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  1. It was a rendition of Arab Strap's " The First Big Weekend" He's some bozo yank on YouTube who seems to be mad into casual culture. Diablo TV is his channel I'm sure.
  2. I work in a shop and we've worn masks since March (also we don't allow customers inside properly which is class - pisses off the entitled and the regulars are very understanding). I've got a big f**k off beard and it can get a wee bit moist under there but that's the only thing that bothers me about it, and if it bothered me that much I could just trim my beard. Nobody sees me anyway. Quite honestly, if it meant not getting a guaranteed cold/flu from the manky general public each year, I would happily wear one whenever entering a shop. It's quite a polite thing to do, especially if you're not well! I imagine hand sanitiser will be the thing that sticks - available on entry to everywhere and on tables in restaurants/bars. Actually kinda gross thinking about how I'd have wired into a burger and a pint previously, after handing over a scabby note coked in... coke. Knew a French guy for a bit whose whole night out was sneaking drinks from other tables. f**k knows what disease he's ended up with.
  3. Smurph

    FM 2020

    If you went Udinese or Watford in the game, would you be able to sign players for free from each club or would you still need to negotiate as normal?
  4. Aye it's been quite poor. I wonder what the impact of living in such close quarters, being away from some family, etc. is. If it's also being filmed a lot closer together (am I right in this?) I'd imagine they're more fatigued or stressed than usual. Probably being put off by Matt Lucas' shite patter anaw
  5. Shea Gordon will be at Queen's Park in League One next season.
  6. Spittal loan confirmed. Brilliant replacement for Glass tbf.
  7. For me, it's strange to see Matt Lucas play himself and not a character. He seems a bit awkward, I suppose it is, but he doesn't have the same kind of rapport built up with everyone yet. Noel definitely wants to bang Lottie. Fair play. Rowan deserved to go. Not sure who my favourite is yet. Don't mind the Irish bloke.
  8. I pretty much dress like I can skateboard but I have no balance and just fall off and hurt myself. Haven't tried since I was a teenager though. Had thought about getting one over lockdown, seen a lot of people picking it up which is class to see. Nice documentary on the BBC about Livingston Skatepark and some girls who are trying to use it and get it done up again - Long Live Livi. Arches DIY at Cowcaddens looks pretty great.
  9. Albion Rovers, sorry. Signed Sneddon from Cowden obviously and had you on the mind.
  10. Late to the party but we signed Glenn Daniels on loan from Celtic with absolutely no intention of playing him as first-choice goalkeeper. He was signed as backup to Fox when we sent Scully on loan to Albion Rovers.
  11. If they go through card they're due a tax deduction. A place I used to work now have an app to order food and drink, where they take a automatic 10% service charge (you can change this to 0%) and will go to the staff (after tax). They're looking at getting about £350/400 this month in card tips which is madness. I absolutely did not get that much. I used my card or applepay for pretty much everything now. Take cash out if going to the greengrocer.
  12. Nizzy is a good Jags man and once gave me a Wu-Tang t-shirt.
  13. Yeah. Nothing to do with the thunderstorms, I love those, just every day I wake up thankful I don't live in Fife.
  14. Set an alarm for 3am in Glasgow but slept through it because it's a fucking weird time to wake up. Don't think much happened here anyway. Glad I don't live in Fife though.
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