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  1. Is any head injury not? Tbf to the lad, its not as if they need to prove he was injured.
  2. Heartily looking forward to Trump tearing the Republicans apart over the next 2 years.
  3. Was hoping the keeper would be off. Not to bring Eriksson on, just to play without either of them.
  4. A pleasant surprise. As has been said, Djoum just doesn't offer anything and would much rather see Sibbald in beside Levitt.
  5. We must hold some sort of record for conceding late goals at Parkhead.
  6. The signing of Djoum just sums up this season so far. Crying out for a defensive anchor, the club seem to recognise that and manage to bring in someone who isn't that kind of player, isn't fit and looks too old anyway. A series of cock ups on and off the field.
  7. For the sheer naked shamelessness, further irreparable damage to the tories and support for the indy movement, we should all be backing Boris. #BringBackBoJo
  8. Farcical stuff although extremely pleasing to see Braverman emptied so soon.
  9. Bit of a shocker of a performance with Kilmarnock not much better. A Jack Ross hangover.
  10. Confidence. Effectively, the UK now has less financial leeway than before the mini-budget as the markets have no confidence in those in charge. Reversing the policies to the status quo is not enough. A general election would be the best way to resolve this or, at the very least, the installation of a market friendly PM such as Sunak. Rejoining the single market would also be a great help.
  11. There's no way Truss can survive this. Hunt has just filed her entire economic policy in the bin (where it belonged) and she will be left defending measures the same as she was attacking Labour about last week. I also can't see how the damage to the Tory party in general can be anything other than irreparable. Hunt's new approach seems to be a return to some form of Osbournomics and austerity-lite, warning of real term cuts to public spending. Even if some of the public forget about the shambles of the last month, they aren't going to enjoy the next 12-18 months.
  12. Further statement alert. https://www.dundeeunitedfc.co.uk/news/7533/CLUB-STATEMENT--INVESTIGATION-FINDS-ABUSE-CAME-FROM-AWAY-SUPPORT.html Whilst it's good that it would appear no racist abuse was shouted by either support at anyone, surely a massive points deduction is the only way to deal with the relentless fat shaming of Tony Watt. Remember Hibs, Be Kind.
  13. Great result. Rode our luck but, whilst we still look a bit fragile, that's a massive improvement in work rate and spirit.
  14. Bit of a sore one that for the dons. Jack Ross may be prepared to commute up to Aberdeen.
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