell all my players right now, I'm away for a week and won't get any games in.
  7. FIFA 19

    [emoji28] Sold him for 159k. Still have OTW Anderson and have a lot of coins for whenever this Black Friday thing happens. Can't play for a week anyway, so happy enough with that. Just hope PSG don't go on to win!
  8. FIFA 19

    I'd like to use him but don't have any French players in my Serie A team! Just wondering if he'd go up in value or is he like a OTW card or something? I don't understand all the different cards that are cutting about now.
  9. FIFA 19

    Managed to get a special 85 Kimpembe in the SB rewards. It's some sort of Champions League card I think? Best to keep a hold of or sell just now? I don't really understand the card haha
  10. FIFA 19

    When is that?
  11. FIFA 19

    Same but I think he's shite haha. He doesn't fit into my Serie A team anyway but has never been very good off the bench. Happy to keep his card if he's going to keep getting upgrades. Was at 100k or thereabouts when it came out, going for 200k now Got 95k coins and my squad battles rewards to come. Dunno whether to get Matuidi/Chiellini/Immobile/Mertens or change the formation but I like the two strikers. Might save up for Dybala. edit: if I sold Anderson I could afford him haha. Got Miranda in my SB rewards which is pretty cool and going for 12k for some reason.
  12. FIFA 19

    What are the swap cards about? How does that work? Got an IF Costil and a OTW Felipe Anderson in my packs for squad battles! Anderson doesn't currently fit into my Serie A team but might make room for him somehow. He's worth 100k just now, is his stock at the highest or is it worth hoping he gets a few IF cards and I'd get more later on? Will give rivals a go tomorrow in the hope of getting that Verdi card.
  13. FIFA 19

    Been playing UT in single player mode and been enjoying it more than playing online. Never had 18 so a lot of new things I don't understand haha. Finding it hard to find space in the final third on world class with so many people back but starting to increase the scoring margins as the team improves. Rocking two Serie A sides for fitness, Pavoletti is top scorer and a machine, and nothing gets past N'Zonzi
  14. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    We'll be needing Sam Allardyce at this rate
  15. FIFA 19

    Demo out now. Didn't get 18 but buzzing for this. Don't really bother with UT but it's nice to have a career on the go. Glad Thistle will be represented in the Championship. Surprised we're not on the demo tbh.