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  1. I don't know how tbh. He bottled the Fife derby playing Andy "flappy" McNeil instead of David McGurn who seemed to play a blinder in them.
  2. That anger is not at all misplaced. Brian was complicit in aiding and abetting Masterton and I can't remember why but I was on dot net fairly recently and Brian was still defending his actions during that period claiming he did nothing wrong.
  3. Wee café at the top of the escalator in the Kingsgate beside the Erskine Church it's round about a fiver for a bacon and coffee and that's one of the cheapest places in Dunfermline imo.
  4. Two unconvincing wins against a covid riddled Dumbarton side and a really poor Stenhousemuir team are hardly skelpings... A good part time side would have made us their bitches, and handed us our worst result against them since 1992... Oh wait Arbroath did. I don't recall Grant skelping Civil Service Strollers or Spartans.
  5. John Potter worse than the only manager in the club's entire history to never win a league game? Behave yersels.
  6. Then had the cheek to call the fans chanting "what a waste of money" a disgrace.
  7. James McPake scored the goal that got Davie Hay sacked. He deserves great adulation for that imo.
  8. When McPake was punted Dundee were 11th and 3 points ahead of St. Johnstone with a game in hand. Last time I checked 11th in the SPFL Premiership is not an automatic relegation place.
  9. As someone who enjoys pedantry, you'll appreciate that McPake didn't relegate his previous club. Mark McGhee did.
  10. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Downfermline. If Queen's Park can't beat us they should fold tbh.
  11. Bit of trivia that you may or may not be aware of: The last player to score the winner for The Pars at Ibrox before Leishman was Bert Paton.
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