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  1. Thank God it stopped them then or it would have been 8. This subject is the biggest load of crap that's ever talked about with regards to Scottish football. I genuinely don't think we get any advantage from it and I always think these pitches favour the better football teams.
  2. Until relegation a couple of years ago I would easily go to more than half of our away games, but i'm now at the stage where I am now most likely to only attend the likes of St Mirren (a local game for me), Motherwell, Livingston and probably Hearts as my brother stays very close to Tynecastle, due to the prices charged by the clubs plus travel costs - You are talking of over £50 before buying any food or drinks. I'll probably head along and watch Arthurlie if they are at home when Killie are playing away from home. For Ross County to charge £28 is unbelievable - how can they justify that? I also think Kilmarnock are totally wrong charging the 2 cheeks as well as walk up Killie fans £30 - if I didn't have a season ticket I wouldn't be anywhere near it. I'm on a works pension but too young to qualify for state pension/concession prices so I can't justify paying the full prices being charged by the majority of the clubs.
  3. Cheers. I wasn't aware of that as Iplayed rugby in the mid-late 70s. I can understand the logic of the rule but to me a forward pass is a forward pass irrespective of momentum and 2 of the SA tries definitely included 2 forward passes. At least i now know why these decisions are made, albeit I don't like them. It doesn't seem to be an issue in Rugby League, which I much prefer.
  4. Are you talking about the 2nd and 4th tries? I thought they were both forward passes, but the 4th one was miles forward. I played rugby for my school and don't know now whether the rules have changed
  5. I was at Ibrox the day Killie fans sang that song and he took it really well if memory serves me right and also at Hampden the night he made his debut and the fans sang 'You're not English anymore" Without a doubt the best Scottish goalkeeper I have ever seen and arguably as good as any other keeper in the UK, including Shilton and Southall. Listened to Sportsound yesterday when they did a tribute to him which was excellent - I had forgotten he played with both Motherwell and QOTS.
  6. I thought he played well in the 2nd half against us in the game at Rugby Park in February, He also scored in the 3-1 game at Somerset.
  7. He was born less than 2 weeks before my father so by the time I was going to the football regularly he was nearing the end of his career. I became more aware of him when he came to Kilmarnock as assistant manager. Could still cross a great ball during the warm ups. As you say he was very fit, probably someone well ahead of the trend in his playing days. I think I was talking rubbish when I said he played for our reserves in his late 40s - I now think that was Rab Stewart.
  8. I seem to remember him paying for our reserves in his late 40s
  9. I think it was from a game (November 1993) when we drew 2-2 at Rugby Park and Tom Brown was sent off for trying to punch Peter Grant. If I remember correctly I think he missed. Mark Skilling scored a late equaliser too. Nowadays I don't mind Grant - funny how less important things are as you get older.
  10. Who now works alongside them He was a good full back back in the day.
  11. Comes from the same town as me but I didn't know him as he was slightly older than me, Met him on holiday in Paignton about 30 years ago - I think he was with Montrose at the time as I remember discussing Ivo Den Bieman at the time who had just signed for Dundee. Alex McLeish is also a nice guy, who still keeps in touch with some of the guys he went through school with.
  12. Wrong - they got 2 stands that day, but bought up loads of tickets for the other 2 stands. The main stand and the East Stand were both meant to be only for Killie fans. It was horrific that afternoon and PC Plod and his assistants were utterly incompetent in stopping them git into these 2 stands. That game and the aftermath of the day Celtic fans mis-behaved in 2003 when they lost the league at Rugby Park on goal difference are the 2 worst experiences I have ever experienced in over 50 years watching Killie. The next season (2011/2012) we gave Celtic fans 3 stands the day they beat us 6-0 to win the league, just weeks after we beat them in the League Cup Final - and allowed their DJ to perform as well - dreadful. I made sure I cleaned my seat the next time I was there first before sitting down. Re St Mirren, ensure you only give the bigots one stand maximum.
  13. Islay is a fantastic island to visit. Enjoyed a week there a few years ago following a family wedding. Thoroughy enjoyed playing The Machrie Links as well.
  14. Agree with this. It's a great day for people like you who follow the club everywhere and put so much into the club. Hopefully you were there. I'll probably get to more games next season at Dunterlie as i'll probably not go to as many away games with Killie due to the costs and there is the 6 (?) week break for the World Cup.
  15. Congratulations to Arthurlie for completing the league undefeated - a fantastic achievement irrespective of what league you play in.
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