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  1. Agree with this. It's a great day for people like you who follow the club everywhere and put so much into the club. Hopefully you were there. I'll probably get to more games next season at Dunterlie as i'll probably not go to as many away games with Killie due to the costs and there is the 6 (?) week break for the World Cup.
  2. Congratulations to Arthurlie for completing the league undefeated - a fantastic achievement irrespective of what league you play in.
  3. What a brilliant sight. The atmosphere last night was fantastic, probably one of the best ever watching Killie. Well done to Raith Rovers and their fans for applauding Killie onto the pitch. I thought you were the best footballing team in the league this year and good luck next season.
  4. I'll give you a greenie for mentioning Supertramp - great band
  5. It's a 6.45pm kick off tomorrow according to Arthurlie's Twitter account
  6. I think it will need to be more than a bit. I would say we need at least 8 players of far higher quality. We got there in the end - just but overall it's been a very poor season. I'll take that though for the feeling when we scored the winner in the last minute. Was great seeing us finally win a league win the flesh with my 85 year old father.
  7. Great post. I think you sat too deep for too long and in the end it cost you the game. You didn't try to put us under any pressure after you scored and tried to defend your lead for too long. I kind of hope you do well in the play offs but I can't say I like Dick Campbell's tactics.
  8. Nice to see someone sensible commenting on the game. I have to be honest after 75 minutes I thought it was going to be one of these days where it just didn't happen but I thought we deserved to win in the end, Arbroath sat too deep and in the end I think they ran out of steam. Also with Gaston being injured this curtailed them,
  9. McGinn won't be at Kilmarnock next season. He has a great football brain, but doesn't have the stamina, speed or energy to play in the SPFL any longer.
  10. We were in trouble the season before and I reckon lockdown saved us. from being dragged into the playoffs. Most of my friends are St Mirren fans and they are all worried how they have performed the last 2 months.
  11. I'd be far more worried about Ayr than us if I was you. Personally, I'm very nervous about tonight as I can see our midfield being overrun.
  12. Good summary, Arthurlie were poor in the first half - just couldn't get going - but upped the pace in the 2nd half and got the job done. Thought MacNeil was excellent. Thought the referee lost the plot in the last 30 minutes or so and the penalty was not just soft, it wasn't even a foul. He also missed their keeper kicking an Arthurlie player, then sent off one of the coaching staff for complaining. There was quite a good crowd last night, with a lot of folk there I know who are not regulars, including me. Saw the championship flag flying today when I passed the ground, so a big well done from me to all concerned for such a successful season, and fingers crossed they complete the season undefeated. Now I just have to worry about Kilmarnock tomorrow night. Catch up soon.
  13. That was one of the best cup ties I have ever been to. We were 1 nil down, then 2-1 up and ended up losing 3-2 on the night. Andy Rirchie was superb that night.
  14. Utter garbage, Andy Ritchie was a fantastic player for Morton. How I would have loved him the Killie team around that period.
  15. Great post. Shows how complicated running the future lists is and you do a fantastic job.
  16. It's due to our abysmal form in many games over the season, including the games against Arbroath, where they have been much better than us. We have absolutely nothing to be arrogant or self entitled about as we are simply not good enough to be like that - part from that is is totally wrong to behave like that. I still think if we win our 2 home games we will go up as Arbroath will then most likely have to win all their other games, but we have to earn it by ourselves.
  17. Hendrie played from the start. Like you I liked Turner
  18. Agreed. A completely useless interviewer. Last season at a press conference at Kilmarnock just after Lafferty arrived, he started to ask Lafferty questions about Rangers and how well they were playing.
  19. Good luck to Arthurlie today. Hopefully they get back on track today and I have a semi final to look forward to. Would be a great weekend for me after last night's game,
  20. Enjoy. I've had 4 measures so I'm stopping now so I am fit to drive in the morning
  21. Agreed, although for my 60th last year my daughters bought me the hoops strip with the Tourhill Joinery logo - I had it years ago, but didn't really like it that much but actually now really it - think it is to do with the quality of the strip.
  22. My favourite Scotch whisky I've just had a few Jura's to celebrate seeing Killie win twice at Somerset for the 2nd time in my 55+ years following Killie Cheers
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