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  1. Dave’s glass is never half empty. Why are where we are? When our top scorers Jones & Grant are both midfielders 13 each. It’s evident we need strikers. In the words of Captain Tom Moore “tomorrow will be a good day”
  2. Sensible choice. Maybe the other candidates came with a list of players to make us great only to probably find the club doesn’t have a pile of cash to achieve their goals. Just hope the doubters amongst our support give him a chance to move forward.
  3. It is. Short of players on the bench as well.
  4. Your 15 days early with that one.
  5. Lack of consistency. Of course no one to put the ball in the net on a regular basis.
  6. Just think your own club had the same chance that season but because they couldn’t string together the required PPG you failed miserably.
  7. No longer at Dalbeattie, only lasted 8 appearances & 1 goal.
  8. Very good player DD, easily MOTM. Easy victory in the end with Todd & McCormack out injured and Locke unavailable.
  9. Certainly has a decent CV. However, he seems to be in a settled job at CSS so what can we offer him to make the trip west. From what is being said on here regards players moving on it could mean a complete rebuild so need to get someone in asap and assess the situation to move forward and see what’s needed.
  10. I think he changes the team whichever way the wind blows.
  11. The only players Max has had under his management that have come to the Club in his time are Nicky Locke & Zander Miller - Broxburn, Jamie Todd & Lewis Hawkins - Tranent.
  12. Just looking after your diet.
  13. Zanders game time management. Missed first 6 still recovering from injury. Next came on as Sub, Started next 7, Next came on as Sub, Started next 2, Next 4 came on as Sub., started next 4, missed next 1, started next 2, Came on as Sub, Started next 1 , came on as Sub, Started next 3, came on as sub next 2. Scored 6 goals.
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