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  1. Dear Queen's Park Member On the back of another fine result at the weekend, ahead of the Morton fixture, I will provide an update on some Club matters. We continue to make good progress on the cladding on the East Stand and the Hospitality Suite. The fitout of the dressing rooms has commenced and the bar furniture for the J B McAlpine Paviliion is expected in the coming weeks. of Lesser Hampden. Delivery dates for some key materials have yet to be finalised so no firm handover date has been agreed. As soon as delivery plans become clearer, I will update members accordingly. With the on-going work around the club, it has not been possible to schedule our AGM in September as we had hoped, and I will further update members when I am in a position to do so. As you are maybe aware, we have using the Lochinch complex to facilitate our first team and academy training programmes. I am pleased to report that these arrangements have now been formalised with the Club securing a long-term lease for the facility. This gives the Club certainty and security for the future training need of the Club. It is our intention to host an open day at Lochinch to allow members the opportunity to view this our new training complex. Detail will be issued in early course. As always, if anyone would like further information or clarification at this stage, please contact [email protected] David Hunter President
  2. Looks like it’s going be another successful season - away from the Southside! It’s just so depressing, we’ve totally fucked the potential we had in building up a bigger fanbase organically.
  3. Couldn’t disagree more. A cup competition we can actually win, we should play our big hitters.
  4. Think you’re lost mate, the Falkirk forum is in the league 1 section
  5. Brody Paterson was playing for the B team last season before going on loan to Airdrie. Let’s hope we see Smith back here if he’s not around the Hearts first team.
  6. We going end up with winger fever like we did last year, need to focus from the back to the front in my opinion. Get more defenders and a goalie to compete with Ferrie in.
  7. Irn Bru weren’t kicked out, Scotts just came in with a better offer. Should the club make less money cause you know the brand name? Stick to things that are valid for criticism like the bus and lesser Hampden fiasco.
  8. We’re not back yet so probably just keeping fit.
  9. Two great years on the park but fans haven’t been able to celebrate properly as one was behind a computer screen and the other was at Firhill. I agree, getting back to Hampden for a temporary stay would be the ideal situation
  10. It’s a temporary situation. I’d rather have 900 seats and no away fans for three - six months rather than go to Broadwood for a year. The QP fans have been through enough the last few years.
  11. The current QP support is less than 900, why should we go elsewhere if we can accommodate our own fans at Lesser. Who cares if some away fans can’t get in.
  12. The work Thomson does in the build up to the penalty is outstanding. He got criticised throughout the season but I do think there’s a player there hopefully
  13. I think there can be a happy medium where they have traditional beers in with some craft beers for those who are the that way inclined. What is important is that they listen to the folk that use it every week on their preferences as I believe they didn’t in the past. If folk want Tennents, let them drink Tennents
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