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  1. https://queensparkfc.co.uk/qptv-live/ If you’re looking to stream Saturdays game.
  2. Makes an argument to not win the division as you’ll likely get papped out of the first playoff game and then you’ll have a shit draft position
  3. Queen's Park 0 St Mirren 1 | Betfred Cup
  4. Queen's Park 1 Queen of the South 3 | Betfred Cup
  5. https://queensparkfc.co.uk/queen-of-the-south-live-stream-information/ We’ve got a team filming the game.
  6. Elgin City 0 Queen's Park 1 | Scottish League Two
  7. Hard thought away wins, impressive performance at home. Seems a pretty good pattern!
  8. Stranraer 0 Queen's Park 1 | Scottish League Two
  9. Murray and Mcglinchey are yet to play.
  10. This aged like the pint of milk you forgot about in the fridge.
  11. It’s going be a building site for a wee bit longer so it’ll probably be noisy.
  12. https://stranraerfc.org/halloween-clash-with-spiders-is-live/ Streaming Info for QP fans
  13. Let’s get a match thread on the go as it’s now Thursday night. Better performance from Queen’s last weekend so hopeful of more of the same. Elgin managed to go to Stranraer and get a win so we should be looking to do the same, especially now we’ve got jet setter Michael Mcglinchey in the squad.
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