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  1. Looks like Dusan Vlahovic is going to… Juventus. Hard to keep a player that doesn’t want to stay, and especially one as good as him, but it’s always fucking Juventus. Seems like they’ve always been his preference too.
  2. This map of lighthouses around the world. Mainly confined in Europe, but you can see the colour, pattern and viewshed.
  3. The biggest upset in history of AFCON continues. Come on Comoros!
  4. Apparently yer man owns £500k worth of shares at Heineken
  5. I would like that too, and I'm fortunate to live in Glasgow where that's a reality right now. It's difficult to do that in more rural areas but if you're proposing that each town has a solely-vegetarian restaurant then sure, but I don't eat meat, it's not like I have leprosy. You don't have to be vegetarian to have the vegetarian option, and the preparation and creation of a vegan burger is no more difficult than making a real burger.
  6. Wordle 219 5/6 Just happy to make through to the next round tbh
  7. The market isn’t really for vegans/vegetarians, as generally they know the brands and products available that they can buy from. It’s so that those looking to eat less meat don’t get freaked out at “mushroom and pea protein based lentil patty with red onion” and get put off. If it’s labelled as a burger, it’s more easy for “normal people” as @Newbornbairn put it, to try.
  8. The recent trend of plant based food is great, as when I go to a restaurant I don’t have to order a macaroni cheese or a mushroom risotto every fucking time. Not that there’s anything wrong with them but it’s nice to have a choice. If you find yourself annoyed by a display of products in a supermarket, just walk away, stand in the real meat aisle and take some deep breaths. Don’t worry. They’re not going to take your precious bacon away.
  9. That little wave was class
  10. Comoros have 12 players out with COVID for the game against Cameroon tomorrow, and it looks like they’re going to have to play an outfield player in goals. Can’t wait!
  11. Do you mean a third and two thirds? Because if so, yes. Reason being is to stop people from ordering an 11% beer, as a pint, costing about £27. Also means the staff don't have to deal with the arsehole skulling pints of it. I've never worked at Brew Dog, thankfully, but I've worked for another craft beer bar and still work in craft beer to an extent. A truly despicable company who have completely outstayed their welcome. Worked wonders for the industry but there is a better brewery in pretty much every town in the country now. Hope the BBC documentary can convince some people away from them, but it's the same as Wetherspoons really. Doesn't matter how shite they treat their staff and how much of a c**t the owner is, goons will still blindly give money to them.
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