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  1. Dyce Juniors are looking to source a second hand set of floodlights for Ian Mair Park. If anyone knows of any that are available could you please get in touch- [email protected] Thanks
  2. A couple of the other committee members been down today and sadly in reality it is worse than it looks in photos. We cant really do a thing until the water levels go down but already clear that the damage is severe and will be some time until we see any football there
  3. There are first round games being played so still some way off!! Do you mean the semi's of the Grill League Cup? If so they are a week on Saturday- Culter play Banks O'Dee and Maud v Dyce in the other.
  4. Cheers Alfie, as always we will look after our visitors......assuming the rain stays off of course!!
  5. As things stand the game is on, the pitch has been checked today and is ok. We will keep an eye on things obviously as we have no control over the weather but fingers crossed!!
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