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  1. Ian Nimmo, character on and off the pitch. Injuries caught up with him.
  2. There is no doubt he is top drawer and has been a standout for the time he has been at Newtown. Max has had a hard time each weak trying to put out his preferred team. The injury list is gradually coming down so maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Another win what can you say. Jolly good.
  3. +c One nil. Wasn’t quite in the Maradona envelope.
  4. Devoid of any ideas. Can’t string two passes together. That enough just now
  5. 8 mile we’ll be saying this in 6 months time. If we can help the club through donate a ticket or the pay for streaming re Fanbase then that’s a bonus for the club. This is very hard times for everyone but we can only give what we can afford and whatever it is the club Will be grateful. C’mon the BU’s
  6. Missed out his best attribute. The ability to referee the referee.😉
  7. Sincere apologies for my transgressions.😀
  8. You got a thin skin. Merely adding to the posts.
  9. Gogsy, they fought hard in that match albeit they rode their luck a wee bit but the character of the team is apparent and anyone who judges a team over 45 minutes is not of sound body and mind.
  10. Would imagine Snowdon will be back for this week. Think he heads down to Essex to see his family. Maybe have to isolate for two weeks😉
  11. Welcome return of the wounded. We have 18 signed players but feel we still need a couple more on the defensive side just to bolster the squad. It’s been a busy 8 days for the players but they’ve battled their way to 3 wins with a depleted squad.- today’s squad gave him choices though. Whatever Max’s philosophy is he certainly gets them playing with a purpose that gets results.
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