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  1. Very good. Hope more to come. Brighten up a dismal time.
  2. Hard to argue with that 4. A bit of everything it.
  3. Brian, can you get these stoap shouting they’re ruining my hibernation.
  4. Well played Sir. We await a measured response from the Shire. It’s these grass pitches.
  5. Back to football. The forecast doesn’t look promising for tomorrow. Never got much above 0 if at all today. What would be the next available date?
  6. Impressive. Hope it’s not just for looking at.
  7. Merry Christmas and a guid new year when it comes. Good luck to the team tomorrow. However, did you get the DIY done?
  8. First-half probably deserved our lead but apart from first 10 in the 2nd half - where mibbee should have had a penalty - we were second best.
  9. Been told that both Hunter and Miller - according to the Journal - are both close to full fitness. Need both fully fit for Miller’s goalscoring and Hunters defensive qualities.
  10. Watched the second half of their 2-1 defeat by Kelty and they certainly look a good side so we are in for a decent game. As you say we have the abilities we just need to bring them to the party.
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