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  1. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Downfermline. If Queen's Park can't beat us they should fold tbh.
  2. Bit of trivia that you may or may not be aware of: The last player to score the winner for The Pars at Ibrox before Leishman was Bert Paton.
  3. Jesus Christ. I will now have some fun with the post. 3. Asterisking out Ireland. Are you 6? A bigot? A 6 year old bigot? Peter Grant is the worst ever Pars manager, that is indisputable despite whatever criminal offences others are alleged to have taken part in. Alleged being the key word as he was never charged with anything. 2. Unless Ross McArthur has split personality disorder then it wasn't him who released that statement as highlighted by the attached screenshot. 1. Once again if you read the statement again properly the comments are attributed to Thomas Meggle. When exactly did Ross McArthur call the fans scum? The only scum are the cretins who destroyed his property, spat on him and verbally abused his family. If it wasn't for Ross McArthur we wouldn't have a club to support, or be supporting some phoenix club in the Lowland League. He has made several mistakes and misjudgements and will admit that himself but has put in several hours for the benefit of the club unpaid (as have all members of the board) even before we were in administration (only recently learnt that he funded the Norrie poster) but when ungrateful, uninformed arseholes make comments like this he must wonder why he bothered.
  4. Was it as many as 20? I thought it was something like 9, then he got injured and Westie kept the jersey again.
  5. Jim McQueen has a faultless record as a Pars keeper. 2 games played 0 goals conceded after we brought him in on a short term deal in 1994 when Westie picked up an injury and new keeper Jim Will (another candidate for worst Pars keeper) had fucked his ankle in a pre-season friendly v Bolton.
  6. Remember I posted on Facebook that Mehmet was shite and you said I was being incredibly harsh? [emoji23] Best Pars keeper: Westie Worst: Even though De Vries got us relegated and cost us the Scottish Cup has to go to Mehmet.
  7. I remember Stan Ternent being interviewed before we appointed Davie Hay and he had an absolutely bizarre meltdown at the Sky Sports News cameras outside East End Park for some reason.
  8. If Inverness lose on Saturday they deserve to fold.
  9. The most sure fire home banker in the history of home bankers.
  10. Istvan Kozma when he could be arsed which in the 1991-92 season wasn't often. Still managed to con Graeme Souness into giving us 200K for him though.
  11. Yeah, when we beat Dundee 1-0 in the League Cup. Flapped at a cross allowing Jackson Longridge a free header, made a few other blunders that went unpunished. In an unrelated note maybe I should change my avatar but then again he did leave us in this mess...
  12. Ian looks a lot better than his son does. Really nice guy, and it would be a shame if he had to step down from the board because his son can't step away from the keyboard.
  13. Was or is already in advisory capacity with us. Apparently advised the board not to hire Peter Grant...
  14. Nope not kidding. It really unsettling that he has his fingers in so many pies in and around the club (dot net, official site, heritage trust, turnstiles) considering he was Masterton's biggest cheerleader. Having regrettably glimpsed at dot net last week he still sees absolutely no problem in the way he behaved back then.
  15. Don't tend to read the official site all that often tbh. If it is particularly strewn with spelling and grammar mistakes then it is the same guy who runs dot net as he also has had control over the official site for quite some time.
  16. Arbroath will win this easily without breaking a sweat. Hopefully.
  17. He was expecting to be paid off after the QoS game and was as shocked as everybody else to still be in a job.
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