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  1. Just my personal opinion, nothing has been said to me in regards to whether or not it's Kettlewell. In term of Malky Mackay, I don't see how he fits under the umbrella of being a manager of a community-based club, with him being a mad racist and all. Mcinnes, maybe.
  2. BIG win for us today. Got to say that should be the league done and dusted, not conceded since we came back. Cant see anyone catching us tbh.
  3. I’m sure everyone wants to rewatch Connell’s goal.
  4. The club can't comment on lesser atm due to legal issues. Yes, the news of which stadium we’re finishing has been botched but my point is if it's Broadwood or Falkirk, it doesn't really matter.
  5. Its a temporary measure, well have a good stadium down the line. I'm not playing devil advocate, I'm expressing my opinion. Agreed.
  6. This move really doesn't matter as others have stated, it's essentially saying you'll have a different camera angle to watch the game from.
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