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  1. Your confirming what I was told by a former team mate of Tom Grant that he is a top signing. Need to sign another 2 or 3 to give the squad some depth.
  2. Is it the U/20’s they are playing? Maybe with a view to get a couple of players on loan.
  3. They were but the ground had to levelled off then services put in so I would imagine that’s the hold up.
  4. Disappointed, was looking forward to a wee trip to Ayrshire. No sense in a friendly if players are on holiday and have to bring in Newman, A N Other etc, etc.
  5. Yes we do. Fixtures are out and our first 3 are away. 27/7 Broxburn, 30/7 Dundonald , 3/8 Crossgates and 10/8 home to Newtongrange in Alec Jack Cup
  6. How’s the pre-season pie eating going? Do have the close season off and then get intae it at the first match or is there a steady intake before that?
  7. Hear that Stuart Hunter has signed on for another season. The squad is now at 14 but we need another keeper plus the 2 strikers and a CB as mentioned to give us a decent pool to challenge.
  8. Well the rumour mill says we signed a CB but no name has been mentioned so I am assuming it won’t be confirmed till the 30th of June when contracts end. Definitely need 2 strikers.
  9. Now your sure about that? We don’t want any signing speculation.😉
  10. It is Sheep. Brian had the misfortune while at Stirling Albion to have a leg broken in two places. He went on to - according to Wiki to play 270 games for the Dons.
  11. There’s no pleasing some folk. Talented youngster who suffered from a virus in 2016 and sometimes these things take time to recover. With the name Grant he’ll fit in to the BU set up, so welcome to Newtoon Tom. Club are apparently in negotiations with a number of players but contracts can run to the 30th of June,
  12. Cheers Jambo. A few more nearlies in the next batch for auld times sake.
  13. Couple more for the scrapbook Willie Allan - a Granger - started at United signed by Aberdeen played for u/23’s and Scotland B think he finished his career at Durban - South Africa. Came back to Scotland. Stuart Munro signed for United and played one half of a friendly against Rangers at Newtown before leaving for St Mirren. He to played for Scotland B. Played 6 years at Rangers and now lives in Australia.
  14. I spoke to the site agent the day of the fire. They were expecting early completion by the end if July but didn't know how long that would be put back after the fire. The fire didn’t hamper the ongoing work as the photographs on Tuesday showed the state that the ground was in and the following morning around 11 am the next day the hard core at the east end covered two thirds of that half of the ground. The only delay that could happen could be on the delivery of replacement rolls of the cushion membrane.
  15. 6 of the belt. Changes the totals Home 2000 - Away 2700. Ta John
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