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  1. I heard that clown too - 'my beautiful football club" Another one of the 'entitled' with a 'chip on both shoulders'
  2. Have you never been to the away end at Somerset? Killie fans wore masks there long before they became mandatory!!
  3. Woeful today and got what we deserved - nothing.
  4. I think you are correct. Still think the fine is a bit excessive, considering the lack of funds clubs will have at present
  5. Agree 100% Do we need to thank Grievance FC for going to Dubai or did common sense prevail?
  6. At least that's the fair way to decide who gets the points. If Motherwell beat us (assuming we get a similar decision) then good luck to them as they will have earned these 3 points.
  7. 10 years ago today I was on Port Lockroy in Antarctica, where there is a museum and post office, from where you can send mail all over the world. Port Lockroy is on Goudier Island (64º49’S, 63º30’W) off the Antarctic Peninsula. Following a conservation survey in 1994, British ‘Base A’ – Port Lockroy was recognised for its historical importance and designated as Historic Site and Monument No. 61 under the Antarctic Treaty. In 1996 a team from the British Antarctic Survey was funded to renovate the buildings in 1996. Since then the site has been open to visitors during the Antarctic summer (November to March). It is now managed by the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust (UKAHT) who operate the site as a ‘living museum’ including a very popular small gift shop. All profit from the shop proceeds goes towards renovation of other historic sites in Antarctica.
  8. A great and vital 3 points for us today. Thought Mulumbu, Kiltie, Findlay and Power were all excellent.
  9. Brilliant. Sadly you will never get through to these people.
  10. Perhaps car sharing on the way to training? I saw it at Dunterlie several times last year.
  11. I'd happily take Erwin back. I'm quite envious of having a pro-active manager, albeit I am not too fussed about losing Brophy. He's gone stale recently, so probably needs a change of club. Good luck to him though, as long as he doesn't score against us
  12. He was awful. There's a reason he's on a free.........
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