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  1. Stag party. Maybe behind the scenes issues who knows.
  2. Bit early for the pantomime season DD.
  3. I am assuming which ever Club you support you don’t have an opinion on what you watch. Football brings countless discussions whether they are right, wrong or indifferent.
  4. Feel sometimes Max’s changes of personnel do not alter games. 8 miles suggestion of Stevenson pace on the right with Dan the man in the middle leaving Walker to torment - as he did all night - the right side of their defence. might have given us a better option.
  5. As you say at our set pieces players are not moving to get involved. At corner kicks players are standing still virtually 2 yds from goal instead of running in. It’s all very well knocking the ball about and looking good but you don’t get 3pts for style only goals count. No mention of the foul on Walker in the box which looked like a penalty.
  6. The sending off certainly made it easier but I have seen us struggle in similar situations. We did a thorough job on the Shire and it could have been more. Gave Max a chance to give some of the bench a run out and save some legs for Wednesdays toughie against CSS - who by their results a playing well. Shire brought a few supporters with them and with a rough head count I made it around 400.
  7. Alex Shepherd the Ref tomorrow ( any info on him DD ) hope he does not to have to deal with the carry on after the final minutes of the last game against ES at Newtown.
  8. So far seen nothing to suggest what has been said about him on here ie can’t head or pass a ball. Seems quite capable of both maybe a wee bit rash in the tackle. Maybe he just laps up your abuse.
  9. On holiday!!!!!!! More holidays than me.
  10. Cheers Dave. Now have a wee celebration.
  11. Fly Fifers get the blame in quickly.
  12. Forgot that. Ah well onwards to the 2nd Round
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