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  1. My favourite pizza place in Glasgow, Baked, has closed. Such a shite time for small businesses and there’s been a lot in the area now. Will never get a final slice.
  2. Archibald is now a coach* at Motherwell fwiw. I reckon he’s trying to distance himself from McCall and he’s got Scally anyway.
  3. I've worn glasses constantly since about fifth year in school. It used to bother me but I'm used to it now and now you get glasses which don't make you look like a Schofield. I have astigmatism* so my eyes are shaped like Hey Arnold's head, which I believe makes my vision worse, but my lenses get thinned down. I've tried contact lenses before and I wore them to fives once but couldn't get them out afterwards. I stayed up all night before going to the opticians in the morning for them to take them out. What a time. *
  4. We’ve announced 1,100 tickets available to ST holders so it’s at Ochilview.
  5. Looks like you can at least put a full bench out against us tonight.
  6. I'm sure they've stated before, and I'm paraphrasing, that they don't have TVs in their pubs because they don't want 'that type of person' in their establishments. Their stance on that changed during the Qatar World Cup, but I think they're now too big a brand to give a f**k about Scottish football. Glasgow Beer Works have made a beer for Thistle recently, I'm not sure if they're a sponsor, but I'm sure Pilot sponsor Hibs Women and made a beer for them too.
  7. I always thought that was just for trade but Google reviews suggest it's open to the public too. That would be a shout.
  8. It's vegan yeah but it's banging. If OAKA don't have them, it's worth having a jaunt around Partick. There are a lot of Asian supermarkets there.
  9. He comes on for the last 15-20 minutes games and we usually only play Brian Graham as a striker. He scored a few in the first quarter of the season, and injured for much of the third. He hasn't done anything since November though and Danny Mullen (who is out of contract) pretty much does the same thing. We'll need a Graham replacement but it's probably not Dowds.
  10. You’re welcome to Dowds this weekend if you want.
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