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  1. C’mon 8 mile do your research. Tam Miller was an excellent right back for the BU’s back in the day. Whereas Tomas Muller never graced Newtoon.
  2. You’re rightDD. Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Frid, Sun, Sun. Something missing.👎
  3. Me to also. Just been on. Entry money, Raffle and treasure chest - if you do all 3 - it’s a lot of revenue to lose.
  4. Yes roadblocks aplenty and all require different bits of paper all in the right order to gain entry. To wait till June is farcical. If everything is in order get it rubber stamped and move on.
  5. Nothing like being a bitter Rangers fan. It might just be the only place you’ll win a title assuming you play FIFA 20/21.
  6. A real character. Speaking to a friend recalling the time when Joe “innocently “ bent down to tie his laces just as the Ref was running backwards and needless to say he went over his back. The game was away from home but was it Blackburn or Linlithgow?
  7. The one certainty is there will be no football soon. So why didn’t they bring forward the AGM they are doing bugger all else except listening to prolonged bickering at the top table.
  8. Nothing would would shock us. Supposed to be a Professional Organization but Amateurs in all but name. Why does it take so long to bring things to a close? Is it too many small minded clubs ensuring their slice of a diminishing cake?
  9. Too much time on his hands. Stir crazy perhaps. TBH the shamateurish way Scottish Football is run nothing would surprise me.
  10. When we get through this the longing will be for “When Saturday Comes” Bookies, Fitba & Pub.
  11. So what overheads due you have the no other clubs have? We have to pay for the use of the community facilities. Which of course goes towards the maintenance etc. etc. So picking up the phone is quite a costly exercise when you train 2 nights plus a game. All you’ve got to do is practice your social distancing.
  12. Also that he wasn’t happy playing in that forward position. More than happy to hear he has extended his contract.
  13. It does exactly as it says on the tin. Google it.
  14. They all played their part. However I would heap a lot of praise on Campbell and Hunter.
  15. Well done to all at the Club. Next up the license, then hopefully accepted into the Lowland League. Next up when will football return? If you can predict that then you can win the lottery. 👍
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