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  1. We’re not back yet so probably just keeping fit.
  2. Two great years on the park but fans haven’t been able to celebrate properly as one was behind a computer screen and the other was at Firhill. I agree, getting back to Hampden for a temporary stay would be the ideal situation
  3. It’s a temporary situation. I’d rather have 900 seats and no away fans for three - six months rather than go to Broadwood for a year. The QP fans have been through enough the last few years.
  4. The current QP support is less than 900, why should we go elsewhere if we can accommodate our own fans at Lesser. Who cares if some away fans can’t get in.
  5. The work Thomson does in the build up to the penalty is outstanding. He got criticised throughout the season but I do think there’s a player there hopefully
  6. I think there can be a happy medium where they have traditional beers in with some craft beers for those who are the that way inclined. What is important is that they listen to the folk that use it every week on their preferences as I believe they didn’t in the past. If folk want Tennents, let them drink Tennents
  7. Standing might be introduced at a later date but yeah seating to start with.
  8. Aye, you’ve caught us. We had a half hour meeting on Thursday on how best to promote Bruce’s debut.
  9. Frustrating day but I thought the general play was good. McHugh hitting the bar twice and Smith should’ve took his chance in the second half. I thought when Robson had to go off then the game was done as although Bruce is a clear prospect, he’s not got the drive of a Robson. Overall, we’ve extended our lead over Falkirk so not a total disaster. We should practicing penalties in training as it’s our best way to shitfest the playoffs and get promoted.
  10. It hardly screams professional athlete, does it.
  11. Yeah, how is that going fit in with Marijn and the way he’s trying to redevelop the way we work.
  12. Cameron Bruce in the under 17s as well
  13. I thought we bullied Peterhead at times with our pressing, the way we should have been all season with our full time status. I do think Bob makes a difference up top and he showed it last night. If we can get Murray back fit then a proper go at the playoffs could be in play. Echo the comments about Grant - great to see him back and getting 90 minutes under him. Need six points from the next two games to kick off some momentum.
  14. Some people were happy to see Bob McHugh out of the lineup yesterday but it was clear we missed his link up play and nothing was sticking up front. Also, I know Murray wasn’t having an amazing season before his injury but I think the team is sadly missing him at the moment.
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