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  1. As an English-born and bred half-scot who is also (for the time being, at least), a member of the Labour Party, I really, really hope Scottish Labour get truly destroyed. I don't know if there is a half-competent mind between them. Bunch of incompetent arseholes, truly the worst of the worst gutter standard. I had the misfortune of hearing Iain Gray give a lecture and spent half of it praying to be deaf. When I die, I may possibly regret those 45 minutes before anything else. I'm no fan of independence (largely for illogical, emotional reasons) but Salmond is the only viable candidate. Gave my second vote to the Greens. Felt all warm inside.
  2. Yeah, others seem to have summed it up, but just to say - Murano really isn't that bad, I've been staying there this year. It's a twenty-minute walk from the Uni, but it isn't that bad, particularly once you've made friends. Tesco is just down the road, you can grab the bus outside the Village to Uni and to the town on Maryhill Road... It certainly isn't as bad as it looks. It's just a place to stay - and you'll no doubt make friends. I've been staying in a flat of four - and it is a bit of a lottery - but I've found it decent enough. You won't find much better I don't think.
  3. Well after a year of waiting I'll be going to Glasgow Uni next month to do History and Politics. Should be fun.
  4. My sky screwed up for a few minutes (typically ) but I think he accidentally got singed by his pyro. Edit - Turns out he did. Wouldn't want to be the pyro guys right now.
  5. Remember reading an interview not long ago where Michaels said he's been trying to retire for the past three years, but Vince has always needed him. Giving that he's a pastor or something back in Texas, I can see Michaels retiring this year (if not, definitely next) and then saying good-bye to wrestling for ever. I'm thinking he gets so desperate that he puts his career on the line to get the Deadman - and despite an incredible effort and a five-star match, he just loses, at which point he leaves with much fanfare etc. We'd have a WrestleMania where both Hart and Michaels get their moment in the sun, and maybe Cena/Batista too, which is probably the big match of the current era.
  6. Bret might not be just coming in to manage or be a GM - Rumour is that Bret is having a match. Presumably, Bret/Vince in a street fight?
  7. I don't regret buying this PPV at least. Orton-Kofi was good. Christian/Shelton wasn't what I expected but I still liked it. Sheamus I have no idea what the WWE are thinking. Are we getting something like Austin/Kane 98? Can't complain that the WWE is always predictable, anyway. Makes me sad to see Taker as he is though. He's obviously injured. When's he is at his best, there are few better, which makes it worse when he struggles around the ring like he was struggling tonight. Hopefully he can get himself into a good shape for 'Mania.
  8. Choose between Mania 17 and Rumble 2001. In my opinion, the best Rumble Match ever and the greatest Mania Main Event.
  9. I'm thinking it may well be DiBiase. Now, this is going to be interesting. DX, Harts - its 1997 all over again.
  10. Cena/Punk announced for tonight. Orton opened the show, did the usual thing, demanded a title shot etc. Ventura came out, said he was sick of the same people being in the Main Event and announced that the next challenger for a world title will be someone who has never won the world title before - so there's going to be qualifier matches throughout the night only for those who have never won a World Title, with the winners going through to a "Breakthrough" Battle Royal later tonight. Then Kofi beat Ziggler. Edit - Also, Hart Dynasty v DX Tonight. That'll be interesting.
  11. This show has potential to be amazing.
  12. Kane in 2002-2003 was great. He's always been a big star but not near Taker's level - I genuinely believe that he could have really made that jump in the right circumstances with his mask on - but instead, we got the Katie Vick thing. That said, Kane was awesome for a while after his unmasking - the excuse for his lack of burns was stupid, but he was an absolute pyscho, and again he could have ended up a very big heel if handled right. For the sake of his career though, he'd have been better masked.
  13. I bought the Hell in a Cell PPV and was disappointed - We get this for free and I greatly enjoyed it. Solid PPV all-round, and Cena/Orton was immense. Orton is frustrating in that he's always approaching greatness, but never quite reaches that level - whether its because of booking or not I don't know - but last night he was flawless. Epic storytelling from Orton, and the match itself was very well crafted. Glad 'Taker retained as well, but he didn't look anywhere near his best, he looked uncomfortable all night.
  14. Being reported now that Jeff Hardy has been arrested on charges of drug trafficking amongst other things. Possibly imprisonment for five years. What an idiot he is.
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