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  1. Hopefully someone in by the end of this week - going through the normal processes at the moment.
  2. Bathgate Thistle are inviting applications for the post as manager. Any interested parties please contact Secretary, Bobby Napier [email protected]
  3. Unfortunately the Sky Sports correspondent recruited on Wednesday was on holiday with the 2 committee members ☺
  4. Bloody hell Bathgate done well for being dead 🙈🙊🙉
  5. So as an "outside observer" you have the full facts on the Club - think you've just emphasised the last part of my previous post. What decline? We had a brief spell of success when we were backed by an individual. Even then our support was poor. We weren't a big team before then and we are not now. Like most teams we must live within our means and rely on people to help which we have asked for several times and again last night so we do indeed get new faces in. As the saying goes - reports of our demise have been greatly exaggerated - our apologies to those who thought or would have liked otherwise for whatever reason.
  6. You obviously have no real clue about the Club other than listening to ill informed information. New and younger blood has been sought on numerous occasions but as tends to be the case in Bathgate there is a poor appetite for getting involved. It's your kind of mentality where it's easier to criticise that just underlines the difficulties. Put your money where your mouth is and get involved if you're genuine. If not, you're just another shit stirrer.
  7. Due to a change in diaries Bathgate Thistle are looking for an away pre-season friendly on Saturday 13th July. Please contact Secretary, Bobby Napier, 07864071506.
  8. Due to a change in diaries Bathgate Thistle looking for an away friendly on Saturday 13th July.
  9. Bathgate Thistle are due to be playing Lochgelly at home this Saturday. With the weather looking unpromising we have booked Bathgate Sports Centre 3G for a standby friendly - ko 2.15pm - in case the league match is off. If you are interested in providing the opposition please drop a text to Secretary, Bobby Napier on 07864071506
  10. Bathgate Thistle are looking for an away friendly on Saturday 22 December. Contact Secretary Bobby Napier if interested - 07864071506
  11. Bathgate Thistle have placed midfielder Sid Easton on the transfer list. All enquiries to Secretary, Bobby Napier - [email protected]
  12. Just a shameless wee plug for our game tomorrow - Creamery Park 2.00 pm ko. Opportunity to get away from the shops and gardening !!
  13. Nothing about any leagues - just a game of football Bathgate Thistle are looking to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of us winning the Scottish Junior Cup. The 2008 Cup winning side will play the current squad at The Creamery on Sunday 10th June @ 2.00 pm. Admission by donation. All supporters of any leagues, faiths, persuasions or anything else are welcome.
  14. No trouble at all as bathgate will be in the eos next season or if they stay junior there probably won't be any relegation Bathgate will not be in the EOS next year.
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