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  1. I thought our defending was ok today. Rode our luck a couple of times but mainly coped well enough. We can't seem to get a grip of things in the middle of the park. Pawlett is reverting back to his old self after a good start and Harkes isn't offering enough. Hopefully Fuchs is the man.
  2. Brechin apparently offering refunds? I didn't watch the game but would like to think I wouldn't take them up on that if I had paid for it.
  3. These are out tomorrow. Brown trainers can be controversial but I think these look class.
  4. Not a shite clothing brand but has anyone come across Vollebak stuff before? Only recently heard of it, seems they've taken the ideas behind stuff like Stone Island and Acronym to the extreme. Bit pricey given the lack of sales and but some bold claims about the performance and durability of the clothing. Fancy one of those 100 year hoodies if I ever have a few hundred quid to burn.
  5. Gyms being closed over winter would be brutal. The benefits of exercise to mental and physical health surely should be prioritised right now.
  6. I hope we intend go play both together. Shanklands work to create chances for others is underrated and McNulty could take the pressure to finish off.
  7. I have no difficulty keeping McMullan as an impact player but he just isnt consistent enough to be starting each week.
  8. Looking forward to seeing whose shite crayoning efforts go up first.
  9. Chalmers is a decent prospect but I would prefer to see Appere back in there. Hopefully Fuchs is an upgrade in the middle of the park and would allow Butcher to move back to centre half. Alternatively, play the two of them together to try and protect a weak back line but that would likely see us forced into a 3-5-2 all the time. Maybe try Pawlett in a more attacking central role in place of Harkes?
  10. I had completely forgotten about Ritchie. Very good player ruined by injury. As you say, Paterson was meant to be another great footballer who spent most of his time injured. Seems to have been a few Scottish defenders over the last 20-30 years with great potential but never realising it or being forced out the game early due to injuries. I would include Keith Watson in that group who has managed a decent career but would surely have played at a higher level but for two knee injuries before he was 21.
  11. Only caught the second half so missed the stuff about the proud boys live. Looking back, its unbelievable that a president can get away with that. Clinton took so much stick for the deplorables comment but you have to question a large part of the base that will have loved Trumps performance.
  12. Trump just cant be moderated. They should threaten to shut off his mic.
  13. The university situation is baffling. Surely everyone knew that the majority of teaching, if not all of it, would be online this year. Is it just a case of universities trying to get more money in the form of rental for halls or what? Cant believe they weren't told to keep students away until at least after Xmas.
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