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  1. Tick. Also talks/shouts to other players around him pushing for that wee bit extra.
  2. Without trawling through this topic from memory I have not seen any posts critical of Nicky Locke. Had a few injuries but IMO has been a very good player when available. Hope he resigns.
  3. Maybe an Armadale sponsor on the scene with a long term investment.
  4. Adamson would be a good replacement if available.
  5. Thanks for the updates Dave from a damp and now dismal Vancouver. Will drown my sorrows later and look forward with optimism to next season. A big thanks to the players who dug in over the last few games and gave us a sniff of a trophy.The three under 20’s certainly gave us a bit of buzz when they arrived and all the best for their future.
  6. A big step in the right direction.
  7. Rumours also suggested he has/had been tapped up by Herd. Decent player but if it’s all about money and not ambition the let him leave.
  8. Pints are never in the shade when you’re celebrating. Will miss the Final as well. EK must be favourites but we have dug deep in the last few matches and who knows. C’Mon the Bu’s.
  9. Dave you have just made my night in Toronto even better. In fact the pint in my hand just now is tasting even better.
  10. I have stats for all the games. When I return from the hols I’ll put them on hear and posters can dissect them.
  11. Do I get to carry my refund over to next season as I couldn’t make it last night?
  12. Funnily enough that’s who we’re going with. As you got the company right where am I going?
  13. Thanks for the updates Dave. Four away wins on the bounce can’t be bad, just shows what a team does with a blend of youth, experience.and hard work does. Hope they make it five on Saturday, sadly won’t be there, holidays beckon.
  14. The last 3 games we’ve have been down to the bare bones but the players have all worked their butts off and have got the job done. Only wish the supporters who only “sing when we’re winning” showed the same commitment. All away from home as well.
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