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  1. There isn't any other option. It was madness that they were still insisting the rugby was going ahead this morning. Theres a UEFA meeting on tuesday when things may become clearer. In the meantime we can all just agree it's a rangers led conspiracy to keep United down.
  2. Euro 2020 will be postponed for a year and domestic and european club competitions will finish up over the summer months.
  3. We're not so much stumbling over the line as staggering in its general direction.
  4. Conditions could make a goal for either side here.
  5. Decent half from both teams despite the conditions. Shanklands just having a spell where it's not happening for him but fancy him to keep plugging away and get a goal.
  6. Good thread. It is crazy to see some of the architectural vandalism committed in cities which unfortunately seems to be continuing with glass monstrosities being thrown up all around glasgow. Also crazy to see the design that went into buildings 100 plus years ago that were never intended to be permanent.
  7. Just blow the whistle and award both teams nil points for crimes against football.
  8. I dont think hes actually that bad, it just isn't working with him and Butcher together. He was fine in his first game when he was paired with Glass.
  9. And that presumably concludes the tragic tale of Osman Sow. Contract up in the summer and one(?) goal to his name.
  10. To be fair Shankland is good enough to play a second striker role. His link up play is as good as his finishing. Should be 2 up top though. Hopefully neilson is just making absolutely sure that Sow leaves in the summer.
  11. Aladdin


    Their tour that's been ongoing since Slash and Duff rejoined a couple of years back has had some decent reviews. Think Axl has finally cottoned on that he cant make money continually behaving like a twat. Anyway, I've never seen them so tickets purchased. The rolling stones and acdc have been great gigs so no problems with a nostalgia fest.
  12. Reckon it will be 4-4-2. If either Sow or Shankland are being forced to play wide though Neilson needs to have a word with himself.
  13. Whilst it's frustrating that we didn't get to see the potential that Banks undoubtedly has, we cant really complain if Palace have thrown a bit extra cash our way and a possible slice of any future transfer fee to get him into their developmental set up now. Dont want to see him fail - his wage demands were apparently unreasonable but best of luck to him. Hopefully he turns out to be an excellent player and makes it to the national side as well as netting us a future windfall.
  14. Stanton is a decent championship level player but probably wouldn't be first choice in the top flight. All the best to him if hes away.
  15. I think we have a chance in the replay but we have to go for broke. Hibs were slick and largely the better team but they left plenty of space for our attacking players, unfortunately we just weren't at it to capitalise. We could go 4-4-2 with Appere in up top with Shankland. Play Mcmullan wide right and Sporle wide left on the assumption Powers and Butcher start again in the middle. Harkes, nice assist for the goal aside, was pretty anonymous.
  16. Meh. We were nowhere near our best. Pawlett and Mcmullan were atrocious and given we were largely reliant on them to create chances we were always struggling. Thank god for Shankland and Appere.
  17. Mcmullan and Pawlett have both been pretty shite.
  18. Be interesting to see how powers and butcher do together. Two strong midfielders. Good to see Mcmullan back.
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