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  1. No offence to Hampden Cars but I’d like a bigger name to be on the Stadium.
  2. Agreed with this Scott, hope is that a lot of this will change after the move.
  3. Social Club open from 12pm. Also a good opportunity to meet all the new (and old) players in the social club after the game.
  4. Yes. I was also surprised by the lack of amateur campaigners. Have they simply read the tea leafs and see it going the other way so don’t want to rock the boat or do they only want to stay amateur for nostalgic reasons and know that would come across as silly in a meeting format.
  5. The J B McAlpine Pavilion burnt down to the ground, club in shatters.
  6. I think that’s a tad unfair, a committee position is usually taken by people who have the time, I.e. Retired folk so it’s not a shock they are on the older side of the support.
  7. Why not invest in a season ticket and save a bit of money in the long run
  8. Why was there no progression of the Cody Spears story or did I miss it?
  9. Can’t get invested in Shawn Spears, just such a jobber
  10. Britt Baker. Confirmed Racist
  11. Away on Saturday to Hurlford. Details on the clubs social media
  12. Do you genuinely think our players try harder because we don’t pay them or is it because we recruit players with that attitude and paying them a wage wouldn’t change their attitude.
  13. I never suggested killing the Youth System, it will certainly have to be downsized though.
  14. How do other clubs of our size survive as Semi-Pro. We will just be structured differently if we go Semi-Pro - less youths basically.
  15. Gerry was a great player, shocked people think otherwise
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