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  1. You are correct. Found this on the KillieFc Forum - 06/01/90 Scottish Cup 2nd Round replay v Stranraer (H) 0-0 (Lost 3-4 on pens) Scored: Dave McKinnon, Tom Callaghan, Willie Watters Missed: Tommy Burns, Paul Flexney 04/02/92 Scottish Cup 3rd round replay v Meadowbank Thistle (H) 1-1 (Lost 3-4 on pens) Scored: Tom Black, Hugh Burns, Calum Campbell Missed: Mark Roberts, Tommy Burns
  2. It was an experience. I remember being in the front row at a Slade concert and the sight of the balcony bouncing was amazing.
  3. I was at all of them too. It's been torture watching us in the Scottish Cup in the main since the early 70s. We were not only the first team to lose a Scottish Cup tie on penalties, we were the first team to lose a Scottish Cup tie twice on penalties - can't remember off the top of my head who that was against - QotS??
  4. Correct - I was at all 4 games and was facing the prospect of another 30 minutes extra tine when the wee sh!te scored in the last minute. None were at neutral venues. I also remember going to 3 Scottish cup ties against Clydebank round this time, with the 3rd game being at neutral Love Street, Paisley. We lost that tie as well.
  5. We went to Australia & New Zealand for just over a month 3 years ago when we retired, and while in Australia stayed in Melbourne (my favourite place in Australia) , Sydney, Port Douglas and Brisbane (for 1 night). As has been mentioned above you need to do the harbour bridge walk - it is a great experience. We did it later in the day so started off when t was light and finished in the dark, which was great. There is a museum under one of the pylons, which is worthwhile seeing, and the admission was included in our tickets for the walk. We did the tour of the Opera House (the guy who did it came from Lanark) and it was okay, nothing special. The Botannic Gardens are nearby and are quite good to spend some time in. There's an open air swimming pool nearby as well if you are interested. We went to both Manly and Bondi beaches and while we spent more time on Manly, I preferred Bondi beach. The ferries are at the jetty next to the Opera House. When we stayed near Port Douglas we did a trip via Quicksilver to the Barrier Reef (Agincourt Reef) - whilst there you can scuba dive, snorkel, take a helicopter ride over the reef (which we did). I would say though that there is a lot of bleaching of the reefs so the colours are not that great. We also did a full day tour of Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation, which was fantastic. The scenery and views were brilliant and there was quite a lot of wildlife to see if you are interested in that sort of thing. Brisbane was where we flew home from so only had 1 day there; we enjoyed the city beach area. Australia is a fantastic place to go to and was the final continent I had to visit, which made it extra special.
  6. That was woeful. Clarke's tactics were so negative and the team looked to me to have no shape, especially the longer the game went on. We're in dire straits if we think the likes of McKenna, Christie, McLean, McTominay are international class.
  7. They knocked Celtic out of the Drybrough Cup in 1980 1980 First Round Celtic 0 Ayr United 1 St Mirren 2-1 Falkirk Aberdeen 4-1 Airdrieonians Morton 4-2 Albion Rovers Semi-Final St Mirren 2-1 Ayr United Morton 2-4 Aberdeen (aet) Final Aberdeen 2-1 St Mirren
  8. First saw them at the Apollo in June 1979 on The Communique Tour. First of many times I've seen them and Knopfler in various formats.
  9. Agree with you but that was not my point. FPTP is a flawed system IMO,
  10. Playing devil's advocate here - It also means the SNP get a far bigger percentage of the Scottish seats in the UK parliament than their votes merit, so depending upon your view on independence (i.e. against) it could be deemed a disaster for Scottish voters as well.
  11. Apologies then - the beggar lied to me.
  12. Queen supported Mott The Hoople in 1974, the same year 7 Seas of Rhye was released You're older than you think ZingaliMan 😀😀
  13. That was recorded between 27th and 29th October 1976, on their previous tour.
  14. Status Quo - Apollo 1977, supported by British Lions
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