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  1. I remember a game being called off at 2pm at gayfield about 5/6 years ago. These things happen, some state some people are getting in [emoji23]
  2. It’s just default position for some people to slate any new manager. Its the same people who gave Goodwin pelters for weeks on end telling him to gtf now wish he was still here
  3. Think our penalty looks pretty clear cut on they highlights. Robertson also hand ball but f**k knows what the rules are about hand balls nowadays.
  4. Brilliant 2nd half. Thought we looked a lot better 2nd half with Thomson upfront. All too often first half we would be passing the ball about in our own half then as soon as dunfermline properly pressed us the ball would just get lumped up to Ohara who was never going to get anything from the dunfermline centre halfs. Thomson definetly helped us get up the pitch and once we were there our passing and movement in the dunfermline half caused them a few problems. Fair play to Jon Robertson as well btw. Outstanding in the middle. Got to be in there every week for me absolutely wasted playing full back
  5. It's the same people shouting on Saturday for Grants head that seem to shout for the head of every manager we've had for as long as I can remember! Utterly bizarre behaviour.
  6. Hard to watch today but some of the shouting at the players and manager were a bit OTT I think. Thought we were starting to work our way into the game with Thomson coming on causing a few problems but the sending off killed it in the end
  7. Like the look of O'hara so far. Hope Neilly is back next week as well
  8. Will be giving the Stirling and Elgin games a swerve if it'll be 18 quid to get in.
  9. The only reason Parry is with us is playing part time suits him better. He's had another outstanding season and saved us a few points with his performances
  10. Hard to single out players after they 3 games but Flannigan and Hetherington have been outstanding
  11. We are absolute shocking at home and have been for quite some time. The games in general are shocking, still can't believe we never made the pitch bigger halfway through - hope it doesn't come back to bite us.
  12. Getting to retake a bye kick if defender touches it before it leaves the box
  13. I had a pretty good view of the penalty and my first thought was Trouten dived but I think if he has Morton and Scully in particular would have made a bigger fuss then they did
  14. Goodwin manager of the month and Zanatta player of the month. Outstanding achievement in this league
  15. Think he slipped taking the free kick as well and the Dunfermline fans cheered
  16. Think we've got to keep Dario central that's where he is most effective
  17. Iain Flannigan would surely get a game for most teams in this division - especially in the form he's in this season. An Alloa great and another superb performance.
  18. We were terrible but credit to Edinburgh city was fairly impressed by them.ì Fail to see what Greg Spence brings to the team should never have took him back. Huge fan of Goowdin as well but his insistence in getting Adam Brown on the pitch near enough every game and usually in place of Cawley is getting annoying. Especially when we're looking for a goal
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