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  1. Thanks Pozbaird - that is very helpful. I noticed with you being a buddy, that you went to see the pandas - I saw them in Chengdu along with a fellow buddy.
  2. We're going in the opposite direction in July , starting in Calgary for the Stampede. We have one other day there before heading onto Banff, Emerald Lakes, Kelowna, Vancouver Island before finishing in Vancouver. If anyone has suggestions on what to do and see in Calgary and Kelowna it would be helpful.
  3. I did likewise and got this totally wrong. Time playing tricks on my mind now.
  4. Ha ha - Only one team for me when Killie are playing. I would hope Arthurlie put up a good account of themselves but ideally would be happy with a 6 nil to Killie. 😂😂 Seriously though I would be bricking it before the game as one of the best results I have enjoyed recently was Auchinleck v A*r United in the Scottish Cup last season - the equivalent of our Connaghs Quay.
  5. Agree with what you say. It makes no sense not to want to join the new set up. Terracing improvements are needed though as I slipped and fell on the terracing behind the goal at the last game I attended. 😀 I would love an Arthurlie v Killie tie in the Scottish Cup.
  6. While that is true and I am not disappointed he has gone he still had us 3rd in the league at one point, we only conceded goals in 1 game out of 8 after a poor start. I still blame the players 100% for the result against Connaghs Quay - they should easily have been good enough to win that tie over 2 games. My point was that because he wasn't in the clique that exists in Scottish football he was always going to be targeted by these clowns.
  7. And I blame the players 100% for that. They f*cked up, not him
  8. Yip - same people that slaughtered Alessio from the start
  9. It's times like the above that I miss now that I have retired. It's about the only thing I miss
  10. Well I didn't see that coming. Thought we were comfortable in the first half without really looking like scoring. In the 2nd half we were very well organised at the back and took the game to them and put them out of their stride, especially down the left hand side of the pitch. Hamalainen had his best performance for weeks , yet despite that I didn't think we overly looked like scoring. That shower of shite, including their subs, were wasting time continually, especially McGregor, and repeatedly kicked the ball away at throw ins and bye kicks, yet Cheatin' Beaton ignored it repeatedly. However the last 18 minutes were fantastic and in the end I think we deserved our win. The winner was a fantastic knock on from Kabamba ond an amazing finish from Brophy. We defended resolutely for the remainder of the game - Dicker and Power were fantastic, playing the ball out of defence comfortably repeatedly. Just what this victory meant to the players at the end was clear - Dicker, Power, Findlay and Burke showed exactly what it meant to them. All in all a brilliant night in the end and the fact if screws that lot up again makes it even better. Glorious 😀😀
  11. I was there but as I was only 8 can't remember it
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