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  1. Much better from joshua. Better movement and didn't get drawn in. Ruiz looked like he was carrying far too much weight and never got close.
  2. I actually thought Corbyn looked ok whereas Johnson was just parroting the same talking points as he has done for the past month. Likely not enough to win many over to Corbyn but showed Johnson's entire strategy now is talk as little as possible and say even less. Edit to say still voting SNP.
  3. Neilson has the Manager of the month course bestowed upon him just in time for tomorrow's game. United 0 Alloa 1
  4. If shanklands not 100% fit then he should be rested altogether. We have Clark, Appere and Smith which should be enough.
  5. Hopefully no issues, weather from 10am onwards is meant to be dry, sunny and above freezing.
  6. Should only be 2-3 weeks out. Confident we will be ok in the next couple of games.
  7. Routine win. That was the most comfortable performance in ages, never looked in threat.
  8. Given that Labour have responded to their battering in scotland by electing a series of absolute diddies to the position of leader it would appear the message will never get through. The one positive for them is that, should they man up and go for an election, then take a battering, it can likely be pinned mostly on Corbyn. People like Starmer have probably gained a fair amount of goodwill and credibility and could step in.
  9. Reckon the SNP/Lib Dem plan will be the way forward. Both parties must be calculating the risk of a Tory majority against a possible anti-Tory coalition which may be possible depending on how well Labour defend their seats and inroads into the Tory vote made by Lib Dems and Brexit party. f**k all else is getting done anyway so might as well go for it.
  10. Thank christ neilson got his deal extended to ward off all the potential suitors.
  11. Stuart Armstrong is the best player I have ever seen that couldn't kick a football. Rankin and Paton were shite in the 2013/14 season and only made to look good when teams were sitting back in terror due to the 4 ahead of them.
  12. Another shocking performance. The worst of united this season has come against arbroath and alloa.
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