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  1. He certainly emphasise’s that. Must have gone through a lot of jotters at school.
  2. Somebody taking the piss out of you again.
  3. 6 games apparently. Absolute shambles that this was allow to happen in the first place. He’ll will be a big miss. Of course Darren has left the club I believe, so no big loss there.
  4. Other teams do their homework, do we? With Comrie & Flynn missing it leaves less options.
  5. Had a chest infection beginning of the week and shouldn’t have played Tuesday according to his father, probably still feeling the effects on Saturday. Galbraith was playing far to deep he should be receiving the ball further forward. Sometimes too many ball watchers when he gets the ball ie not moving to give the options for him - over to you Max.
  6. Spoke to someone who was at the game and he said not that big a crowd plus Syngenta brought some support. So the usual matter of a opinion. Was at their match v Thornton Hibs and probably 50/60 there and we were away to Wick. The average of the current squad is 27 so not that old. Certainly agree that an U20 team is a way forward.
  7. Last few games been a bit of rollercoaster but we ran into the buffers today. Colts deserved their win today but if Ryan had got there a fraction earlier it might have put a different slant on it. A bad day at the office.
  8. Hope Max is able to have more than 12 to choose from. With Skinner and Flynn available he might be able to juggle a bit assuming Locke and Gemmell who took knocks on Tuesday are ok.
  9. Couldn’t agree more. He looks more in control of his game taking the ball with his back to goal and giving defenders a decision to make.
  10. Possession is overrated as proved tonight but Broomhill played some good football and would probably have won on any other night. However, we are running on fumes just now so need to refuel for the game on Saturday. Still another great result. Anderson’s free kick from where we were standing was a goal all the way , smashing, great and other adjectives. Gemmell and Locke took knocks so hope they are ok. Hopefully Skinner is back from suspension and Flynn should be back.
  11. Whilst loan players are ok as a stop gap we need a couple of signings to add to the squad with Zander out long term and no news of Tom Grants recovery on the horizon that’s the priority IMO.
  12. Great result. Thanks for the update DD
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