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  1. Great picture - I have never seen a picture of that end without the roof.
  2. Looks like either penny Hope or Douglas Hope We used to think they were bad but they are absolutely miles ahead of the clowns refereeing today. They knew how to 'man manage' players, or probably were actually allowed to do so rather than today's clones. I seem to remember some story about someone wanting to 'dance like Vic Kasule' but don't know anything other than that.
  3. Sad news. What a lovely man he was. I knew him through the football and swimming at Neilston baths - well he spent most of the time talking. Always enjoyed talking about football with him. RIP big man.
  4. Sounds great. Colombia is supposed to be beautiful. NZ was also brilliant and if I was ever to emigrate anywhere it would be NZ. Too old for that now
  5. I had wanted to go for years, so we made our minds up we were going to go and eventually booked it to celebrate both our 50th birthdays. It cost a small fortune (just short of a 5 figure sum in 2011) but was worth every penny. The silence on the snow/ice/land is, as they say, deafening. The excursions are strictly controlled as the travel company are only allowed a maximum of 100 people on land at any one time, including those working on the boat, so its done on a rota system with strict timelines allowed on land before departing; you also must remain within specific areas on land. I ventured outside once in error, wandering too close to a nesting Brown Skua, which started diving towards me. They are also extremely rigorous in terms of cleanliness of getting on and off the boat/land to preserve the ecology. We also swam (a bit of embellishment here) in Cuverville Island for a few seconds. I would love to go back sometime but if I did I would ensure the trip involved visits to The Falklands and South Georgia. After getting to Antarctica we decided we then wanted to visit all 7 continents, which we completed in 2017.
  6. Belgrade!!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Memorable for the wrong reasons, although we had a great time there.
  7. Train from Glasgow to London Flight from Heathrow to Madrid Flight from Madrid to Buenos Aires Flight from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia Boat (MV Fram) from Ushuaia to Antarctica The the same in reverse to get home. Most of the 7 visits were around the South Shetland Isles with 2 on Antarctica itself.
  8. I actually sat about 10 feet away from McMaster at a game between Greenock Juniors and Arthurlie not too long ago.
  9. Rougvie, "Polaris" MacDonald, Bell(??), Miller, Scanlon and Colin McAdam
  10. I've not seen your goal from last night. The Bergkamp goal is my favourite. Salah's recent goal against West Ham is also up there.
  11. That's actually my favourite ever goal. (Apart from any Killie goalπŸ˜€ )
  12. St Johnstone had 7 academy graduates in the squad for the final but no mention of this. That's a fantastic achievement and far more should have been said about this. Well done on winning the cup on Sunday. I listened to Collins last night and what a bore he is. He's dreadful to listen too
  13. Great player. Still remember him scoring in the 1974 World Cup against Zaire
  14. I think spitting like they do is disgusting, but have you ever watched baseball?
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